Why YouTube Annotations Not working? Fixed!

YouTube annotations are always helpful for most YouTube videos fans. If you are one of them, have you ever encountered YouTube annotations not working problem? No worry! Here are different cases of YouTube annotation problems and we will also give you possible solutions for every YouTube Annotations Not working issues.

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Part 1. Troubleshooting on YouTube Annotations Not Working

YouTube annotations are those text overlays you usually see on YouTube videos. They are commonly used for audience engagement, information, and navigation boost purposes. Annotations are especially useful for YouTubers or those who own YouTube channels. Whether you're using YouTube for business, information, or popularity, annotations will always be one of the vital YouTube features you have to utilize for you to be able to get your desired goal. This is something you should not miss. Below are tips for troubleshooting on YouTube annotations not working:

Case1. YouTube annotations cannot be seen.

Solution: Turn on the annotations on the Settings. This is simple and you might already have tried this, but many still happen to forget this little thing. Here's how you do it:

  1. Look for a gear icon on the bottom right part of the YouTube video screen that says Settings. Click it.
  2. Then, you shall see the annotations settings. Click On to switch annotations on.

Case2. YouTube annotations stopped working on Safari. At the lower right of the YouTube video screen, there will appear a red exclamation point that says Error Loading Annotations.

Solution: Turn off or uninstall extension apps used in downloading videos. This includes Fastest Tube Video Downloader and the like. Once you turn off or uninstall these kinds of programs, you will notice that YouTube annotations will work and reappear again. Here's how you can uninstall programs like this manually:

Note: Before performing this guide, make sure to backup the files in your PC. You wouldn't want to lose your important data. Thus, it's always good to be sure and careful.

Clear and delete Fastest Tube files and folders

1. Go to Start menu. Select Control Panel and then click Folder Options.
2. Select the View tab, then select Show hidden files and folders.
3. Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (this is recommended).
4. Proceed by clicking Apply to Folders and OK to confirm.

youtube annotations not working

Stop Fastest Tube via Windows Task Manager

1. Go to your computers Task Manager. Simply click the Start button, search for Run, select it, type in taskmgr, and then press Enter or Ok to proceed. There is also a faster way in opening your PC's Task Manager. You can simply press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC simultaneously and then the Task Manager shall appear.
2. Click the Process tab. Then, look for Fastest Tube Video Downloader. Click it, and then click End Process on the bottom right corner of the Windows Task Manager box.

youtube annotations not working

Uninstall Fastest Tube Video Downloader via Control Panel

1. Click the Start button, select Control Panel, and then select Uninstall a program.
2. Look for Fastest Tube Video Downloader, right-click it, and then select Uninstall.

youtube annotations not working

Case3. YouTube annotations are not responding.


1. Log in to your Google account.
2. On the home page, click the horizontal line above your profile.
3. Then, go to Tools.
4. Click on Clear browsing data.
5. Go back to YouTube. You shall see your problems solved.

Case4. YouTube annotations on videos to different web pages or sites aren't showing up on a particular web browser, but are showing up on other web browsers.

Solution: Refresh or reload the web page or pages to refresh corrupted files. This is how you do that:

1. Press the Shift key and then click the refresh or reload button.
2. For Windows Linux base, simultaneously press the Control key and F5 key. You can also just press Ctrl, Shift, and R key together at once.
3. For Mac users, press the Command, Shift, and R keys simultaneously.

Case5. YouTube annotations are not showing up.

Solution: Clear the cache and cookie data on the sites that has problems.

How to clear the cache:

1. Go to the web browser that cannot access YouTube annotations.
2. Got to the browser's Tools.
3. After, go to Options, Advanced, and then network. Proceed to Cached Web Content and then select Clear Now.

How to clear Cookie data from web sites/browsers causing problems:

1. Go to the web browser that cannot access YouTube annotations.
2. Got to the browser's Tools.
3. Proceed to the Options, Privacy and then select Use custom setting for History. And then click Show Cookies.

Part 2. How to Add Annotations to YouTube Videos

As said, annotations are very helpful and effective. By putting them on your videos, you will be able to add extra information and add links you like viewers to check out or visit. Annotations are highly essential as they will possibly add up to achieving your goals and even success.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to add annotations to YouTube videos:

Step 1. To add annotations on your uploaded video, go to Video Manager.

add annotations to youtube videos

Step 2. Select the video you have uploaded or other videos you want to add annotations on.

add annotations to youtube videos

Step 3. Once you've decided the video you want to add annotations on, click the little down arrow beside its edit option. Then, click Annotations.

add annotations to youtube videos

Step 4. There are five different types of annotations. You can add different kinds of annotations on your video of your choice.

add annotations to youtube videos

Step 5. Decide on where and what part of the video you would like to add some annotations on. Wait or skip to that particular part of the video, and then click the annotation boxes.

add annotations to youtube videos

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