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Niconico is a popular Japanese website where one can upload, download and share videos. It is available in Japanese, English or Chinese languages. Besides, this site has won awards for its quality services and products. The most unique feature of Niconico is that the viewers’ comments on the content of a video are overlaid on the video to make readers experience a mutual feeling of understanding. There are millions of interesting videos to download on this site thus explaining its popularity. For viewers who may want to download Niconico videos and watch them without interruption from other viewers’ comments, they can get best solution here.

Easiest Way to Download Niconico Videos - iTube Studio Video Downloader

To download Niconico videos, iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) presents the most convenient and free option. With this Niconico downloader, you can simply download videos in a single click. Besides, you can download any videos from 1000+ sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Google, and more. Its built-in converter enables you to convert the video to any video and audio format so you have no trouble to enjoy the video on any devices and platform.

Apart from the above mentioned, iTube studio as features like:

  • Download videos from Newgrounds, YouTube, MyVidster, and 1000+ sites;
  • Conversion of your downloaded Niconico videos to various output formats suitable for the device you wish to watch them;
  • For batch video download, you can leave your computer on to download videos by setting automatic shutdown or sleep mode;
  • The built-in player allows you to play a variety of media formats and supports URL streaming, which enables you to watch online video in the player instead of a browser.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Videos from Niconico

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iTube Studio for Mac

Time Required:

Very fast (Variable depending on the video file size)



Step 1. Open iTube Studio and Download Niconico Video in One Click

Option 1. Go to Niconico and find the video you want.

When mouse hovers over the videos you are now viewing, you can see a “Download” button. Click on it to start the download.

niconico downloader

Option 2. Download Niconico Videos by URL.

You can also copy the Niconico video URL and go back to the program interface to click the “Paste URL” button.

download video from nicovideo

Option 3. Download Niconico Videos by Recording.

You can use “Record video” button to open the recording screen that you can set to the video or full-screen and begin recording.

nico nico video download

Step 2. Convert Niconico Videos to Any Format.

Once you have downloaded a video, it is listed under the ‘Downloaded’ button, where there is also a tab titled ‘Convert’ next (to the right) to the video. Selecting this tab will lead you to another prompt for selecting the format of the output you want. Follow the prompts and convert your file.

download niconico

What You Need to Know about Niconico

The term Niconico originated from a Japanese idiophone that means "Smile". Basically, Niconico is a website that has its root in Japan. It is managed by Dwango. As at September 2015, Niconico was the 8th most followed website in Japan. It has won numerous awards in Japan that include the 2007 Good Design Award. They also won got a honorary mention in the digital community awards at the Prix Ars Electronic in the year 2008.


The difference between Niconico and other video sharing websites is that it can share, view and upload video clips with ease. Comments are also overlaid onto the video directly, they are also synced at specific playback times. Other features include:

Users are encouraged to pre-code all their videos into formats that are suitable for unmodified distributions.
Video uploaders have the option of attaching permanent comment onto the video, which is of great help when dealing with lyrics, subtitles or even corrections.
Users are allowed to create several MyLists that function perfectly with numerous bookmarks, with a maximum of 25 Mylist holders.
Using special commands in uploader comment puts uploaders in a perfect position when adding special effects on the video.


Niconico earns its income from:

Advertisement - Niconico makes use of Google Ads as well as other web advertisements.
Premium membership - registration is required whenever in need of watching any video from Niconico.
Niconico Ichiba - a unique system of advertisement where users are allowed to place banners on each and every video.

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