Tips and Troubleshooting for Playing YouTube Videos on Your TV

YouTube Tips

1. YouTube Tips
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  2. 1.2 Create Playlist on YouTube
  3. 1.3 Add Video to YouTube Playlist
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  5. 1.5 Play YouTube Videos on Kindle Fire
  6. 1.6 YouTube Players for Windows
  7. 1.7 Play YouTube Videos on TV
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  10. 1.10 Best YouTube Alternative
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2. Fix YouTube Not Working Problem
  1. 2.1 YouTube Playback on Game Consoles
  2. 2.2 PS3 YouTube App Not Working
  3. 2.3 Problem of YouTube Slow
  4. 2.4 Ubuntu YouTube Not Working
  5. 2.5 YouTube Not Working
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  7. 2.7 YouTube App Sound Not Working
  8. 2.8 YouTube AutoPlay Not Working
  9. 2.9 Solve YouTube Buffering Problem
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  11. 2.11 YouTube Captions Not Working
  12. 2.12 YouTube Connection Problems
  13. 2.13 YouTube Copyright Problems
  14. 2.14 YouTube Embed Code Not Working
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  16. 2.16 YouTube Fullscreen Not Working
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  20. 2.20 YouTube Links Not Working
  21. 2.21 YouTube Mobile Not Working
  22. 2.22 YouTube Black Screen
  23. 2.23 YouTube Not Working on Apple TV
  24. 2.24 YouTube Not Working on Chrome
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  33. 2.33 YouTube Playlist Not Working
  34. 2.34 YouTube Search Not Working
  35. 2.35 Fix YouTube Server Problems
  36. 2.36 Fix YouTube Sign in Problem
  37. 2.37 YouTube Subscription Not Working
  38. 2.38 YouTube Uploader Not Working
  39. 2.39 YouTube VEVO Not Working
  40. 2.40 YouTube Videos Not Playing
  41. 2.41 YouTube Video Not Working
  42. 2.42 YouTube White Screen Problem

Although we can freely enjoy YouTube videos on PC or Mac, but I'm sure some of you still wanna watch YouTube videos on TV especially when you got a big screen HD TV. It will definitely enhances the viewing experience. So why not watch YouTube on TV? As we have already introduced 4 easiest way to watch and play YouTube on TV, today we will give you some tips and troubleshooting that you might need when playing YouTube on TV.

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Part 1. Tips for YouTube Playback on TV

Tip 1. Sign In

To get the best out of YouTube on your TV however you are accessing it, sign in with your Google account to get access to your subscriptions, history and favorites.

youtube tv tip 1

Tip 2. Use the right resolution

Even good connections can struggle with full 1080p resolution videos, and although YouTube does adjust the display video to suit the speed of your connection, restricting to lower resolutions in the stings menu can make watching those YouTube videos a much smoother process.

Tip 3. Choose the best way to access YouTube

You don't necessarily need a smart TV to watch your YouTube videos on your TV, set top boxes work just as well, or you can watch through your games console. Another option is Google Chromecast, an inexpensive dongle that plugs into a spare HDMI socket and offers YouTube streaming over your home Wi-Fi network.

Tip 4. Use Ethernet if possible

Wireless connections are very reliable these days, however for streaming video you want as much bandwidth as possible, and unless you have one of the very latest (and expensive) AC routers, which is the wired Ethernet connection.

youtube tv tip 2

Tip 5. Make the most of your account

One of the benefits of signing into your YouTube or Google account is that you have access to all the subscriptions and playlists you have already set up, and this can be really useful. One of the flaws of the YouTube interface on these devices is it is a little awkward when typing searched and do on, so you can find the videos you want on a more user friendly device, such as your laptop, and create a playlist, making them all easily accessible from the TV interface. (Learn More Tips for YouTube Playback )

Part 2. Problems You May Have When Playing YouTube Videos on TV

Problem 1. Signing in

This is a tow stage process on TV and set top boxes etc. You open the app and sign in with your account, however this will not give you access straight away, but present you with an activation code. You then need to visit on your computer and input the code. This will then authorize the

Problem 2. Buffering

If you are finding videos buffering frequently as you try and watch them, the most likely cause is that they are trying to play in a resolution too high for the speed of your connection. You can adjust the resolution on the video in the settings and the lower ones should see buffering eliminated.

youtube tv tip 3

Problem 3. Cannot access paid content

Paid content is a reasonably new addition to YouTube, and as such can often simply be missing from your smart TV or set top box YouTube app. The solution is to check for updates to the app, and update it if so, then sign out and back into your account, the paid content should then appear.

Problem 4. Videos refuse to play

This can happen sometimes, and can lead to a lot of frustration as there seems to be no cause. However, one of the main culprits here is an out of date app or TV software, and checking for updates and installing them will very often fix these issues straight away.

youtube tv tip 4

Problem 5. Live events do not play

The TV based YouTube app does not support the live event features of YouTube just yet, so you will have to watch this on another device.

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