How to Fix YouTube Not Working on iPad (iOS 10)

"I always watch YouTube videos on my iPad. It used to work but suddenly it stopped. I go to the YouTube page and it stays blank in my iPad"
"When I try to view YouTube videos on my iPad, it says, 'sorry, this video is not available on your device'"
We often meet "YouTube not working on iPad (iOS 10)" problems like these. They destroy your mood to enjoy your life when you are watching videos on YouTube on iPad. There are many factors which can leat to iPad YouTube not working. Here lists some familiar problems and solutions for you to solve most of the troubles which cause the YouTube on iPad not working.

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  • You can also download YouTube to iPad by dragging or copying YouTube video URL.
  • For batch downloading, just set auto shutdown or enter sleep mode on the program.
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Common issues why iPad YouTube not working:

Problem 1: This Video is currently unavailable

A very critical case related to YouTube on iPad has been mentioned by several users. It has been observed that they were able to watch YouTube videos on iPad perfectly well for some time. Then for some unidentified reasons the videos stopped playing. No videos appeared on screen. Instead there appeared a message reading 'This Video is currently unavailable'. The reasons for iPad YouTube not working can be one and many. It can be due to rejection of the source video on YouTube, slow internet connection or incompatible versions of Adobe Flash Player. Whatever the reason, you would definitely want it to be sorted out. If such is the case, try the solutions given below. You will get satisfactory results.


  • Refresh your web page.
  • Check Network connections and fix any loopholes or faults.
  • Upgrade the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave.
  • Delete unwanted files, cache, cookies and history.
  • Use iCloud to back up your iPad.
  • Open iTunes by connecting your iPad to your computer.
  • Use the selected back up option to restore your iPad.
  • Download the latest version of YouTube that your iPad is compatible with.
  • Go to in Safari.

youtube is unavailable

Problem 2: Subscription Error

Tapping the subscription button does not reveal proper subscriptions. Whenever the user tries to subscribe to a new video of some desired user, the same error message is popped up. It reads, 'YouTube is not available'. At times the subscription reappears; however, they again vanish within no time. Logging on to YouTube on desktop or laptop with Firefox reveals all subscriptions correctly. This fault is prominent only on iPad.


  • This is probably a bug creating this problem of YouTube on iPad not working. Use a proper antivirus and the problem would not occur.
  • You may also resort to contacting the administrator of your device for assistance.

Problem 3: YouTube not loading on iPad

Some users find YouTube not loading on their iPad. They get the message reading that the operation if not functioning. Or, the message reads 'Error loading. Tap to retry'. They try again and again to fix the problem but fail to do so. This frustrates them a lot. If you have the same kind of problem, the instructions given below can help as it has helped a number of people.


  • Re-start your iPad by holding down the 'Home' button and 'Power' button. Let the Apple logo appear on the screen. Re-starting of iPad will fix the problem and you will be able to get a pleasant YouTube loading and viewing. You can also try shutting down all extensions on chrome and refresh the page. You can get satisfactory results.
  • Go to and touch sign out. Then open the YouTube app and tap on a comment. You will access the Sign in with the same username and password. If the problem persists, try doing the same for a few more times.

Problem 4: Videos get stuck

Watching YouTube videos is thrilling experience but when the videos get stuck in between, you feel rather taken aback and puzzled. If the problem persists and you encounter the same trouble again and again, you feel irritated beyond limits. You might wish to throw away your iPad and regret your purchase of the expensive device. However, you really do not need to panic. Try one of the following ways and you can get rid of the trouble.


    There are a number of solutions for the problem of videos getting stuck in between.
  • Lower down the playback quality of video by setting preference under your YouTube account.
  • Use the Safari browser to watch your YouTube videos.
  • Clear cookies and cache from your browser.
  • Alter the DNS server of your home router.
  • One of these can be a useful solution to your YouTube trouble and support smooth running of videos.

youtube playback settings

Problem 5: Buffering

People purchase iPads because iPads make use of mobile computing and cause videos to run perfectly. YouTube videos can be watched with utmost clarity and flow. However, this is not always the case. At times buffering is so long that you might lose all patience. You wish you knew how to fix this at once. Given below are some ways to fix your iPad YouTube problem on buffering.


  • Check your internet connections for both types- mobile internet as well as the Wi-Fi. Slow internet transmission is the prime reason behind buffering videos.
  • Use the Safari browser instead of the actual YouTube app on your iPad.
  • Alter the DNS server.

wifi setting on ipad

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