8 Terrifyingly Cool Halloween Songs to Rock Your Halloween Party

You’re having a Halloween party, you say? It’s official that every Halloween party goes with great music. Songs with a wicked thrill that talk about the delightful creepiness of the occasion all help inspire you to get in the spooky spirit. Not sure what to cue up on your iPhone?  Rest assured, here’s all the spooky Halloween act-spiration you need to rock your party! Now let the party commence!

Part 1. Top 8 Horrible Terrifyingly Cool Halloween Songs

1. Super Freak - Rick James

“Super Freak” is a song ideal for singles and to break the ice among strangers in general, Halloween parties can be a great fun with fitting music. Snazzy costumes, punk jams and funky vibes. Give the start of your party a special twist with this song and you can rock the Halloween party and bang your head since the very first note.

2. Ghost Town – The Specials

Everyone pretends to be fighting off monsters, ghosts, vampires. One of the greatest hits from ska legends, The Specials, has an indisputable eeriness surrounding it, contributed to the background vocals, and the synthesized ghostly moans. Not only is it an awesome song that captures the feeling of Halloween very well, but it’s a cool song that may actually cause your dance floor to spontaneously combust in a bomb explosion of  joy.

3. Monster Mash - Bobby “Boris” Pickett

This Halloween would be not Halloween without “Monster Mash.” It is arguably the most successful rock ‘n’ roll novelty song of all time. Bobby Pickett accomplished the rare feat of reaching the top 100 music chart 3 times with the same song. On October 20, 1962, the original release hit number one in the US. The song has sold over 4 million copies and this catchy, wicked, ecstatic, ultimate Halloween stomp song has been played countless times ever since. 

4. Halloween -Helloween

Ah!! its Halloween!
No kidding! This is probably one of  the best power metal Halloween song! Far from mere slash, the song freating thrilling, face-smashing riff and great vocal, is an apex of the kind of literate metal power that will not disappoint. Party with this 13-minute onslaught of pure epicness and you will bang your head like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Season of the Witch - Donovan

Perhaps another obvious choice. Few songs have so much influence on B-horror movies as this psychedelic Donovan jam. 1972's 'Season of the Witch,' from zombie-meister George A. Romero, tells the creepy story of a housewife who dabbles in witchcraft. This witch centric song got this sexy witch vibe goin' on and has a mysterious, beguiling touch to it that make you wanna close your eyes, sip your wine and swing you butt.

6. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Junior

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!
Dance rock and ghost stories just go together. The Misfits song is another haunted Halloween jam that has a film by the same name, and took Halloween music up a notch. Has been the babe of Halloween parties since the beginning, “Ghostbusters” casts such a spell with this orchestral and kind of old fashioned music that sounds so good it’ll makes you toe tap so much.

7. High Way to Hell –AC/DC

A song that narrates evil harmonies! AC/DC’s "High Way to Hell" is a perfect tune that always evokes a powerful emotional resonance with you and really boosts your energy near the ending of a tipsy party.  The eerie sound and lyricism trigger great chills and set the course of any party for tingly thrills and a physiological joyride. Y’all will have a good time this Halloween.

8. This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson

The theme of Tim Burton’s 1993 animated music, "The Nightmare Before Christmas", covered by Marilyn Manson in 2006, which seemed too charming to leave out of the playlist.

Striking with all the right chords, this song takes you to revisit all the spooky fun from this Halloween favorite cult classic picture and will give you goosebumps every time. It gets this eeriness stuck in your head easily, too.

Part 2. How to Download Halloween Songs to iPhone from Spotify

Feel like making everyone go to sleep with a scary mood after the party? Transfer your Halloween playlists from iTunes to your iPhone and share it with your friends tonight! You’ve now made your bed. Now enjoy the spooky lullabies!

iMusic is a perfect iTunes companion for Android and iOS, letting you manage music easily on your iPhone,iPad and Android. With it, you can transfer music from iTunes to iPhone/Android with ease. Download iusic to import Halloween songs to iTunes, manage your Halloween party songs lists, transfer these playlists to iPhone, Android and more. Meanwhile, if you don't own these Halloween songs currently, you can download them from Spotify with iMusic. We will show your the detailed steps to fulfill it.

iMusic - Music Manager, transfer and downloader for your iOS/Android Devices

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Steps to download Halloween songs to your iPhone

Step 1 Download, install and launch iMusic on your PC. And connect your iPhone with your PC.

 download Halloween songs to your iPhone

Step 2 Downolad Spotify music directly to iTunes. Open Spotify app on your computer, and find the song you want to download, and right-click on it, then choose "Copy Spotify URL" or "Copy Artist Link" to download the music.

download Halloween songs to your iPhone

Then go back to iMuisc, find "GET MUSIC > DOWNLOAD" window, paste the copied URL and click "Download" button.

download Halloween songs to your iPhone

After a while, you can find the downloaded song from "ITUNES LIBRARY > Downloaded".

download Halloween songs to your iPhone

Step 3 Transfer the song to iPhone. Select the song and click "Export" icon from the top menu and select "Export to iPhone" from the drop down list. That's all.

download Halloween songs to your iPhone

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