YouTube to MP3 Extension for Google Chrome, Firfox and Safari

A reliable YouTube to MP3 extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari could make it easier and safer to convert YouTube to MP3. Without installing any applications, you can download YouTube videos to specified format in high quality. If you have this demand, go to find a YouTube MP3 addon for browser will help you more. To save your time, we choose the best YouTube to MP3 extension for browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

1. iTube Studio - YouTube to MP3 Downloader

The Best YouTube MP3 Add-on to Convert YouTube to MP3:

The greatest YouTube to MP3 extension must be iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows), with which you can get any YouTube video to MP3 high quality in a single click. It enables a "Download" extension on any YouTube video window, so you can simply click the button to download your favorite video. It also supports to download videos from 10,000+ sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. And you can get the video output to fit your iPhone, iPad, Android or other media player.

  • Download from 10,000+ video sites in one click.
  • A "Download MP3" button to get any video in MP3.
  • Download video in Chrome, Firefox and Safari with browser extension.
  • Download YouTube 4K videos without quality loss.
  • Convert videos to any formats or to any devices.
  • Export downloaded media files to your iTunes library.
  • Directly transfer recorded music to iTunes library.

itube studio

2. YouTube MP3

YYouTube MP3 can free download audio from YouTube into MP3 format. You can download this extension from Chrome Web Store and follow on screen instruction to install it on your Chrome browser. When finished, open the YouTube page with your favorite videos. And you will see a Play icon on the address bar. You can simply click the button to download the YouTube video. And you will get the output in MP3 format.

However, using YouTube MP3 add-on, you can only get low audio quality. And the button for downloading video only shown when you open the YouTube page. The big thing is that there is no clear instruction about this extension.

Download YouTube MP3 >>

YouTube MP3

3. Video2MP3

Video2MP3 is a good YouTube to MP3 addon for your browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firfox, as it allows you to quickly install a browser extension and download the videos straight from YouTube without too much hassle. Video2MP3 is very simple to install, you just need to get the appropriate extension for your browser, and then install it with ease.

Download Video2MP3 Addon >>


• How to Use Video2MP3:

Using Video2MP3 YouTube to MP3 extension is very easy, as a Video2MP3 video download button will appear under all YouTube videos you visit, and you just have to click on that button if you want to perform such a conversion. All the conversions we performed were top notch and the conversion speed was very fast to say the least.

• Is Video2MP3 Safe

Many people who have come across Video2MP3 might have question that is Video2MP3 safe and whether it will bring any video2mp3 virus. If you test the site online, you will get result saying that Video2mp3 is safe to use on your computer. However, if you are using Video2MP3, it will come with some Adware, spyware or viruses. Do not install Video2mp3 extension, unless you have a good antivirus program installed on your computer. And it will bring some pop-up windows with Ads or cheat contents, and sometimes cause browser bugs.

• Is Video2mp3 Legal?

Video2MP3 is a free application allowing you to convert videos or music to MP3, MP4, FLV, 3GP, and other formats, so that you can enjoy the media files on different platform. It is legal to download or convert music with this site, but only for personal use and not to make money.

4. FullRip

FullRip can be recognized as Firefox or Google YouTube MP3 converter since it has different extensions for both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Right after installing the extensions you will be able to see a Get MP3 and Get Video button right under your YouTube videos. You can also rip audio or separate audio from any YouTube videos and download them to your computer for totally free.

Download FullRip for Firefox >>

Download FullRip for Chrome >>


• How to Use FullRip:

For YouTube to MP3 conversion you will need to click Get MP3, then make the desired ID3 changes in the next window that appears. Once all these steps are performed, you can press the Start Ripping button. The conversion step doesn’t take that long, usually a few seconds, and you can immediately download the newly created MP3 file once the conversion is complete.

• Fix FullRip Not Working

When using FullRip, there might be this or that problems. If FullRip does not work properly on your browser, you can check whether your browser supports JavaScript and make sure you have the latest version of Java.

5. ClipConverter

The ClipConverter browser add-on is very similar to the solutions presented above. It provides a Download button on YouTube page so that you can directly convert YouTube to MP3. It supports browsers like Chrome, Firfox, Safari and Opera. You will have to download the necessary extension for your favorite browser.

Download FullRip for Chrome >>


• How to Use ClipConverter:

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to see that new buttons will appear right under your YouTube videos. There buttons are named ClipConverter, MP3, M4A and MP4, showcasing the different formats you can download and convert the file to. All you will have to do when using this extension is to press the desired format button and a new tab will be opened. In this tab you can choose the media URL to download. Here you can choose between standard quality and high definition. Be careful what option you choose, as these can really impact the download size. Once the quality is set, you will have to choose the conversion format and add multiple conversion options like the Automatic Mode, different ID3 tag modes etc. After setting all these options, you will just have to press the Start button.

• Troubleshooting on using ClipConverter

Q: Why I cannot get video information from YouTube?

