Download YouTube Videos Free Online in 11 Easy Ways

YouTube Video

1. YouTube Video Downloader
  1. 1.1 YouTube Batch Downloader
  2. 1.2 YouTube Channel Downloader
  3. 1.3 Firefox YouTube Downloader
  4. 1.4 Online YouTube Downloader
  5. 1.5 YouTube Download Manager
  6. 1.6 YouTube Movie Downloader
  7. 1.7 YouTube Movie Downloader App
  8. 1.8 YouTube Movie Downloader for Chrome
  9. 1.9 YouTube URL Downlaoder
  10. 1.10 YouTube Movie Downloader Online
  11. 1.11 YouTube Red Download
  12. 1.12 YouTube to Movie Downloader
2. YouTube Video Tips
  1. 2.1 Airplay YouTube to Apple
  2. 2.2 YouTube Telugu Movies Download
  3. 2.3 YouTube Playlist Player App
  4. 2.4 Download 1080P YouTube Videos
  5. 2.5 Download All YouTube Videos
  6. 2.6 Download YouTube Audio
  7. 2.7 Download Christmas Movies from YouTube
  8. 2.8 Download Embedded YouTube Video
  9. 2.9 Download Free Music from YouTube
  10. 2.10 Download Funny YouTube Video
  11. 2.11 Download YouTube Movie Trailers
  12. 2.12 Download Private YouTube Videos
  13. 2.13 Download YouTube Videos on High Sierras
  14. 2.14 Download YouTube Red to Mac
  15. 2.15 Download YouTube Subtitles
  16. 2.16 Download YouTube Videos Free Online
  17. 2.17 Full YouTube Movies Free Download
  18. 2.18 YouTube HD Movies Download
  19. 2.19 YouTube Full Movie Download
  20. 2.20 Download YouTube Videos for Free
3. YouTube Video Resources
  1. 3.1 Bollywood Movies Free Download in HD
  2. 3.2 Download Problem Child from YouTube
  3. 3.3 Download Thanksgiving Videos from YouTube
  4. 3.4 Download YouTube 99 Problems
  5. 3.5 Movie Trailers on YouTube
  6. 3.6 Download YouTube Hindi Movies
  7. 3.7 YouTube Malayalam Movies Free Download
  8. 3.8 YouTube Myanmar Movies Free Download
  9. 3.9 YouTube Red Movie Download

Downloaded videos make the life of video lovers a lot easier. But how can you download unlimited YouTube videos for free? If you’re also thinking about whether there are ways to download YouTube videos for free online or not then we are happy to say that Yes, there are free video downloaders available which makes it very easy for the user to download YouTube videos without any kind of hassle.

Part 1: Download YouTube Videos Free in the Easieat Way

Free YouTube Downloader is one of the best video downloading platforms which lets the user download an unlimited number of YouTube videos. Free YouTube Downloader is fast and lets you enjoy the unlimited download in real time. The users get the chance to free download YouTube channel, YouTube videos, YouTube charts and much more. And downloading video from YouTube via this Free YouTube Downloader is completely free.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

Using this free video downloader software is extremely easy and there are different ways available which can be used while downloading video from YouTube.

Step 1: Download and install the Free YouTube Downloader

First of all, download and install this free YouTube movie downloader, then launch the Free YouTube Downloader once completed.

download youtube videos free online

Step 2: Free download YouTube videos in 1 click

1- This Free YouTube Downloader automatically displays a Download icon above each video you play in any browser. All the user have to do is to open the YouTube video page, click on the Download icon and then the free Youtube video downloader will start to download the YouTube video at once.

download youtube videos online free

2- You can also download YouTube videos by copying the video URL and pasting the URL into the Free YouTube Downloader. The downloader will automatically analyze the YouTube video and then begin the download in few seconds.

free online youtube

Part 2. Best 10 Sites to Download YouTube Videos Free Online

Free YouTube download software makes the entire downloading game very strong and easy for the videos addicts. If you’re looking for more options to download YouTube videos free online, then here is the list of top 10 sites to download YouTube videos free online.

#1: DoVideo Online Video Downloader

The DoVideo Online Video Downloader supports almost 28 websites and enables the user to enjoy free downloading of their favorite videos. This online video downloader fully supports users to download videos up to 1080P if the video is available in that resolution.

• Safe and easy to use
• Supports to download videos from many video sites
• 100% free and safe to use

• Only download one video at a time

download youtube videos free online

#2: Apowersoft Online Video Downloader

it is one of the fastest video downloaders which is highly easy to use. The options to select the video formats are huge and it supports MP4, WebM etc. Apowersoft online video downloader enables the user to avail the high definition videos without having any kind of restriction of the time limitation.

• Enable the fastest download
• No time restriction
• Supports wide range of formats
• The desktop version is also available

• Sometimes fails to analyze

download youtube videos online free

#3: KeepVid

Very much simple and easy going online YouTube Downloader. Users just need to copy and paste the link on the online downloader. It also offers a lot of video quality options from which users can select the desired one. The basic features are entirely free to use.

• Easy and simple to operate
• Basic features are extremely free
• Enable the fastest download

• MP3 download needs a subscription

free online youtube

#4: Clip Converter

This video downloader online not only enables the video download from the YouTube but also lets you save videos in a wide range of formats. It comes with zero plugins. The users get the chance to either download the video in the same format or convert it into a wide range of formats. It makes the entire downloading and video converting game a lot easier.

• Download any YouTube video
• A wide range of converting formats are supported

• Choosing the quality options are not available
• There may be error while downloading videos with music

youtube video free online download

#5: Online Video Converter

The online Video Converter enables the user to download YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other videos from a wide range of video sharing websites. It is extremely easy and safe to use. It can save your favorite YouTube videos in more than seven audio and video formats. Your videos are downloaded and ready to be used for any device.

• Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites
• Enables the fast download
• Doesn’t require any kind of registration

• The downloading speed is not steady.

youtube free download online video

#6: SafeFrom

SafeFrom offers a lot of options to the users and makes the YouTube video download a lot easier. All the user have to do is to type “ss” before the YouTube. Then they are just supposed to click enter in order to get their favorite videos downloaded.

• Makes the downloading a lot easier than other online downloaders
• Also supports extraction of the audio

• Customizing videos can be a bit difficult

youtube download movies free online


The site offers a lot of options to convert the videos in a wide range of formats other than mp3. It supports converting videos from various sites also. There is also a searching tool available from where it automatically searches for the YouTube videos which can be downloaded directly.

• Enables video conversion in many formats
• Availability of the search tool

• Time limitation with certain formats such as AVI

online youtube video free download

#8: Video Grabber

It is simple and easy to use just like other online downloaders. All the user have to do is to copy and paste the YouTube URL and click on to “Grab it”, the desired video will be downloaded and then it can be converted into the desired format without any kind of problem. Upon converting, videos can be transferred to the target device.

• Easy to use

• Only basic simple features are provided

youtube online videos download free

#9: Winx YouTube Downloader

It is an all-rounder video downloader and let the users enjoy the free download of videos, movies and much more. It supports downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and other video sharing sites. It is also simple and easy to use and lets you enjoy high-quality videos.

• Makes downloading of Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion videos a lot easier

• No plugins

free download youtube videos online

#10: Ace Downloader

Ace Downloader is easy and simple to operate. The site is extremely easy to navigate. However, it works along with Java applet and the process as a result the whole process becomes a bit time-consuming.

• The website is extremely simple to use

• Working via phone or tablet may be difficult

video download youtube free online

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