The 8 Best Free Video Downloader for Android Phones and Tablets

Most of us would like to stream videos with our Android phones and tablets. However, there are circumstances that you do not have network connection to play the videos. So, many Android users would like to download the videos for viewing offline. If so, here is the right place for you. In this article, I will introduce you 8 free video downloader for Android and teach you the way to download video to Android devices.

Part 1. The 8 Best Free Video Downloader for Android

1. iTube Studio - The Fastest Video Downloader

The Easiest and Fastest Videos Downloader Software for Android

iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) is a desktop videos downloader to help you to download videos from any sites for your Android, iPhone and other devices. It offers an integrated interface that allows you to download direct from your browser, with support for over 1,0000+ streaming video sites and accelerated downloading to get your files as quickly as possible. In addition to all that, iTube Studio also offers a comprehensive conversion tool to convert downloaded video into pretty much any format you can think of. So that whatever device you wish to watch that video on, you can have the most suitable format to do it.

Why Choose This Video Downloader:

  • Detect the videos on the site and provide a Download button for downloading the video in browser.
  • You can download HD videos from 10, 000 more sites and batch download videos at one time.
  • It helps you to convert the videos to 153+ video and audio format and preset for devices.
  • And you can download the whole YouTube playlist and Lynda playlist in 1 click.
  • It allows you to directly transfer the videos to your Android and iOS devices.

video downloader

2. FVD - Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader for Android is a great app that allows you to download video from many different sites, although due to Google's terms it will not work with YouTube, a trait common to all the android devices. It integrates itself into the browser you use on your Android device, and when you arrive at a webpage that includes a video that is compatible, you get a little download button on it, press that, the download begins. It is as simple to operate as they come, works well within the limitations of the platform, and is only let down by the inability to download YouTube and flash.

fvd video downloader for mac

3. AVD Download Video

Android Video Downloader is another simple to use app that downloads video from a broad range of sites, this one uses a similar workflow to the previous app, with the app download button appearing in the browser. Although this one is again restricted from working with YouTube, it does feature Flash compatibility making it available for more sites that the FVD app. An easy to use, well featured app that offers the widest range of compatibility here and perhaps the best example of an Android video downloader there is.

macx video converter pro

4. HD Video Downloader

This app follows the same pattern as the other two, selecting the app from the video menu downloads it, making it extremely user friendly, just as the other two apps here. As with the others, there is no YouTube support, but it does have a wide range of compatibility with alternative sites, and this app allows multiple downloads at once, which can be a useful feature. Overall it doesn't make up for the reduced compatibility compared to the AVD downloader however.

hd video downloader

5. Videoder

It is a free Android video downloader app with a simple interface that lets you download videos easily from the Internet. In the web browser that is integrated within the Videoder you need to search for the song, video or the music that you wish to download. From the list of your search matches you can click the most appropriate one and it starts downloading instantly. This app can support various formats like Avi, mpeg, mp4, 3gp, and mkv.


6. Easy Downloader

To use the full potentiality of this free Android video downloader, you need to download a web browser too. Check whether the browser you are downloading is compatible with the app. As the user watches videos using the browser, Easy Downloader provides options for downloading the videos. With just a few clicks the videos will get downloaded to your device.


7. Download Manager

It is a free video downloader app for Android to download videos from the Internet, directly to the respective android devices. It is actually a web browser that is with a built-in media player and download management This web browser application allows both full screen browsing and tabbed browsing of videos. It has a clean user interface with which you can manage all your downloads. You can make folders inside the app where you can save, browse, and play your favorite music.


8. TubeMate

This is a dedicated video downloader for downloading videos from YouTube. Using this app, you can complete the download process within the minimal time. This high-functional yet user-friendly app promises the best user experience. In the opinion of the users, the app empowers the users to relish the maximum entertainment. Using this app, you can download videos from YouTube on your Android Smartphone, without having to face any issues and troubles. Hence, the app enjoys the trust and reliance of the users. The best part about the app is that you can avail it absolutely free of cost.


Choose the Best Free Video Download Apps for Android


iTube Studio

FVD - Free Video Downloader

AVD Download Video

HD Video Downloader


Easy Downloader

Download Manager


Compatible Video Platforms

Flash video and YouTube Flash video and YouTube YouTube Flash video and YouTube Flash video and YouTube Flash video and YouTube Flash video and YouTube Flash video and YouTube

Format Conversion

153+ formats --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Max Resolution

2160P 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P

Batch Downloading

--- --- --- --- ---

Cost (US $)

Free Trial Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

Part 2. How to Download Videos for Android Fast and with Ease

As mentioned above, iTube Studio for Mac is very simple to use. Just follow the below guide to download videos to Android devices.

Step 1. Launch the Android video downloader

After downloading the program on your Mac or Windows, it will enable a download extension on your browser. You can simply launch the application and move to next step to download the video.

launch the android video downloader

Step 2. Download video in 1 click

Open your favorite browser, and go to the webpage where your desired video is. At the top left corner you will see a "Download" button right there inside your browser, click on that, and a drop down menu appears showing you each available resolution, choose the one you want and the download begins.

download video in 1 click

Tips: That is really as easy as it gets, but iTube Studio does offer an alternative method, you can copy paste the web address of the video page into the program itself (there is a "Paste URL" button) and it will automatically detect the video, and offer you the resolution choices as before, and then download.

download video with url

Step 3. Convert video to Android

Click the "Downloaded" tab in the "Download" menu to access the downloaded video. Select the target video and click "Add to Convert List" icon to add the video to the "Convert" menu.

convert video

And open the "Convert" menu and click the "Convert" button next to it. In the pop-up window for output format, choose Android category and click the preset for your device. Then click "OK" to start the conversion.

convert video to android

Step 4. Transfer video to Android

After the conversion is complete, your videos are then ready for your Android device, simply connect it to your computer via USB, and then go to the "Transfer" menu to transfer the videos to your android device.

transfer video to android

iTube Studio
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