Sometimes you will encounter this error when downloading or converting videos. If so, you can try again to reload the video. If it continuously fails, it might be caused by copyright restriction.

Q: Why I get information saying "waiting for conversion ticket"?

This is caused by your browser and JavaScript. If so, you need to check whether your browser is the latest version. Clipconverter only support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer 8.

6. AddonCrop

AddonCrop can be used to convert Youtube videos to Mp3 with ease. With the AddonCrop the user does not have to leave the Youtube page in order to download Youtube videos to MP3. Unlike other services the whole process is performed on their platform. This requires you to download the MP3 from their servers. Precisely this software is doesn’t need any installation. You can freely use it with your Windows or Mac computers. The conversion is just a click away and within 60 seconds your Youtube video will be downloaded and converted to MP3.

Download AddonCrop >>


How to use AddonCrop to download Youtube to MP3:

Immediately you log in to YouTube, this YouTube to Mp3 Converter will appear at the top right of your browser. After a few seconds, an MP3 Notification will pop up. This will notify you that the video is ready to download to mp3. Click on the download button. Immediately, the video to MP3 conversion starts. Note that this process will be done without you leaving the YouTube page. However, you may be required to refresh the chrome browser in order to convert your video file into mp3.

7. You Tube mp3 is the best online platform for converting Youtube videos to MP3. Users don’t have to create an account. It has great add-ons that allow you to navigate easily to the Youtube to MP3 website where you can paste the Youtube URL that you need to download. The whole Youtube to MP3 conversion is performed by their infrastructure. Because of this, you can use this extension with any operating system; be it a Mac or Windows OS. Their conversions are deliver a high quality MP3 file with a bit rate of approximately 128 KiloBit/s.

Download YouTube MP3 >>

youtube to mp3

How to use YouTube-mp3 to download Youtube to MP3:

This YouTube to MP3 extension work well to download YouTube video to an audio file with ease. Users can use this extension to convert their favorite videos by following the following simple steps: First, they should click on the "YouTube to MP3" icon on the top right of the video and you will be redirected to their official site where you will paste the YouTube video URL to access this YouTube to MP3 service. The downside of this add-on is that it is a shortcut to turn to their website. This may force you to leave the Youtube page when downloading.

8. MP3 Downloader

The MP3 downloader is an easy to use Youtube to MP3 add-on. It works much the same way as other add-ons. It simply adds a download icon while on YouTube that allows you to download your favorite video as an MP3 file. This MP3 Downloader add-on allows you to downloads mp3 music from Youtube for free.

Download MP3 Downloader >>

mp3 downloader

How to use MP3 Downloader to download Youtube to MP3:

As soon as you log in to Youtube you will notice a download icon on the page. Click on the icon. Immediately a pop-up showing MP3 files will display. Click on the songs you wish to download. In this add-on you can simply play or pause your MP3 files as you wish.

9. 1-Click YouTube Video Download

This add-on allows you to download YouTube videos to MP3 in a swift but simple way! It supports almost all YouTube formats from MP4, FLV, WebM to FLV and can download all video quality from low to high pixels. If you need a simple yet effective add-on to download Youtube videos, this plug-in will suffice. Overall, it is a great downloading tool.

Download 1-Click YouTube Video Download >>

i click youtube video downloader

How to use 1-Click YouTube Video Download to download Youtube to MP3:

How does this add-on operate? This plugin simply adds a "Download" icon which immediately lists all videos available to download. Click on the videos you want to download, choose the desired output format and save the MP3 file to your hard drive. Plain and simple. Therefore, each time you are on Youtube you'll see the "Download" button with a red icon. That is what you will need to click inorder to start the process.

10. Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express

Downloading Youtube videos using this add-on is simple, you don’t have to fiddle with software's where you copy paste URL's. This add-on allows you to download videos directly from Youtube. It doesn’t need any software installed in your PC or visiting another website. A simple click on the download button and the download flows smoothly without exiting the Youtube page. The download button is well visible and is not jumbled in the interface. Unlike other add-ons that send you to their sites, this add-on enables you to download YouTube to MP3 in a single click. It is available for browsers on Mac , Windows, and Linux.

Download Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express >>

youtube video downloader

How to use Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express to download Youtube to MP3:

With this add-on, you don't have to leave the Youtube website. As you are surfing, you will see download button. You will be required to click on the button in order to commence the download process. Upon clicking, the add-on locates the download links from Youtube servers and downloads the MP3 audio at a super speed. This extension will allow you to choose any format that you may want to convert your video format to. It is very easy and straightforward to use. You just have to locate the download button on YouTube videos you visit, click on it and the add-on will do the rest.

These are the main browser add-ons that provide you with a hassle free YouTube to MP3 downloading experience. As you can see, these browsers do a great job when it comes to simplifying the way you download and convert YouTube videos on your computer. In addition, you can also use them on just about any computer, as long as you have one of the supported browsers already installed. We had a great experience using each of these extensions, and we surely recommend them to anyone.

iTube Studio
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