Video Download Capture for Mac: Download Online Video on Mac Easily

Internet is the major source of content and information now. Streaming videos, online multimedia files and downloading them are now the most common things associated with the usage of internet. But still there are times when we struggle to find the best possible tool to stream and download online videos and multimedia files. But we have some tools that can really help you get your job done easily. One such tool is Video Download Capture which downloads online videos on Mac easily. This comprehensive tool comes handy when downloading online videos on Mac. It uses advanced software technology for downloading videos streaming online from YouTube URLs, Daily Motion, etc and capturing live videos.

Part 1: How to download video on mac easily with the Video Download Capture for Mac

Downloading or capturing online streaming videos from various online video streaming sites is possible through Video Capture Download. This allows downloading or recoding the live video streams. After the video has been downloading, the file can also be converted through the internal functionality of the tool. This also allows downloading videos in various resolutions. One such comprehensive application is iTube Studio Mac which allows easy download of videos from various sites in any resolution.

iTube Studio for Mac is one tool which allows easy download of videos online. There are two methods in which videos can be downloaded using this tool. But you need to know the URL link of the video online to be able to download the video through this tool. This is a free web application and can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. To download any video file online, all we need is the URL of the page where the video is located. Enter the same URL in the textbox provided in iTube Studio and then download the video by clicking on “Download”. iTube Studio will start fetching download links in various formats of the same video for you to choose from and download.

Key Features of iTube Studio

  • iTube Studio Supports 10,000 plus websites from which videos can be downloaded
  • For Mac, the application support output video formats like MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, etc.
  • iTube Studio lets download Subtitle and Mp3 directly
  • Turbo Mode in iTube Studio to boost video downloading speed
  • Queue feature for the videos to be downloaded one by one
  • Download video resolution can be configured. iTube Studio downloads high definition videos
  • In built converter to convert videos after downloading to all popular video formats
  • In built video player to play videos
  • Built in browser to browse, play videos online and download videos
  • iTube Studio allows batch download and batch conversion
  • Online streaming videos can be directly downloaded to MP3.
  • Video recorder in built in to record videos
  • In built audio converter

How to download video on mac

The Video Download Capture for Mac allows downloading online streaming videos. Here are some steps to download videos for mac using iTube Studio:

Launch iTube Studio

Download iTube Studio and install the application on Mac. After you are done with the installation, run the program and the following screen will appear.

Video Download Capture for Mac - lauch iTube Studio

Through iTube Studio, there are 3 methods to download video file. You can either search for the favorite video to download through the inbuilt browser or copy and paste the video URL to download in iTube Studio. If direct download is not possible due to unsupported video pages, the video can be recorded.

Method 1: Copying and pasting the URL in iTube Studio

Step 1 Copy the URL of the video page as shown in the below picture.

Video Download Capture for Mac - past url mothod step 1

Step 2 After copying the link address, Click the “+ Paste URL” button and this will start the downloading process as shown in the image below.

Video Download Capture for Mac - past url mothod step 2

Step 3 After the video is downloaded, the video file can be seen in “Downloaded” section. You can right click and choose “Show downloaded files” to find the video on the Mac. The video can later be transferred to any device.

Video Download Capture for Mac - past url mothod step 3

Method 2: Click Download Button through Browser

Step 1 Launch any browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and go to the page which has the video you want to download. Play the video and while the video is playing, a download button will appear automatically. Click the “Download” button and select the resolution to start downloading the video.

Video Download Capture for Mac - download button mothod step 1

Click on the video and play the video. Click on the desired quality of video which is to be downloaded. The video will start downloading automatically.

Video Download Capture for Mac - download button mothod step 1

Part 2: How to record any video with the Video Download Capture for Mac

Apart from downloading videos by pasting the URL in iTube Studio or through inbuilt or other browsers, iTube Studio also allows recording files which comes handy when it is difficult to download videos due to unsupported video pages.

Step 1 Launch iTube Studio

After iTube Studio is downloaded and installed on Mac, run the application and the following interface will appear. Click the “Record Video” button which is present at the top.

Video Download Capture for Mac - recording way step 1

Step 2 Click “REC” and start recording

Open the website from which the video is to be recorded, say in this case YouTube. Open YouTube and choose the desired video. Drag the recording window frame to match the dimensions of the video on screen to record. Click on “REC” button to start the process of recording. The stopping time of recording can also be set from the option “Stop at”.

Video Download Capture for Mac - recording way step 2

Step 3 Click “Stop” to finish

When you are done with recording the video, use the “Stop” button at the top. This will save the recorded video which can be found on the “Downloaded” interface.

Video Download Capture for Mac - recording way step 3

Video Download Capture is a very handy application which can be used whenever required. This can download videos as well as record videos streaming online which can be used if it is not possible to download videos. So, everything together makes this application a comprehensive application to download or capture videos.

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