Top 10 Channel to Watch Latest and Upcoming Movie Trailers on YouTube

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Are you a movie fan that loves watching the latest movie trailers that are on show at the cinemas? Well, then you know the importance of making a list of movies that you want to watch and there is no better way to do so than to watch the trailers of all the latest and upcoming movies on YouTube! In this article, we collect 10 best and popular channels where you can find the latest and upcoming movie trailers on YouTube.

Part 1. Top 10 Channel to Watch Latest and Upcoming Movie Trailers on YouTube

#1. Movieclips trailers

With about 13,291,726 subscribers, this YouTube channel has sure carved a niche for itself availing viewers with nonstop uploads of latest movie trailers on YouTube. Movieclips trailers team uploads trailers as soon as they are released and also has some original videos, as well as instant trailer reviews and monthly mashups. The channel assures viewers to be the first to see latest movie trailers, featurettes, clips, as well as newest promo content for anticipated upcoming films.

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movieclips trailers

#2. One Media

One Media has about 2,034,048 subscribers that are subscribed to their steady uploads of all the recent movie trailers and clips for the anticipating eyes.

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movieclips trailers

#3. Fresh Movie Trailers

Fresh Movie Trailers uploads the best and latest movie trailers on YouTube for their anticipating 3,977,917 subscribers. The uploads are must-see movie trailer, film clip & video in several genres such as comedy, kids & family, animated films, blockbusters, action movies, sci-fi & fantasy flicks, etc.

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latest movie trailers on YouTube

#4. HollyWood Streams

HollyWood Streams entertains user with the latest movie trailers on YouTube and teasers to your desktop or smart mobile device. The channels, uploads latest seasons of series, behind the scenes, mashups, and premieres. Asides, there entertaining uploads on YouTube, their website is up-to-date for more entertainment news, celebrity photos, and box office information.

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latest movie trailers on YouTube

#5. TGN Star Wars

TGN Star Wars is a channel dedicated strictly to upload of the latest trailer of Star Wars sequels or movies on YouTube. The channel uploads interesting video contents for Star Wars enthusiasts and gamers. With about 1,059,462 subscribers Star Wars loyalist, this channel uploads interesting Star Wars sequel trilogies, commentaries, speculations and opinion videos related to Star Wars.

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upcoming movie trailers on YouTube

#6. FilmSelect Trailer

Created in 2016, FilmSelect Trailer is dedicated to uploading the best selected movie clips and latest movie trailers on YouTube. Viewers are never to miss the trailers from the biggest and greatest Movies released. The channel has about 2,909,487 subscribers.

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new movie trailers on YouTube

#7. Movie Trailer Source

With over 1 million subscribers, MTS claims the number one spot as the destination for all the brand new movies, the latest movie trailers, sneak peek, clips, and teasers.

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movie trailers on youtube


@HOLLYWOOD entertains their 303,272 subscribers with amazing and interesting teasers and latest movie trailers from their favorite movie series, music audition edition, trailer breakdown for some selected movies, interesting celebrity Hollywood ‘feuds’, red carpet moments, comic cons, superheroes mashup movieclip trailers and many more. @HOLLYWOOD is a daily movies, TV, Music, news channel powered by the biggest brands in entertainment industry i.e. Variety, Deadline, TVLine, HollywoodLife, Variety Latino, BGR and WWD covering red carpet moments, awards shows, premieres, music and movie festivals.

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movie trailers on youtube

#9. FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers

Since 2011, FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers has been known to champion family bonding for movie lovers by uploading and notifying families with the latest movie trailers on YouTube. FilmIsNow Family Channel your first stop for the latest family movie trailers, clips, TV spots and other extras from all over the world and lots of fun videos for kids and their parents. With its 443,928 subscribers, viewers are entertained with animations that are kid-friendly and guaranteed fun. Not only that, this channel also welcomes content submission.

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download movie trailers on youtube

#10. New Trailer Buzz

With 1,044,749 subscribers, New Trailer Buzz have thrilled its viewers with the latest movieclips and trailers on YouTube. The channel releases sneak peeks from blockbuster action movie, sci-fi, animation, etc. from blockbusters of Hollywood as well as the critically acclaimed Indie movies.

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movie trailers on youtube

Part 2. Easily Free Donwload YouTube Movies and Playlist

If you love some of the movie trailers from the list above and are looking to download it or save it on your computer for watching it offline, then we have just the solution for you! iTube Studio is a powerful YouTube downloader tool for Mac that can help you download videos directly from YouTube and other popular video sites with fast speeds and high reliability. The software has been developed by the renowned Aimersoft that is well known for its multimedia tools.

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How to Download YouTube Movies using iTube Studio

Method 1: Download YouTube Videos by Download Button

Launch iTube Studio YouTube movie downloader on your Mac or Windows and click on the ‘Download’ tab on the left hand side of your screen.

download youtube movie 2017

Method 2: Download YouTube Movies by Paste URL

Copy the link (URL) to the YouTube Movie Trailer that you wish to download. Click Paste URL button in iTube Studio to start the downloading process.

youtube movie 2017

Method 3: Download YouTube Videos by Recording

Click Record button, drag and slide the frame of the recording window to confirm the video screen you want. Watch your YouTube movie and leave the rest to iTube Studio.

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Key Features of iTube Studio - Best YouTube Movie Downlaoder:

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