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Most of us are busy with our daily lives. It is frustrating when you get a little free time for yourself, like when you decide to watch a video from YouTube but the video would not play properly at all. There could be a lot of reasons why this happens.

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1. Problems of Watching YouTube Videos on Mac or Windows and their solutions

a. YouTube videos are not playing

There are several factors to this problem. It could be your browser, your browser page, the quality of the video you are watching, your Adobe Flash Player, cookies, cache, and JavaScript.

  • Whenever there are YouTube updates, browsers have the tendency to be outdated for not being able to benefit from the speed and security that YouTube had incorporated. You should update your browser to its latest version.
  • If your browser page is the problem, refresh it by closing it and opening a new page, then try to watch the YouTube video again.
  • Always update your Adobe Flash Player. It is the software needed in watching movie, playing games or viewing website animations.
  • Cookies and cache. When there are too much stored cookies and cache, it may cause YouTube video to not play. Clear them by clearing your browsing data or recent history.
  • Browsers support JavaScript and are usually built in them. By default, JavaScript is enabled. But if for some reason it was not enabled, your YouTube video will probably not play. Make sure JavaScript is enabled.

b. Buffering YouTube videos

Buffering is caused by several factors like a slow internet connection, big data being transferred, your internet browser, and even your hardware capability. You can reduce, if not eliminate, buffering by:

  • Increasing your internet speed either by getting a higher Mbps internet plan, decreasing the bandwidth reserved for Windows, or using an optimizer for your hardware and internet.
  • Updating your flash player and video card driver.
  • Selecting a lower video quality.
  • Closing all other programs on your computer.

c.Black screen

If you get a black screen instead of a video playing, update your Flash player. Disable add-ons. If by disabling add-ons, the YouTube video plays fine, enable add-ons one by one to see which add on caused the problem.

If these still failed to pay the YouTube video well, disable hardware acceleration from your browser then restart your browser. Also, check if your video driver is updated.

d. YouTube videos no sound

When you watch a YouTube video and there is no sound at all, check if your speakers are not muted and try adjusting the volume. If there is still no sound, check the volume of the YouTube video. If the sound still does not play, restart your browser.

If problems persist, check if you have the latest Flash Player and if third party Flash content is not blocked by your antivirus and Firewall.

e. Error occurs

When instead of a YouTube video plays, you got a black screen with message "An error occurred, please try again later. Learn More." You can try to do the following:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Retry to load the YouTube video a little later or refresh your page.
  • See to it Adobe Flash Player is the most updated version.
  • Also, check if your browser is the latest edition.
  • Clear your cookies as well as cache.
  • Lessen the quality of the video.
  • Change Adobe Flash Player to HTML5.

2. Five Problems of Watching YouTube Videos on iPhone, Android, and iPadand the solutions to each problem

When you are watching YouTube videos on iPhone, Android or iPad, you could also have several problems. Here are some of them and the possible solutions.

a. YouTube videos do not play

Close all apps that you have previously used or opened. If closing them does not work, reboot your iPhone, iPad or Android. You should update your Flash Player or get the latest version. Also, opt out of HTML5 Trial if you are on Safari.

b. YouTube video is very slow or buffering

As always, close all other applications possibly running at the same time. If YouTube video is playing very slow behind the fact that you have a good internet connection and no other applications are running, try to change the DNS server.

Sometimes, there are recent downloads you've made that caused this problem try to recall what these downloads are, try to uninstall and check if this fixed the problem.

c. Getting error message "Sorry, this video is not available on this device."

Try to reset your device. If a simple turning it off and on will still not work, go to your device's settings, then choose 'General', tap on 'Reset' and then 'Reset Settings'. It will prompt you if you are sure, choose 'Reset'. Then choose 'Reset' again when asked if you are sure.

d. Blurred YouTube videos

This can be due to several factors. One is if you have a poor internet connection. Speed of internet affects the video quality. Network congestion also affects your internet connection. Its either you upgrade your internet's Mbps or try watching YouTube videos during off-peak hours, like when most network users are already resting.

Try changing the resolution of the video in the YouTube app, if you have a fast internet connection, choose a high resolution. But if you have a slow internet connection, choose a lower resolution and do not put it in full screen mode.

And if the video you are trying to watch was recorded and uploaded with poor qualities, there's nothing you can do about that but to try to look for a similar video which was recorded or uploaded with better qualities.

e. Error message "Movie format not supported."

Try closing all the applications that have been opened before accessing YouTube video. If this does not work, turn your device off and then on, or reset your device. Also try to watch the YouTube video from another browser.

Try closing all the applications that have been opened before accessing YouTube video. If this does not work, turn your device off and then on, or reset your device. Also try to watch the YouTube video from another browser.

These are only a few problems among the rest. And these solutions could be applicable to some but does not work for others since a device or a computer are someone unique from each one, on their specs or on the programs and apps installed in their systems.

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