Top 10 Call Recording Apps

Don't have a pen alongside when answering a phone call but want to take notes? Or you would like to prove that somebody did say something to you? At this moment, a call recorder should be used to get the work done. There are hundreds of thousands of effective apps for mobile devices. We have picked up the best 10 call recording apps in a range of sub-categories which you can select from as per your necessities.

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Part 1: Best 5 Call Recorder Apps for Computer

Supertinin Webcam Recorder


Supertintin Skype recorder is a windows Skype recorder and enables you to record Skype. It is both for video and audio calls from your computer. If can record voice mail and screen sharing videos as well. It allows you to save your recorded conversation to pen drive or your computer hard disk directly.

Top Call Recording Apps - Supertintin

2. Skylook


Skylook is an extension for Skype to record Skype calls. It requires you to install this extension in your computer first. Once it is installed you can easily record calls of Skype from any user. Skylook only works on windows computer and must have installed latest version of Microsoft outlook on your windows computer to start recording calls. Skylook allows you to record calls for free of cost for the first 15 days. If you continue recording calls later and you need to buy it.

Top Call Recording Apps - Skylook

3. Skype Auto Recorder


Skype Auto Recorder is a free of charge windows software and allows you to record calls for free on windows. This software can record your calls in the mp3 format directly. This software can easily record audio calls in high quality up to 320 KBPS. You can record stereo or mono recordings with unlimited length of recording for free of cost.

Top Call Recording Apps - Skype Auto Recorder

4. Callnote


Callnote is a perfect recorder available for Windows and Mac. It can record skype, google+, hangouts, facebook etc video calls. The tool automatically posts all your recordings to your Evernote profile and makes it readily available on the cloud. There are two versions, one is Callnote Premium which is free, the other is Callnote Professional which ia paid but it can cut unwanted parts and add titles and chat as subtitles.

Top Call Recording Apps - Callnote

5. CallGraph


Call graph is toolbar. It is actually a plugin to record your skype calls. This is one of the first tools itself which comes to record Skype calls with the help of plugins.It is available for PC. It stores all files in your computer and offers an optional browser interface to upload files and get them transcript. There is no limits or restrictions and you can record for as long as you want.

Top Call Recording Apps - CallGraph

Part 2: Best 5 Call Recorder Apps for Mobile Phone

1. Call Recorder Pro


The Pro version allows you to share recording and even set the audio excellence settings. The app is well-suited with Nexus 5, HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5. It can record all your phone calls. You can stop recording during the call. You can lock certain conversations to prevent auto-deleting, automate the recording function. What's more, it is easy to sharing to dropbox or google drive.

Top Call Recording Apps - Call REcorder Pro

2. Easy Voice Recorder Pro


Easy Voice Recorder Pro Pro version is an easy and fun to use audio recorder.You can use it to record your meetings or personal use. The recorded audio is high quality. You can rename or delete the recordings. It is easy to save them as a ringtone as well. Easy Voice lets you toggle between automatic and manual recording modes with its widget. Most of the ratings are good.

Top Call Recording Apps - Easy Voice Recorder App

3. Call Recorder Pro


Call Recorder Pro is an easy and perceptive application with many features that really work. It may differ on devices due to leading laws of the country. The app lets you allow or halt the automatic call recording. The pro version has the functions of manually recording, ability to add notes to the records, send records by mail, routinely delete old records, add photos of associates and many more features.

Top Call Recording Apps - Call Recorder Pro

4. Automatic Call Recorder Pro


Auto Call Recorder lets you automatically record all calls, or choose to record only those not from numbers in your contacts list. You can save or delete the call recordings as per your wish. You can also share the recordings and there is a recent Drop box integration provided as well. The app is good for its cost as it has a lots of features included such as automatic cloud storage for selected contacts and different modes of working.

Top Call Recording Apps - Automatic Call Recorder Pro

5. All Call Recorders Deluxe


This is an easy and well-organized call recorder solution for your Android phone. All Call Recorder records incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone. It saves telephone conversations in 3gp formats. You can send recorded calls via e-mail, Skype, any cloud storage (Drop box, Microsoft Sky Drive, YouTube, Google Drive), Face book, Bluetooth etc. The recordings can be automatic or you may choose the calls you wish to record.

Top Call Recording Apps - All Call Recorders Deluxe

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