Top 10 Fastest YouTube Downloader

There are many downloaders for YouTube that you will come across in the market. Each of the downloader will have its specific features, merits and demerits which you will have to consider in making the final selection. A fastest YouTube downloader will be able to increase the downloading speed more than five times of what you are used to. Kwizzu and YouTube Downloader HD are some of the commonly used downloaders which will be discussed in this article. In depth, this article will discuss top ten downloaders for YouTube.

Part 1. Top 10 Fastest YouTube Downloaders

1. iTube Studio (Mac/Windows)

iTube Studio - The Fastest YouTube Downloader

iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) stands out as one of the best downloader for YouTube because it offers three ways for downloading YouTube videos. You can click the download button, copy and paste the URL link or drag and drop the URL to the downloader. This is the highly notable feature of the iTube Studio YouTube Downloader as well as the all-in-one browser that includes a YouTube player and manager.

Why Choose This YouTube Video Donwloader:

  • The YouTube downloader allows for batch downloads and supports popular formats like AVI, MPG, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, MOV and 3G2.
  • You can extract audio from YouTube videos and save to MKA, WAV, MP3 and M4A formats.
  • It also supports to record online tutorial videos and TV shows if you can not download them.
  • After the download or conversion, you can directly transfer the video files to iPad, iPhone or Android devices with the appropriate format.

itube studio

2. Fastest YouTube Downloader

This is one of the fastest downloader for YouTube courtesy of the built-in download accelerator. It can download YouTube files at a speed of 600 times more than what its competitors can manage. The biggest advantage of Fastest YouTube Downloader is the ability to watch YouTube videos using different devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as at different times. In addition to downloading YouTube files, this downloader can convert to different supported formats like MPEG, DVD, WMV, AVI and MP4. Its download process is flawless which an outstanding feature it is.

Fastest YouTube Downloader

3. FastestTube

This is an easy-to-install downloader that you can have for downloading your YouTube files. You can have the flexibility of opening any type of video from YouTube using Kwizzu as well as selecting the compatible formats to use. Even after downloading, the quality of the video files will remain the same which is an advantage to look out for in Kwizzu. The key feature of this downloader is support for downloading of HD video and filtering of adverts from YouTube videos. It works well with common browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera as well as Internet Explorer. MP4 and FLV are the most common formats supported by Kwizzu.


4. YouTube Downloader HD

It is an equally fast downloader which you can get for free. It is good for converting YouTube videos into AVI and MP4 formats. The main feature of YouTube Downloader HD which will easily get your attention is downloading of high quality videos on HD and full HD. Its biggest advantage is immunity from attacks by viruses which will come in handy in protecting your stored files. This downloader is easy to use thus you will only require copying the URL link from the browser and pasting it to the downloader. Furthermore, it has Unicode support that allows YouTube videos to be saved with non-standard characters.

YouTube Downloader HD

5. YouTube Video Downloader

This downloader supports a variety of formats like WMV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MP3, WMA, WAV and AC3. You can easily customize output format settings for both audio and video which is a huge advantage that comes with using YouTube Video Downloader. Its download speed is very high a feature that you must consider all the time. When using YouTube Video Downloader, it is very easy because it supports drag-and-drop of the video links. The other feature to look out for in this downloader is readymade output formats presets and audio extraction from YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Downloader

6. Final Video Downloader

This is a good choice in case you are planning to have some YouTube videos downloaded to your PC. On the positive end, this downloader is fast and well updated to meet your demands. It makes good use of the advanced acceleration technique which helps to boost the speeds for up to 500%. One thing you will like about Final Video Downloader is its ease in use. This is because the downloader integrates with the browser to make a simple click enough for any download to be successful. It supports PS3 and PSP formats but there are many others for both video and audio. Batch download is the notable feature for Final Video Downloader and you will have the freedom to download more than one file at a go.

Final Video Downloader

7. TubeDownload Classic

A simple interface is the highly notable feature of this downloader. It makes TubeDownload Classic very simple to use and easy in understanding how it functions. The other related feature is support for drag-and-drop. This downloader has the capacity to increase the speed of your YouTube video downloading by up to five times more than any other. You can download high definition and high quality videos using TubeDownload Classic which is a great benefit for you to enjoy. Formats supported are MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, AVI and 3GP.

TubeDownload Classic

8. YouTube FLV Downloader Pro

It is one of the powerful downloaders for YouTube videos in the market today. You can as well convert YouTube videos into FLV and F4V formats among several others supported by the downloader. This downloader has one unique feature, UPnP function, which allows for ease in watching YouTube videos using any of the UPnP compatible devices. Equally, YouTube FLV Downloader Pro has the ability to automatically capture multiple URL links for downloading as well as conversion purposes.

YouTube FLV Downloader Pro

9. Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader

Apart from YouTube, this downloader can allow you the freedom to download video files from different other online sites that permit for video sharing. The commonly supported formats by Free YouTube Downloader include MP4, WEBM, FLV and 3GP. The process of downloading YouTube videos with this downloader is very simple and you can pause or continue when necessary. You can also download more than one video at the same time with this downloader which is an outstanding feature. Free YouTube Downloader is free from spyware and adware.

Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader

10. Easy YouTube Video Downloader

This is simply the best downloader for YouTube video that you can use today. It supports instant downloads at high speeds regardless of the browser that you are using. Easy YouTube Video Downloader can download videos from YouTube in high definition and supports FLV, MP4, MP3 and 3GP formats. It is simple to use thanks to the add-ons that support downloads across browsers and different platforms. You don't have to struggle again with copying and pasting URL links that sometimes are incompatible with certain software programs.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Part 2. Comparison of the 10 Fastestf YouTube Video Downloaders

Features Browser Addon Broad Site Support iPhone,iPod Multimedia File Formats HTML5 Video Download Converts Video Batch Download
iTube Studio yes yes yes yes yes yes
Fastest YouTube Donwloader --- --- yes --- yes ---
Kwizzu yes --- --- --- --- yes
YouTube Donwloader HD --- --- yes --- yes ---
YouTube Video Downloader yes yes yes --- yes yes
Final Video Downloader yes --- yes --- yes yes
TubeDownload Classic --- yes --- --- --- yes
YouTube FLV Downloader Pro --- yes yes --- --- yes
Free YouTube Downloader --- yes yes yes yes yes
Easy YouTbue Video Downloader yes --- --- --- --- yes

Part 3. How to Use the Fastest YouTube Downloader

Step 1. Setup YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

Double click the icon of iTube Studio for Mac and follow up prompt steps to setup the program. After the setup steps completed, iTube Studio for Mac will run automatically. (For Windows PC users, please download iTube Studio for Windows.)

fast youtube downloader

Step 2. Download Online Videos from YouTube

Open Firefox, Chrome, or Safari and input Find the video you like on YouTube, and play the video, then you will get a "Download" button shown on the video window. Try the following three ways to download YouTube videos:

A). This YouTube downloader will download the videos for one click to the "Download" button.

one click download YouTube video

B). Mouse over to click the URL icon of the video and hold it to the YouTube downloader main interface for downloading.

C). Copy the video URL, then move your mouse to the downloader main interface and click "Paste URL" button, you will get the downloader worked at once.

download YouTube video with url

Note: After adding all the videos to YouTube downloader, you are free to watch other videos on YouTube. If you find another video is wonderful and want to download, you can do the same operation as above to add it to this YouTube downloader. By clicking the "Download" menu on the left, iTube Studio allows you to view and check all downloading process , as well as search the downloaded videos.

iTube Studio
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