Not Working Fixed! Download YouTube to MP3 for Free helps you to convert YouTube to MP3 for free online. However, you might always encounter not working problems. download videos without sound or cannot recognize the videos. And this online YouTube to MP3 converter can only download 1 video at one time. So how can we solve problems? Luckily, there are many alternative. Here we will share tips on how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 high quality with and alternative solution.

iTube Studio - Alternative

The Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Like

iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) helps you to download YouTube to MP3 in HD at high speed. It enables an extension on your browser, allowing you to download YouTube to MP3 on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer directly. This YouTube to MP3 converter can be a great replacement for, which allows you to download YouTube to MP3 format in one click.

Why Choose This Alternative:

  • Download YouTube 4K videos and videos from 10,000+ sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, VEVO, Metacafe, and more.
  • One click download YouTube to MP3 high quality. Easily extract audio from video in MP3, M4A, MKA, WAV, and more.
  • You can directly download videos for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android tablets, Android phones, Playstation 3, PSP, etc.
  • Downloaded FLV/MP4/WebM video files to formats like MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPEG-1, WMV, AVI(XviD), MPEG-2, MKV, etc.
  • Directly transfer downloaded and desktop videos to your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

How to Download YouTube Videos to MP3 on Mac (macOS Sierra)

Step 1. Launch Alternative

Install and launch this YouTube to MP3 TV alternative solution. And you will have 2 method to download YouTube to MP3.

launch the rutube video downloader

Step 2. Download YouTube to MP3

1. Download YouTube to MP3 with URL. You can copy the YouTube URL and click the "Download MP3" button on the main interface of the program. And you will get your YouTube downloaded in MP3 format.

download youtube to mp3

Download YouTube to MP3 with download button. After you install this YouTube to MP3 TV alternative, you will get a "Download" button on the YouTube video window once you open the video with your browser. Then you can simply click the button and select MP3 option to download the YouTube video to MP3 format.

download youtube videos to mp3

Download then convert YouTube to MP3. If you have downloaded YouTube videos or have some videos saved in local, you can use iTube Studio to convert the video to MP3 format. Open the "Convert" menu and import the videos to the program. And then click the "Convert" button to select MP3 as the output format. and click "Ok" to start the conversion.

convert youtube videos to mp3

Tips about

How to Download YouTube to MP3 with

The whole download and conversion process is really simply. You just need to add the link to your YouTube video, select the desired quality from one of the available ones (normal and high quality), then press the Convert button. After pressing that button you can check a progress bar that shows how much content the downloader needs to grab from the Internet.

Be aware that high definition videos take quite a lot to download. So unless you have a good internet connection, you can go with the slow definitions ones.


If you do want to download a high definition video from YouTube and time is not of the essence, then you might want to give YoutubeMP3 a try. It’s still a very good conversion utility that brings great content to the end user and, after all, that’s what we need. As a side note, we’d like to mention the fact that the YoutubeMP3 online tool also brings Extensions for Firefox and Chrome, if you like the experience provided by browser extension.


There are actually some downsides of the YouTube to MP3 TV online tool. Unlike other similar online applications, this one has quite a slow download speed, which is indeed not that great for people that want to download multiple files.

The annoying thing is when you process YouTube download, you have go through several clicks with share buttons and add-on application download.

How to Improve Download Speed on YouTube to MP3 TV

It’s really important to say that the download speed of the YoutubeMP3 can easily be improved if you close applications using Internet bandwidth. Some of these apps can be torrent clients, YouTube pages, tools such as Dropbox and many, many others. Close these down and you might see a dramatic speed increase.

Fix Not Working Porblems

When you encountered problems, it has to be one of these reasons:

1. Audio quality issues might arise when using YouTube MP3.

Poor internet connection as well as the quality of the video that you are converting might greatly affect the quality of the audio you aim to produce. In this case, having a stable internet connection, plus choosing high definition videos will help alleviate the problem.

2. Long conversion time

Large video files that take a lot of time to be converted often lead to a notion of not working; however, it has been proven that when you really want to end up with an output, you will need lots of patience.

3. Very limited conversion formats

Most of the time you won’t find the conversion format that you need on YouTube MP3 and this is the reason why you may need to upgrade to a premium account before you can unlock other benefits from the software.

4. Conversion volume is limited

It has been a natural setting of conversion software to entertain conversion one file at a time. This is to ensure the quality of the files being produced as well as the speed and security of the application. In this case, you may need to stay on the track and focus on a single file to convert at a given time.

5. Maintenance issues

There are times when the software undergoes maintenance activities, which is usually done for at least an hour or so. This maintenance is relevant in order to clear converted data from the system, reboot the interface so it will be ready again. Therefore, once again, patience is really the number one solution.

These problems are quite interesting scenarios that can easily be managed through proper research and familiarization of the software. It is required that the guests be aware of these issues so that in the future, when these will be encountered, the necessary steps in fixing will be observed.

iTube Studio
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