2 Methods to Embed Video into a PDF File

Including interactive videos in PDF brings more dimensions to a presentation. PDF files are the preferred methods of documentation and for official purposes. They are more user and printer friendly as opposed to other formats like MS Word, PowerPoint or ODT documents. When one inserts media content, they become wholesome files that bring out more information about the content.

Embed Video into PDF

Media files present the interactive part of a document, allowing the reader to do more than just understand the message. If, for example, the client needs information regarding products and services provided, using a video file transforms a boring paragraph document into one where the client can watch and read at the same time.

Method #1. Embedding Video in PDF from the Hard Drive

To be able to embed videos, you'll need the Acrobat XI Pro or the older version Acrobat Pro.

Step 1. Save a PDF file.

Step 2. Open the PDF document using Acrobat XI Pro and go to Interactive Objects. Then Click on the view option to get to the tools when selecting interactive objects

Step 3. A sidebar display for the interactive objects will appear.

  • As you’ll see, the platform opens up an empty section where the video goes.
  • From this platform, add videos by dragging the mouse.

Step 4. Select multimedia and draw where the video goes in the document

  • The space you create should equal the size of the video you want to insert.
  • By dragging the video to the created space, the Acrobat XI Pro will place it within the box you create.

Embed Video into PDF

Step 5. Ensure Acrobat XI Pro supports the video format you choose. As you pick the video from the hard drive, make sure Adobe Acrobat XI Pro supports it. The dialog box is open to H.264, FLV, SWF and MP3 formats. Also, check the size before you drag it into the dialog box.

Step 6. Save the video once you are done positioning it.

Method #2. Embedding Video in PDF from the Web

When you want to embed a video from YouTube, one needs to configure the video from the advanced video options.

Note: The first two steps are just the same as described in Method 1. From the Step 3, you'll need to follow the guide below:

Step 3. Click the Browse media files option. Then find the file and click open, drag to the dialog box and click done.

Step 4. For URLs, go to the Name field, and then use the full video address to search for the file. This includes words such as mp4.

Step 5. Select the video you want to embed

  • On the open dialog box, click on the show advanced options
  • Adjust the video size to the area you want it to occupy by using the poster image
  • From the advanced options, you can change the frame, playback controls, and even the rewind and fast forward options.

Step 6. Draw out the space size of the video you want to insert, and then drag the video as you would with a regular format video.

Step 7. Save and close the PDF file.

Bonus Part: The Best PDF Editor to Edit a PDF after Embedding Video

Most PDF editors are bought. While PDF documents were meant to be straightforward, they are very complicated to edit. However, they are not entirely useless as you can find a way of editing the content. Having a full-featured PDF editor is crucial if you plan to explore the PDF document you’ll be editing.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer advanced features for free alternatives that could help the user reach the desired level with a file. Some only give basic annotation options. You’ll want to invest in a PDF editor that offers advanced tools like better annotation, font options, and built-in merging.

Embed Video into PDF

If you want to edit, create, convert and combine PDF documents, the PDFelement 6 is the real deal. It is the Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) which works for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. The best thing with PDFelement 6 is that you can download it on various platforms, meaning that it is easy to access it at any time.

Download PDFelement for Windows & Mac now: https://pdf.wondershare.com/

This is the simplest PDF editor to use. It is straightforward from the menus to the tools that let you perform advanced editing. You can practically convert any document format to PDF, say from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Text. It has highly advanced modification features that let you edit directly on the PDF, delete or annotate content the way you want. Apart from being easy to navigate, it doesn't slow down your computer.

PDFelement 6 serves as an excellent alternative to high-cost PDF software. With the wealth of features it presents, it comes at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, it does not require subscription fees; an initial payment is all you need to kick it off.

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