How to Record a Phone Call

Sometimes you need to record phone calls. It is important to keep records of your phone calls for later use. For example, you are able to extract the information of the phone calls for your personal uses. There are so many ways are available to record phone calls. You can do it using software or using devices as well. We are going to show you 3 ways to record your phone calls.

Part 1: Record a Phone Call with Google Voice

When you receive a phone call using Google Voice, it is possible to keep records of those calls in a few simple steps. We are going to show you how you can do it. You can record a call you receive to your Google Voice number. It's not conceivable to record outbound calls produced using your Google number, or got through the Hangouts application.

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Step 1. First of all, you need to enable feature of call recording in the Google Voice setting.

How to Record a Phone Call - Enable Call Recording

Step 2. You can just record the receive calls on your Google Voice number. Just press 4 to begin recording. All members will hear a declaration that the recording has started.

How to Record a Phone Call - Press 4 in Google Voice

Step 3. When your call is finished, just press 4 again to stop recording call or you can stop recording in the middle of calls as well.

How to Record a Phone Call - Stop Recording

Step 4. After pressing 4 to stop recording, your recorded phone call will be saved in “Recorded” folder.

How to Record a Phone Call -

Part 2: Record a Phone Call with Third-Party Apps

If you are looking to record a phone call, there are so many recording apps are available for you to record phone calls. We are going to show you how you can record calls using italk premium. Here we will introduce the guide to record a call with apps step by step.


Step 1. Just search for italk in the App Store and download it.

How to Record a Phone Call - Get iTalk

Step 2. Now after downloading it in your phone, launch it to record your calls. It can work in the background as well.

How to Record a Phone Call - Start Recording

Step 3.Enter the phone number and make a call. It will start recording automatically. You are allowed to download or email the calls after recording.

How to Record a Phone Call - Finish Recording

Part 3: Record a Call with iTube Studio

iTube Studio provides powerful features for you to record calls on computer. You can download and install them in your system to record calls of your chat tools. Today we are going to tell you about the best available software to record your calls in few simple steps which can help you out to record calls of your chat tools like Skype and convert them to any format after recording.

Key features:
  • You can record screen of your computer using iTube Studio.
  • The recording frame of iTube Studio is adjustable.
  • iTube Studio can convert the recorded videos to 150+ formats like mp4, mp4, 3gp, ogg etc.
  • iTube Studio can help you to record your gaming videos.
  • You can record any online video from video sharing website.
  • iTube Studio can download videos from more than 10000 videos sharing websites.
  • iTube Studio can download videos in 3 easy ways.
  • You can download videos in batch.

How To Record Calls Using iTube Studio

Step 1. To record Skype calls using iTube Studio, you need to download and launch the program on your computer. Then click on Record button.

How to Record a Phone Call - Start iTube Studio

Step 2. The frame will pop up. Adjust the frame to your Skype video call window, and click the red REC button at the upper left corner of the window.

How to Record a Phone Call - Click Record Video

Step 3. when the recording is done, click Stop at the upper left corner, and the recorded video call will be saved in the Record category.

How to Record a Phone Call - Record Skype Video Call

There are a few software out there that offer similar recording features as Hoverwatch, we will be looking at the features of those apps and analyzing these features to pick that which is the best of them all. Here are three software that serve as alternative to Hoverwatch to record calls.

Part 4: Comparison Table

Google Voice Italk Premium iTube Studio
Recording Screen Sharing Session No No Yes
Recording Video from Screen (Screenrecording/Screencast) No No Yes
Customizable Quality for Recording Video (include mp4 HD format) No No Yes
Convert to Any Format after Recording No No Yes
Embedded Video Player Yes Yes Yes
Download Video 3x Faster from 10000+ Online Websites No No Yes
Define Automatic Actions for Incoming/Outgoing Call Yes Yes Yes
Batch Download No No Yes
Transfer Video without UDB Cabel No No Yes
Download Scheduler No No Yes
iTube Studio
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