One Click to Download Videos from CollegeHumor on Mac (Mojave Included)

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CollegeHumor is a well-known American comedy website hosting a great number of daily original comedy videos and articles, themed around humor and entertainment, with jokes, sketch shows and so on included in the original content they create. It works as both an amalgamator of funny content from around the web as well as a content creator. For those that follow their videos avidly, being able to download CollegeHumor videos for offline viewing in situations where an internet connection is impractical is incredibly useful, and thankfully with the right tool it is also straightforward.

Part 1. CollegeHumor Downloader for Mac OS X (Yosemite Included)

iTube Studio - The Best CollegeHumor Downloader

The best tool for downloading CollegeHumor videos is definitely iTube Studio.

Key Features of This CollegeHumor Downloader:

  • Comprehensive conversion utility that allows any video to be converted to any one of a huge range of formats to ensure that your media is always compatible with the device you want to watch it on.
  • Compatible with over 1000 other streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion etc.
  • With accelerated downloading for faster operation and the ability to handle all resolutions including the latest 4K format.

Youtube Red Downloader

Part 2. How to Download CollegeHumor Originals on Mac (Yosemite)

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iTube Studio for Mac

Time Required:

Around 3 mins (Variable depending on the video file size)



How to Download CollegeHumor Videos with iTube Studio

Step 1 Start iTube Studio

Download and install iTube Studio on your computer, then start it on your computer. The program will display the main interface of video downloading.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Start iTube Studio

Step 2 Copy Video URL

Now go to CollegeHumor and find the video you want to download, then copy the video URL in the address bar.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Copy Video URL

Step 3 Paste URL and Download Video

Click the Paste URL button at the upper left corner of iTube Studio, and the program will automatically analyze the URL then start downloading video. When the downloading process finishes, you can find the downloaded video in Downloaded category.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Download Video

So that's how iTube Studio helps you to download CollegeHumor videos. This program also provides you a screen recorder which can help you to download CollegeHumor videos by raw recording. The following guide will show you how to do that.

How to Download CollegeHumor Videos by Recording

Step 1 Choose Record Option

Start iTube Studio after installation, and then choose the Record option at the top middle of the main interface.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Choose Record Option

Step 2 Adjust Frame

After choosing the Record option, you'll see a frame for video recording. Adjust the frame to match the screen of the CollegeHumor video.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Adjust Frame

Step 3 Record Video

Click the REC button at the upper left corner of the video, and the recorder will start working. Now you can play the video to record it. When the video finishes playing, you can click the Stop button to stop recording.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Record Video

Step 4 Locate Recorded Video

When the recording process finishes, you can get the recorded video in Record category.

Download CollegeHumor Videos - Locate Recorded Video

Part 3. The Most Popular Videos on CollegeHumor - CollegeHumor Batman

There is a wealth of content found on CollegeHumor, everything from funny clips form broadcast shows, celebrities doing unusual things to memes and so on. However, CollegeHumor also creates a variety of original contents, including several video series that stand as well produced comedy shows in their own rights. The best of these, in my opinion, is the Batman series. This takes famous scenes from the well-known films and reworks them based around the concept of the batman not being the superhero we all know, but rather a self-serving idiot who is only interested in looking out for himself.

It is cleverly done and brings a fair few laughs with each episode, with a wide variety of the famous villains thrown in along the way, it is well produced and consistent in its quality. Definitely something that is worth watching.

collegehumor batman

iTube Studio
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