How to Download YouTube Red to iTunes for Free

YouTube Red is a subscription service that removes ads from all the videos you watch everywhere. It was originally introduced by YouTube as a Music Key that lets subscribers stream music videos without ads from YouTube. On the other hand, iTune is a way of organizing and enjoying movies, music videos and even the TV shows that you already have as you shop for more. It offers all the entertainment you would like to get on your PC or Mac.

The Best YouTube Red Videos Downloader

iTube Studio - The Best YouTube Red to iTunes Downloader

Downloading YouTube Red Videos and converting them to iTunes can be a hassle if you do not have a program that does the job. If you want to download YouTube Red to iTunes and are looking for a program to help you download and convert them, you've landed home. iTube Studio. is all you need to carry out the task easily and without any hassle. It's a software specially designed for downloading and converting videos to the formats and devices of your choice.

In addition, this amazing software comes with the following great features:

  • 1. Unique Download and Convert Feature
  • 2. Converts the Videos for Editing
  • 3. Supports Download from more than 10,000 sites
  • 4. Fast Download Speed
  • 5. Customize output format

Youtube Red Downloader

Step-By-Step Guide to Download YouTube Red Videos to iTunes

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iTube Studio for Mac

Time Required:

Around 3 mins (Variable depending on the video file size)



Step 1. Install the Program

Get the software and install it in your computer. The process of installing the program is simple and takes only a few seconds before it's ready for running. It's a simple procedure that involves dragging installation file to the applications. In no time, the iTube Studio program will be ready for use.

Aparat video downloader

Step 2. Download the YouTube Red Videos

Launch Safari, Firefox or Chrome then proceed to to download your videos. Once you are there, a "Download" button automatically appears on the left and to the top corner of your video as soon as the webpage detects it. The software offers 3 options for downloading the videos. You can simply click the download button and leave the remaining task to the wizard, or drag the URL of the video to the program or copy then click on the paste button so the video is immediately captured in the primary window.

download button

Step 3. Convert YouTube Red Videos to iTunes

To convert downloaded and recorded videos, you can check the video list in "Download" and "Record" tab. On the right side of the video list, you will see a "Add to Convert List" ion. You can click the icon to add the video to the "Convert" tab for video format conversion. In the "Convert" tab, click on the “Convert” or "Convert All" button, and you will get a pop-up window with output format options.

In our case, we want the YouTube Red videos to be converted to iTunes. We'll therefore choose iTunes supported format as our output format for the downloaded videos. However, you also have room to choose other formats depending on your needs.

And then check the option of "Apple". When everything is in its rightful position, hit the OK button to authorize the conversion process. The wizard will do its job and in no time, you'll have all your YouTube Red Videos in iTunes for free. Get the software and download YouTube Red videos to iTunes easily and conveniently at the comfort of your home.

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iTube Studio
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