5 tips you have to know about youtube 4k video

Here, you will learn the ins and outs of YouTube 4k video. Understanding how 4k video and YouTube are compatible is important, especially if you’re in the video-making business. Even if you are a complete beginner, take a look at how to use YouTube 4k video in the article below and how it can revolutionize your YouTube experience.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

If you want to upload a 4k video to YouTube or download a 4k video to watch anywhere at anytime, you will learn how to do that in the article below. Although YouTube 4k video is a cutting edge feature that YouTube has added, there still may be some limitations to its usage, and we will outline those below.

What is YouTube 4k video?

4k resolution is when a display is at least 4,000 pixels wide, and a whopping eight million pixels total. It is often referred to as “ultra HD” because that is exactly what it is, providing you with more high quality, stunning videos.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

4k has made a fantastic transition to the YouTube world in addition to television and movies. After experimenting with the new resolution way back in 2010, YouTube has finally decided to begin reintroducing the ability to add 4k videos to the website. Not all videos are available in such high resolution, but more and more are being added every day. Before you know it, 4k will be the standard for most YouTube videos—if the company stays on track.

With the YouTube industry continuing to grow, there will surely be more compatibility with the formats and hardware the website requires for you to upload and view these ultra HD videos.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

These changes can already be seen with the new VP9 formatting that has been added to the videos (further described below) so the average internet user does not need massive bandwidth (beyond the average wi-fi provider’s or phone service’s limits) to upload or view 4k resolution videos.

The requirements of YouTube 4k video

Because the feature is so new, there are some limitations to which videos can have the 4k resolution option. First of all, 4k streaming requires a lot of bandwidth. If your network has a small bandwidth, then the 4k will probably not play on your device. Also, users must have the correct hardware to view the videos; however, the videos are now being served up in a new VP9 codec format that may make the bandwidth requirements less hefty.

Some limitations on which browsers you can use when uploading or watching 4k videos is outlined further in this article as well. As mentioned before, with the YouTube company continuing to grow and innovate, the requirements and limitations of 4k videos are likely to soon be lessened or fixed, especially with the near tripling of 4k video downloads in recent years.

Unfortunately, even if you meet these requirements, however, your 4k video will probaby buffer a lot.

How to upload 4k videos to YouTube

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

If you have a 4k video that you would like to upload to YouTube, it is simple. The standard formats for YouTube uploaded videos are, at most, 720p or 1080p. Thus, uploading 4k videos requires you to have a 4k resolution video already in place before the upload process. In other words, YouTube cannot convert the video into 4k by itself.

Here are some tips for uploading your 4k videos to YouTube so they are available for everyone to watch in this high resolution:

First of all, exporting your video from a more high end video editor, such as Adobe Premiere, may be required, since most free video editors do not carry the option of 4k resolution. Edit the frame size (in pixels) in the Setting category of Premiere (and other editors), as shown in the image below.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

Sometimes, the fps (frames per second) of your video may limit its 4k resolution availability on YouTube. If you have uploaded a video at 60fps and it has not worked, try converting it to 30fps and you may have more success. (You can do this as seen in the above and below screenshots).

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

Other than these requirements, simply access your YouTube channel and upload your 4k video how you normally would any other video. After you have done so, the option for 2160p (4k) resolution should be available under the gear icon in the video.

How to download YouTube 4k videos

If you want to experience these 4k videos, downloading them is a breeze. This part will show you how to download YouTube 4K videos with iTube Studio.

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Step 1 Firstly, download and install iTube Studio on your computer. The homepage of this program will be displayed.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

Step 2 Go to YouTube and find the 4K video you want to dwonload. Then copy the video URL in the address bar.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

Step 3 Click the Paste URL button in iTube Studio, and you'll see a pop-up dialog. Now select the 4K video as an output, and then click the Download button at bottom.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

Step 4 When the downloading process finshes, you'll get the downloaded video in the Downloaded tab.

5 Tips You Have to Know About YouTube 4k Video

Why your web browser may affect your 4k success

One disadvantage to YouTube’s 4k abilities is that it’s only possible to upload 4k YouTube videos at 60fps on Google Chrome. Having 60fps on Safari is not possible. This seems like an easy fix (just download Chrome and use it for your YouTube editing), but it can appear to be quite inconvenient. So why isn’t this option available on Safari?

Well, many people have struggled with this issue, and these seems to be no perfect solution. Updating to the latest version of Safari and OS X Yosemite may help you view and upload these videos. Otherwise, you can troubleshoot by deleting your Safari browser’s cache or deselecting “Allow plug-ins” on your preferences page. If doing none of this helps, downloading Chrome (it’s fast and easy—just Google “Download Chrome for Mac”). Surely, the two companies, Safari and YouTube, are working to resolve this issue to improve the convenience of your video experience.

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