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Creating a YouTube playlist enables you to play and share all your favorite videos fast. You do not have to search and play one video at a time from the YouTube channel. YouTube allows you to access playlists saved on other user accounts. However, your access to such playlists depends on the user’s actions on the account. The user can choose to close the account or delete all playlists. The user may also change the settings in his or her account and make the playlist private. Consequently, you will not access the videos or music on such playlists. You can avoid such inconveniences and copy YouTube playlist from one account to another. If you have two YouTube accounts, it is advisable to save all your playlists in both accounts. You may delete a playlist accidentally and lose it forever. You can transfer YouTube playlists from one user account in two ways as outlined below.

Part 1. Download to Transfer YouTube Playlists to Another Account

The first way to copy YouTube playlist from one account to another is to download and save the YouTube playlist on your device and then upload to another account. You will require a YouTube downloader to complete this process. The best program to use to download and upload YouTube playlists is iTube Studio YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac (or iTube Studio YouTube Playlist Downloader for Windows). This YouTube playlist downloader allows you to download videos and playlist from YouTube for free. You can download your playlists and videos in multiple resolution options.

iTube Studio - 1 Click Downlaod YouTube Playlist to Copy YouTube Playlist to Any Account

  • Download YouTube videos in their original quality at 3X faster speed.
  • Download and save full playlists from YouTube with brower extension or URL.
  • Support download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Lynda, and 10,000+ sites.
  • Converted downloaded videos into other 150+ video and audio formats.
  • Record any online video from any video sites according to your need.
  • Create your own YouTube playlist easily and manage all the videos as you wish.

How to Download and Copy YouTube Playlist in Steps

Step 1: Run iTube Studio YouTube Playlist Downloader

Download and install iTube Studio for Mac on your device. Run the YouTube playlist downloader when the installation process is complete to view its interface.

how to copy youtube playlist

Step 2: Find your YouTube playlist

Go to YouTube on your browser and open the playlist that you want to download. Log in to your first account if you want to transfer a playlist from your own account. Once you open the playlist, click the "Playlist" button at the top left of the playlist.

how to copy a youtube playlist

Step 3. Start to download YouTube playlist

Now you will get a pop-up window. Select all the videos you want to download in the window. They will appear in a list after the selection. And then click the "Download" button. The program will download and save all the selected videos on your Mac.

duplicate youtube playlist

When finished, log in to the YouTube account where you want to upload the downloaded playlist. Click the Upload button and then select the folder on you device. Give it a title and description as the folder uploads. YouTube gives an option of uploading one file at a time. You do not have to save the downloaded videos in one folder or upload them at once. Click the Add to button on the right column to open the drop-down menu. Select New Playlist and give it a new title. Select the privacy option for the playlist and then click Create. The folder or videos will be added to the new playlist. You can view and edit the playlist from the Playlists menu in this YouTube account.

Part 2. How to Copy YouTube Playlist from One Account to Another

You can transfer a YouTube playlist from one account to another without using any application. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to copy playlist YouTube using this method:

copy youtube playlist from one account to another

Step 1: Go to YouTube and sign into the account where you want to transfer the playlist.
Step 2: Search for the playlist that you want to copy from the other user’s account or click on it if you have its URL.
Step 3: Click the Options button on the playlist bar and select Save as a new playlist from the menu.
Step 4: The channel will give you an option to name the new playlist. Type in the name in the dialog box named Playlist title and then Save.
Step 5: The YouTube copy playlist is added to your saved playlists in the second account. You can edit the playlist from the second account to suit your preference.

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