Top 15 Call Recorders 2018

Part 1: Top 5 Call Recorders for Chat Tools

iTube Studio


iTube Studio is the best and recommended recorder and downloader. It is the best because it can provide high quality video and audio. It has the free trial version with limited time of 2 to 5 minutes, but iTube Studio provides unlimited free high resolution video recording and perfect voice recording. It is available for windows and Mac. And it provides variety of recording options in video and audio.

Key Features of iTube Studio
  • iTube Studio allows you to download and convert more than 10000+ videos sharing websites.
  • Record video from any online video sharing website or any chat tools like skype, webcam etc.
  • Record computer screen or you can record any of your favourite game video.
  • User interface is very easy to use. You can record your videos or audios only in few steps.
  • It has an inbuilt video player which helps you to preview your videos.
  • This Video Recorder has in-built conversion functions. After recording you can convert your files quickly to any format that you want such as avi, wmv, flv, mpg, mp4, mov, mp3, wmv and many more.
  • iTube Studio can record HD videos from videos sharing website with 3X download speed and the quality remains same like original video.
  • It converts downloaded videos to MP4, MP3, MOV, WAV, M4A, AVI, WMV, MKV and other over 150 formats.
  • It can download your videos in batch.
  • It can transfer your downloaded videos to any device without using cable.

Top 15 Phone Call Recorders - iTube Studio

Pamela Call Recorder


It is one of the intense and free skype call recorder accessible. With Pamela Call Recorder you can begin or quit recording, play feeling sounds amid a call, take notes etc. The Skype Plugin permits you to answer the approaching talk message when you are far from the PC. When another guest tries to call you amid a call, he will get a programmed message that that you can't accept their call right now as you are as of now occupied with other call. The Skype calls recorded can be spared in MP3 or WAV sound document group.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Chat Tools-Pamela Call Recorder

Top 5 Call Recorders for Chat Tools

Supertinin Webcam Recorder


Supertintin is a webcam Skype video recorder software which enables you to record Skype videos call. Supertintin Skype video recorder software is a great way of recording lessons, conferences, or family VoIP calls from Skype. It can record both audio and video calls. This software allows you to save your recorded calls directly to the SD card or hard disk as well.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Chat Tools-Supertinin Webcam Recorder



Skylook is an extension for Skype for windows and allows you to record Skype calls using this extension for free. This extension needs you to install .exe file in your windows and run it. It will automatically detect the installed Skype on your computer and run it with Skype and you just need to click on Allow button. Once clicked on the Allow button it will start recording your Skype calls automatically.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Chat Tools-Skylook

Hot Recorder


Hot recorder is a VoIP based call recorder software which enables you to record calls of Skype and chat tools like MSN messenger or AIM for free on windows devices. This software is available only for windows users and allows them to record calls of chat tools for free.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Chat Tools-Hot Recorder

Part 2: Top 5 Call Recorders for Mobile Phone

All of us used to miss some vital things while listening to any calls. Obviously our brain is not a storage device. Play store is stacked with various applications to make our lives less demanding. There are quantities of call recorder applications for Android that can be downloaded for free. We have chosen main 5 best call recorder for Android below.

Total Recall Call Recorder

Download Link

Total Recall Call Recorder is the best call recording application for Android. The application is difficult to utilize but has extraordinary elements that no other application offers. The application bolsters AMR, WAV, 3GPP and MP3 and can be shared to WhatsApp or spare it on drive. Once you match up your calls with drive so you can access to them from whatever with other gadgets.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Mobile Phone-Total Recall Call Recorder

Call Recorder ACR

Download Link

Call recorder ACR is an Android app allowing Android users to record their phone calls from anyone for free. There are two versions of Android calls recorder ACR available on Google play store free and paid. Free version has so many limitations like: you can’t save more than 100 audio recording and it automatically deletes recordings after finishing 100 free recordings.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Mobile Phone-Call Recorder ACR

Automatic Call Recorder

Download Link

Automatic Call Recorder is another best application for call recording. You don't have to turn on recording while calling. However, it is turned on naturally. This application has three default setting. As you would prefer not to record all approaching and active calls. You can set the recorder on for calls from obscure numbers, or record calls from chosen contacts, or record calls from all contacts. Programmed call recorder application for Android is accessible for free on play store. Snatch it now to make the most of its elements.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Mobile Phone-Automatic Call Recorder

Record My Call

Download Link

Record My Call is another best Android application for call recording. It is exceptionally basic being used and records calls with precision and fast speed. There is a different envelope in memory to spare these recordings. You can organize recordings by time, date, month or year. You can adjust your recordings with Google Drive and can ensure them with a secret key to stop any unapproved use. Record My Call is accessible in the play store with its novel components. It is free to download on Google Play store. Get it now to appreciate the solace.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Mobile Phone-Record My Call

Call Recorder - Automatic

Download Link

Auto call recorder can record calls on your Android mobile phone. It’s a great telephone recording app which is present in front of your. It is available for free form Google play store. You can select for which user you want to record calls and choose which calls you want to save or which not. You can playback your recordings and share them on the other apps. It allows you to sort your recording by name or groups. In the free version, ads are supported. If you want to remove ads, you can buy Pro version or auto call recorder.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Mobile Phone-Call Recorder - Automatic

Part 3: Top 5 Call Recorders for Telephone

The Olympus TP8


The Olympus TP8 works for both cellular phones and landline phones which is to utilize an ear amplifier with the Windows Sound Recorder or Audacity. It is recommended to record phone conversations. Just put the earphone into ears. It will record both sides of the conversation when you speak onthe phone.


Top 5 Call Recorders for Telephone-The Olympus TP8

Record Your Call


Record Your Call makes it really easy to use. It is an online based call recording service. You have to create your own account online and link your number and select to record incoming or outgoing. You have to provide information to the concerning place and get the files to get started.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Telephone-

Ultra Disk UBS Recorder


Ultra disk usb recorder is like a mp4 device. It is easy to use and can be used for recording calls on telephones nowadays. You must connect it to your landline. After recording a call you can easily transfer your call to any device you want. It builts in plug and play device. Additionally,it has USB association for transferring recordings to your PC.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Telephone-Ultra Disk UBS Recorder

Express Talk VoIP Softphone


Express talk VoIP softphone software is phone recording software for landlines. This software enables you to record calls which you receive on your phone. This software is mostly used in the call centers to receive calls from customers. So many features are there in this software. You can place your caller on hold with a sweet music tune or phone book with quick dial configuration.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Telephone-Ultra Disk UBS Recorder

Audacity Call Recorder


Audacity Call Recorder is a cross-platform software which can record and edit sounds. Either utilize Windows' Sound recorder or the more progressed yet free Audacity. This is the best ever software used for recording. It is also an easy and free method to record calls.

Top 5 Call Recorders for Telephone-Audacity Call Recorder

iTube Studio
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