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If you are YouTube Fan, you will probably want to download YouTube videos for playback offline. There is a lot of online downloaders that download YouTube videos, what about downloading YouTube playlist? Most of the online apps however don’t support download of playlist videos. Fortunately, you can use desktop YouTube downloader like iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) that will assist you to do batch download videos from YouTube category, playlists or channel.

More Features of This YouTube Playlist Downloader Software:

  • Free download any YouTube 4K UHD, YouTube videos, YouTube VEVO.
  • Download the entire YouTube playlist, browser category or channel with 1-click.
  • You can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion,Vimeo and 1000 more other sites.
  • You can also convert the videos into other formats or extract their audio, and even use presets for your favorite devices.

Part 1: Top 5 Best YouTube Playlist Player

1. Youtify

Youtify is a Web-based service that enable you to play songs from YouTube, Soundcloud and This website allows you to search for YouTube videos and create a playlist. You can also log in to your Google account to synchronize your YouTube playlists. A small box at the screen’s bottom shows the videos, you can also open full screen view, then you can mostly listen to music, and if there’s a favorite song, you can break and watch the video.

Youtify plays videos from YouTube channels even though these sites don’t allow by playing an alternate video of the same song. Youtify has most of the basic controls for music playback, there is however no repeat button. This means that you cannot listen to a song or album in loop. You can also select video quality through Youtify settings menu. You should remember that sound quality deteriorates if video quality is set to low.


2. Streamus

If you don’t want to watch videos but rather listen to music on YouTube, then Streamus is a perfect chrome extension for you. It allows you to create your own playlists, search for songs, synchronize YouTube playlists, play them in repeat or shuffle modes – all inside the chrome browser. The minimal design of Streamus will please those who prefer to play music in the background. Notwithstanding its minimalism, Streamus has a lot of the essential features you would need.

It has online radio, a feature that helps you find music related to what you’ve been listening to. You will need to go to the settings menu to access the search menu by default.



There are simpler methods to play YouTube videos on Chrome and iOS because chrome extensions don’t work on smartphones. The YouTube apps on iOS and Android cease to work once you switch applications. Until Google releases a fix for Android, you can download PVSTAR+, a free YouTube player that keeps working in the background. Add the playlists or songs you want, and just press the home control playback, swipe down to open the Android notification center.


4. Floating YouTube Apps

Use of floating YouTube apps is another method for using YouTube as your main Android player that allows you to keep YouTube videos open as you use other applications. But, phones with small screens or older phones are not ideal for these sort of apps since they can lead to some lagging.

floating youtube

5. Safari for iOS

Shockingly, it is very easy to stream songs from YouTube on iOS. All that you need to do is use safari to open, play any video and press the home button. Then swipe upwards from screen’s bottom upwards to launch control center. Press the play button, here to begin streaming songs in the background.

safari for ios playing youtube playlist

Part 2: Tips to Play YouTube Playlist

YouTube has become a repository for virtually millions of TV clips and movies, music videos, video blogs, and home videos.

1. Save video in a temporary quicklist for later viewing

A common scenario is when you are browsing and come across a video that seems interesting, you don’t have the time or desire to watch it at that time. Luckily, YouTube allows you to save the video in a temporary quicklist, and not needing to open the video page and start playback. Afterwards, when ready you can go back to the video and watch it at your leisure.

To add a video to your quicklist, just click the little + button at the lower-left corner of any video thumbnail. The videos only stay in the quicklist in just one web browsing session, on closing the browser window, the quicklist is flushed.

2. Save your videos to Favorites or Bookmarks list

To retain videos for a bit longer than a single session, save them to your YouTube favorites list. This list is similar to Favorites or Bookmarks list in your browser. You can access any videos saved in YouTube favorites easily to view in the future. In order to save a video to your web browser, open the viewing page of that video and click save link below the YouTube video player. The video Is added to the favorites list. To reopen the entries in the list, Go to the YouTube home page and click the Favorites link in the My Box.

3. Create a video playlist

As a result of the utter volume of available videos, you may want to create playlists separate or on top of your favorites list. There are a number of ways to create a playlist and add a video to that playlist. The most common way to to open the video page and click the "add to favorites" link. when you see the "Add Video to Your Playlists", pull down the select a playlist list, choose the playlist you desire, then click OK.

In case you are yet to create playlist, choose New Playlist from the Add Video to Your Playlists list, then click OK. This shows the Create/Edit Playlist page; you then enter certain specific information about the new playlist.

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