Top 11 Sites to Free Download TV Shows in MP4

For TV show tracker, it would be a good idea to download wonderful episodes and watch them offline. Most of time, you need to download TV shows in MP4 for many kinds of players and devices. If so, here is the right place for you to enjoy TV shows. Below we pick up top 10 websites that you can stream and download TV show in MP4 and other format free of charge. Just go through any site to enjoy your favorite TV show.

iTube Studio - Video Downloader

The Best Video Downloader to Download TV Shows to MP4 on Mac or Windows

To download TV shows in MP4 on Mac and Windows, you must have a reliable video downloader. You can try iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows). This video downloader helps you to download TV shows, movies and music in any format.

  • Allows you to download TV shows and videos from below sites and 10,000+ other video sharing sites.
  • With it, you can download videos at 3X faster speed in only a single click.
  • And the downloaded videos can be converted to MP4 or 153 more other formats.
  • It also can convert the videos directly to iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices.
  • You can directly transfer MP4 TV show to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • And you can play the downloaded video with its built-in player.

iTube Studio

Part 1. Top 11 Best Sites to Download TV Shows in MP4


The site is very neat & clean designed and provide latest collection of high quality series and provide watch online & download for free with Blu-Ray 720p , 1080p and updated daily with latest series in addition it support subtitles for all languages.


2. Wap TV Series

On this free MP4 TV show downloads website, you can download the latest Hollywood movies, WWE shows, Whatsapp videos and so on in MP4 format. The website is properly organized to allow you to search your favorite videos with ease.

wap tv series

3. HDTV Shows

If you are a fan of Indian and English TV shows, this website has you covered. It allows you to search and download the shows in MP4 format easily. It is very easy to navigate around the website.


4. Storify

On this website, you can be able to download all kinds of MP4 videos and TV shows free of charge. Whether it is breaking news, movies, or latest TV shows that you are looking for, you will find them on this website.


5. Sky Movies World

This website has a huge collection of MP4 movies and TV shows that you can download for free. If you are looking for latest updated movies, you will find them on this website.


6. FZ Movies

If you are looking for free Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, and so on in MP4 format, you will get them all on this website. Apart from the movies and TV shows, you can also download music in MP4 format on this website.


7. iMP4 Movies

On this website, you can be able to watch your favorite TV shows and also download them to your computer in MP4 format so that you can enjoy watching them wherever and whenever you want. You can also download MP4 mobile movies from this website.


8. MP4 Point

This website is your source for free MP4 TV shows, movies, games, music and much more. You can download MP4 videos and then store them in your iPad, iPod, mobile phone, or any other device that supports MP4 video files. You will not need any MP4 converter to convert the videos clips that you will download from this website because they are already converted.


9. Mob TV Series

This website has a collection of your favorite TV shows in MP4 format. The size of the TV shows is very small, and as a result you can play them on your phone, iPad, and other handheld devices. You can also get the latest apps and games on this website.


10. A1 Cinemas

This website is packed with all kinds of TV shows, including Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, horror movies, animated TV shows, Indian TV shows and so on. You simply need to choose your favorite show and then download it in MP4 format that is very small and can be played both on computers and mobile devices.


11. Movie Villa

Movie villa has all kinds of videos and TV shows that you might be looking for. Be it Punjabi videos, Hollywood TV shows, Bollywood movies, just to mention but a few, you will get them on this website. The best part is that you can download these movies and TV shows in MP4 format.


If you find that the above-mentioned sites are giving you trouble when you want to download your favorite TV shows in MP4, you do not have to worry because you can use iTube Studio for Mac and Windows to download the videos fast and with absolute ease.

Part 2. How to Download Free MP4 TV Shows with Ease

iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) allows you to download videos on both Mac and Windows from over 10,000 video sharing sites, including YouTube, TED, BBC, just to mention but a few. You can also use it to download YouTube 4K UHD videos as well as downloading YouTube videos into MP3 format easily. This program is not just a video downloader, but also a converter. It allows you to convert the downloaded videos between 153 media formats, including the media formats for iPhone, Windows phones, Android phones, and many more.

This program has many amazing features. The following are some of them.

  • It gives you faster speed as well as better experience when downloading and converting video files as made possible by new multi-threading technology that divides the TV shows into segments and downloads every segment using separate connection.
  • Besides being a video downloader, it allows you to convert videos so that you can play them anywhere.
  • It has a built-in media player that allows you to play various media formats. The media player also supports URL streaming that allows you to watch online videos with absolute ease.
  • It allows quick download of all videos from a YouTube channel, playlist or category using a “Download All” button.

Step-by-step Guide to Download TV Shows in MP4

The following is the procedure for downloading TV shows in MP4 using this application, and then converting those TV shows in the media format of your choice.

Step 1. Launch the video downloader

First, download and install the application on your computer. Make sure that you choose a version that is supported by the operating system that you are using. Then run the program.

launch the video downloader

Step 2. Download TV shows

The next step will be to launch your favorite browser, and then go to or any other video sharing website. Look for the video that you want to download and then play it.

1) Download Button. Once the video starts playing, a "Download" button will appear at the top left corner. Click that button, and then choose the media format you want to download the file in as MP4. After that, click "Download" and then let the program do the rest for you.

download button

2) Copy and Paste URL. Copy the video URL of the video page, and click the "Paste URL" button in the main interface of the program to start downloading the video immediately.

paste url

3) Drag and Drop URL. You can also simple drag and drop the URL of the MP4 you want to download to the primary window of the program. It will start MP4 TV shows download

Step 3. Convert TV shows to MP4

To convert the downloaded video to another format, firstly, go to the "Download" menu to find your downloaded video in the "Downloaded" tab and click the "Add to Converter List" icon to import video to "Convert" menu.

convert TV shows to MP4

In this "Convert" menu, you can start to convert your videos to specific format. When you click that "Convert" icon on the right corner of your video, the format-choosing window will come up. Choose a format that you would like to convert the video to, for instance AVI, WMV, MOV and so on. After that, you can click "OK" to start the conversion.

convert TV shows to MP4

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