The Fastest Way to Download YouTube Videos to iOS 9

YouTube on Phone

1. Download YouTube Video on Phone
  1. 1.1 Download YouTube to iPhone SE
  2. 1.2 Download YouTube Videos to iOS 10
  3. 1.3 Download YouTube Videos to Your Phone
  4. 1.4 Download Netflix Movies to Android
  5. 1.5 YouTube Downloader for Android
  6. 1.6 Video Downloader App for Android
  7. 1.7 Download Vimeo Videos on Android
  8. 1.8 YouTube playlist downloader Android
  9. 1.9 Download Movies to iPad
  10. 1.10 Download Videos to iPod
  11. 1.11 Download Netflix Movies on iPad
  12. 1.12 download Christmas movies to iPhone or Android
  13. 1.13 Download Facebook Videos to iPhone
  14. 1.14 Download Movies on iPhone
  15. 1.15 download MP4 video to iPhone
  16. 1.16 Download Vimeo Videos to iPhone
  17. 1.17 Download Worldstarhiphop Videos to iPhone
  18. 1.18 Download YouTube Audio to iPhone
  19. 1.19 Download YouTube HD Video to iPhone
  20. 1.20 Download YouTube Red to iPhone
  21. 1.21 Free Music Video Downloads from YouTube
  22. 1.22 Download YouTube Videos to iOS 9
2. Tips about YouTube on Phone
  1. 2.1 Download YouTube to iPhone SE
  2. 2.2 Download YouTube Videos to iOS 10
  3. 2.3 Download YouTube Videos to Your Phone
  4. 2.4 YouTube Playlist App
  5. 2.5 play YouTube in background on Android
  6. 2.6 YouTube Not Working on Android
  7. 2.7 YouTube Not Working on iPad
  8. 2.8 Block YouTube Ads on iPhone
  9. 2.9 Clear YouTube History on iPhone
  10. 2.10 YouTube desktop version on iPhone
  11. 2.11 Christmas movie app for iPhone and Android
  12. 2.12 Cache YouTube Video to iPhone
  13. 2.13 Repeat YouTube Videos on iPhone
  14. 2.14 Make a YouTube Account on iPhone
  15. 2.15 YouTube Ripper for iPhone
  16. 2.16 Play YouTube in Background iPhone
  17. 2.17 YouTube Pair on iPhone
  18. 2.18 YouTube Alternative App for iPhone
  19. 2.19 Video Downloader for iPhone
  20. 2.20 Watch TV Show or Series on iPhone
  21. 2.21 YouTube Not Working on iPhone

When you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 9, you will find that the YouTube downloader not working on iOS 9. So how can we download YouTube videos to iOS 9? No worry! Follow the step by step guide below to solve your problem.

iTube Studio - YouTube to iOS 9 Downloader

iTube Studio app can help you to solve any YouTube download not working on iOS 9. It is a safest and easiest way allowing you to download videos from YouTube and other more than 10,000 video sites, and convert to corresponding formats to make it easy to watch the videos in your iOS 9 deivce.

Why Choose This YouTube to iOS 9 Downloader:

  • The software will detect your video directly when you are playing in browser and all you have to do is click on the "Download" button.
  • With iTube Studio, it is also possible to directly convert the video into an MP3 or other audio file.
  • iTube Studio also acts as a dedicated media player that lets you manage videos with complete ease. Building and exporting your video library becomes much easier.
  • It is also a video transfer which can directly transfer your downloaded video to iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices in one click.

How to Download YouTube to iOS 9 in 1 Click

Step 1. Install and Run the iOS 9 YouTube Downloader

Installing the iTube Studio is very easy. Just drag the installation file to your applications folder, and it will be done in no time. The main interface will open up automatically after this.

iOS 9 youtube downloader

Step 2. Downloading YouTube Videos to iOS 9

Via Download Button: Open your browser and go to As you select the video to play, you will see a "Download" button pop up on the top left corner. Just click on this and the video will start downloading.

iOS youtube downloader

Via YouTube URL: You can also start the download by dragging the video to the iTube Studio icon on your dock. It is also possible to copy the url of your online video and click the "Paste URL" button to start the download. You can choose the method that suits you best.

The best part about iTube Studio is that it supports batch downloading. So you can add as many videos as you want and they will all be downloaded simultaneously. You can also let the app do its work in the background as you check out more cool vides on YouTube.

iOS youtube downloader

Step 3. Convert YouTube Videos to Any Formats

If you want to play downloaded YouTube videos on any platform without compatible issue, you can convert the video to your desired format. To do so, click on the "Downloaded" tab to get a list of all your videos. Next to each video you will see a "Add to Convert List" icon, just click on it to import the vide to "Convert" menu.

iOS 9 youtube downloader

Then turn to "Convert" menu, just click on the "Convert" icon next to the video and choose the required format in the pop-up window.

iOS 9 youtube downloader

To get the YouTube videos to your iOS (iOS 9) devices, you can click the "Add to Transfer List" icon on the right after the conversion process completes. Then you can navigate to "Transfer" menu, connect your iOS 9 device to your Mac, click the "Transfer" icon to transfer the video to your device. An easier way to do this is made use of the "Download then Convert" Mode that will allow you to download the video directly to your wanted format. It will make the entire task much easier.

iOS 9 youtube downloader

iTube Studio
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