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With better user experience, Google Chrome has overtook Mozilla Firefox browser and Internet Explorer to be the first most popular browser worldwide. Today, we will introduce two popular Google Chrome YouTube downloaders that can download YouTube videos easily in Chrome. One is a desktop Chrome YouTube downloader - iTube HD Video Downloader which automatically adds a download extension to Chrome after installation. And the other is Chrome YouTube downloader - a Chrome extension. It's all up to you to choose between the two tools, but let's first check out the detailed introduction to them below.

#1. Desktop Chrome YouTube Downloader - iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader - Download 4K & Full HD Video with One Click

  • Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, MTV, Dailymotion, Facebook and other 10,000+ pupular sites.
  • Exceptionally good in converting any video to more than 150 file formats making the video best suited for your every purpose.
  • Its ability to record the videos from the websites with its in-built screen recording function makes it stand out amongst others.
  • Supports all major web video portals and more than 10,000 video sharing websites.
  • The lightning speed offered by this program to download your videos 3X faster than any other program is remarkable.
  • This Vimeo embedded video downloader equips with a video recorder which allows to capture from any online site.
  • It holds a Private Mode to fully protect your video downloading information with a password.

How to use iTube HD Video Downloader to download YouTube videos in Chrome

Step 1 Install this Chrome YouTube downloader.

Install this program on your computer after downloading from the above link. And then install a Google Chrome extension of iTube HD Video Downloader to your Chrome under the directory: Menu > Preferences > Extensions. This exstension will help detect streaming videos to download from all kinds of video sites.

Chrome youtube downloader

Step 2 Download YouTube videos.

Use Chrome to play your favorite YouTube videos. As long as you play the video, this program will detect it and display a Download button on the top right of the video screen. Click the button to select the video resolution that you want to download and then the video will be downloaded. Alternatively, you can also copy the URL of the video and click the + Paste URL button to add the video to the downloading queue. You can find the downloaded videos in the Downloaded library.

Chrome extension YouTube downloader

Step 3 Convert the videos to other formats.

Under Downloaded library, click the Convert icon at the right side of the video to add the video to the Convert list.

Chrome YouTube download

Then click Convert to enter the Convert section and find the added video, click Convert button to select a format you need. Then you can eaily convert the video in order to put in your portable devices.

Chrome extension YouTube downloader

#2. A Chrome Extension - Chrome YouTube Downloader

Chrome youtube downloader

Chrome YouTube downloader is a Chrome extension that enables you to download YouTube videos as MP4, MP3, M4A and FLV. It does one thing and does it well. What's more, it's easy to use.

Install Chrome YouTube downloader>>

How to download YouTube videos with Chrome YouTube downloader

Step 1 Click the above link to go to the page of the tool. Download the ZIP file and extract the .crx extension file from the ZIP file. Click the Settings icon on the toolbar of Chrome. Select Tools>Extensions and drag the .crx file to install on Chrome.

Step 2 Go to YouTube to play one video and you will find a Download button under the video screen. Click the button and there are options of the format and resolution. Select one and the download will start at once.

Note: With YouTube’s strict policy and guidelines, this method won't work 100% of the time. Bugs can make the plug-in very unstable and sometimes even unusable. But you can control one more method and have a try.

Compare The Two Chrome YouTube Downloaders

  iTube HD Video Downloader Chrome YouTube Downloader

Service Type

Desktop software Chrome extension

Main Features

Online video downloading and converting YouTube video downloading

Download YouTube videos

Support Support

Download videos from many sites

Support Not supported

One click to download YouTube/Lynda playlists and channels

Support Not supported

Support resolution selecting for YouTube video downloading

Support Support

Support Firefox, Chrome and IE


Convert videos to many formats


Transfer videos to iOS & Android devices


Schedule to download and convert


Play and manage videos


Easy to use

Support Support


  • 1. More functions.
  • 2. Safe, fast and stable performance.
  • 1. Free.


  • 1. Not free.
  • 1. Less functions and no instant technical support.
  • 2. Support Chrome only.

If you prefer to a simple YouTube video downloader only, then Chrome YouTube downloader is enough. But for most cases, you will download videos from many other sites. At that time, you will need the iTube HD Video Downloader. Try the two tools and see which one you will like.

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