The Best Sites for MP4 Comedy Videos Free Download

If you are a video enthusiast who likes to find, share and enjoy funny, cute or ridiculous videos online, you may have this kind of trouble, many video sites have too many annoying ads and can't provide high quality funny videos. Do not worry now, in order to bring pleasure to your lives, we list the best 10 sites for MP4 comedy videos free download in this article. Whether you like slapstick, political satire or crude college laughs, this list will guide you in your search to free download funny videos from the best MP4 comedy videos sites on the internet.

iTube Studio - MP4 Comedy Video Downloader

A great way to watch videos without the hassle of pop up ads or slow streaming is to get MP4 comedy videos free download directly to your computer. Once downloaded you can share files with friends without wasting time searching. A great program to use for video downloads is iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows).

Why Choose This MP4 Comedy Video Downloader:

  • It can download the entire YouTube playlist, channel and category with a Download All button.
  • It gets the best possible audio quality.
  • It can convert online videos to any formats or devices.
  • It allows you to import your desktop videos to the program for organization.

MP4 Comedy Video Downloader

Part 1. Top 10 Sites for MP4 Comedy Videos Free Download

1. YouTube

YouTube is still the number one site for video downloads. Anything you are looking for can be found with a quick search on YouTube. From people falling to pranks to cat videos, everything you want in a comedy video is at your fingers.


2. Funny or Die

Founded by funny man Will Farrell, along with Adam McKay, Funny or Die is one of the best sites on the internet for satirical and stupid humour. Users can upload videos they think are funny while the site sifts through everything making it easier to find only the best and the funniest. Videos are uploaded regularly and there is a lot of other content besides videos to keep you busy. Keeping up with current events is a specialty, while old favourites are clearly archived for viewing over and over again.

Funny or Die

3. College Humour

Next on the list is College Humour, where you can find daily uploads of videos and other original off-beat content. Offering viral videos, old favourites, and funny takes on current events, College Humour ranks up there with the best of the comedy website.

College Humour

4. offers a variety of short videos, original series and movies. Regularly uploaded content is easy to search and the videos are a decent quality. Register your email or follow them on facebook and twitter for updates and notifications on new video uploads.

5. Cracked

Brought to you by the clever and witty writers of Cracked Magazine, Cracked brings you daily uploads of current topics with a humorous narrative. They post weekly internet series starring different writers each giving their take on geeky, trendy or current topics.


6. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post also has its share of funny videos. Posting clips from political satire programs and other media, Huffington Post can hold its own against the bigger comedy video sites. You can register your email and follow them on facebook to get constant updates and new content delivered to you.

Huffington Post

7. Daily haha

Daily haha is a compilation of all the best funny videos from all over the web. Short clips are made available for viewers who have only a short attention span or are short on time to waste. Register to receive updates when new content is uploaded.

Daily haha

8. Funny junk

Funny junk is a similar set up as Daily haha, but users are free to upload their funny videos for the public to view. You can register for their news letter and receive information about recent uploads and keep up to date on funny news and related posts.

Funny junk

9. Funny video

Funny video is another site that lets users upload their funny amusing and cute videos to the site. It also lets users favourite and rate videos as well. However the quality of the videos may sometimes not be the best so you take your chances with each click.

Funny video

10. Vidbash

Lastly we have Vidbash, a compilation of funny, strange and amusing videos from all over the internet. The layout is clean and there are regular uploads, but be careful of the quality. It may not be the best. You can also signup to receive updates from them when new videos are uploaded.


Part 2. How to Process Funny MP4 Video Downloads

If you want to download funny MP4 videos easily, you can try this video downloader iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows), it lets you download videos from 10,000's of different sites for free and without ads. You can use it with Windows or Mac and is easy install and use. It has a fast download speed and you are able to convert of your downloaded files for use on all your devices.

Steps for Funny MP4 Videos Free Download

Step 1. Install MP4 Comedy Video Downloader

To get started all you have to do is to download the software. Then launch it.

download itube studio

Step 2. 2 Ways to Download MP4 Comedy Video

1). Download Button. The software automatically detects when you are viewing a video and by clicking the "Download" button installed in the browser you can easily download funny clips in MP4 directly to your computer at high quality and with no ads.

download button

2). Copy and Paste URL. Or you could copy and paste the video URL directly into the software search bar by click "Paste URL" button and click search. It's really easy and safe to use.

paste url

Step 3. Convert MP4 Comedy Video to Any Format

Once you finish comedy MP4 videos free download, you are given the option to convert the file for use on your iPhone, your tablet, or other device.

convert video

iTube Studio is a well-developed and trusted brand, so you can be sure that you will be safe and satisfied with your downloads. So instead of streaming video after video and watching a ton of ads, downloading videos for use later is a great option. The software gets great reviews as well, with users citing its power and convenience. In my opinion it is one of the best on the market and I would highly recommend it for anyone downloading content from the internet.

iTube Studio
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