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YouTube channels come with various movies, music, TV shows, sports, science, tech and more. YouTube fans can download YouTube channel for offline playback without internet connection. So how can we download the entire YouTube channel videos? No worry! You can use a YouTube channel downloader for Mac or Windows to download all the videos from a YouTube channel. Here is the best solution for you.

The Easiest Way to Download YouTube Channel Videos in 1 Click

iTube Studio - YouTube Channel Downloader

The best YouTube video downloader for Mac on the market must be iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows). It provides the easiest way to download YouTube video to your Mac (OS X 10.12 macOS Sierra and 10.11 EL Capitan) without leaving your web browser. Now it's even better. You can download entire YouTube channel and YouTube playlist in one click.

Why Choose This YouTube Channel Downloader:

  • 3X faster download YouTube and 10,000+ sites videos.
  • Download YouTube playlist, channel and category in 1 click.
  • Convert videos to any video and audio formats.
  • Download videos in high quality upto 4K UHD.
  • Download multiple videos at one time.

How to Download All Videos from a YouTube Channel on Mac At One Go

Step 1. Open YouTube Channel Downloader for Mac

First of all, download and install this YouTube channel downloader. When done, a Download All button will be added to all YouTube channels, like Music, Sport, Gaming, Entertainment, Movies, TV Shows, News, etc.

launch the youtube channel downloader

Step 2. One Click to Download All Video from A YouTube Channel

Now open the channel you want to download video from on, and locate the "Download" button. When it appears, click it to open a dialog in which you can choose "Playlist" to download. Also you can select the video quality. When done, click "Download" to add all selected videos to the download queue.

download youtube channel videos in 1 click

If you drag a YouTube channel URL like "" or copy and paste YouTube channel URL to the program, you can also download all or multiple videos from the YouTube channel with URL only.

download youtube channel videos from url

Step 3. Start Downloading All Video from a YouTube Channel on Mac

The application will start downloading the selected videos of the YouTube channel very quickly. Depends on your settings, up to 8 videos can be downloaded at the same time. When one is finished, another one will immediately start automatically.

download youtube channel videos

This will save you lots of time from copying and pasting URL to download videos from a YouTube channel, especially the channel contains hundreds of videos.

After downloaded all videos in a YouTube channel, you can directly play them with the built-in video player, extract music from them, or convert them to any format you want.

YouTube channel is a great way to watch all your favorite at one place. But sometimes, you need to download YouTube videos for backup or playing on device without an internet connection. There is not an official way to download all videos from a YouTube channel. Now YouTube Channel Downloader that not only downloads all videos in a YouTube channel, but also downloads an entire playlist and a whole user channel page. Get a free trial now.

Video Tutorial on How to Download YouTube Channel and Playlist

More Tips about YouTube Channel

When many of us think of video streaming, the YouTube channel is the first medium that comes to mind. Whether it is music videos, tutorials, gadget reviews or movie trailers, YouTube has something for everybody. In spite of its power and immense popularity, there are a lot of nifty features that many users are not aware about. Here are some tips about YouTube channel that are guaranteed to enrich your experience when using this amazing platform.

Automatic repeat (looping)

Sometimes we stumble on a video that we like so much that we have to watch it again and again. It might be a hilarious prank, a music video of our favorite artist or a mind-boggling stunt that is featured in a certain movie. To repeat a particular section of the video or the whole video, you only need to insert the word �repeater’ just after the word YouTube in the URL. You will then be redirected to another webpage where you will be able to loop the sections of the video you want.

Faster and more accurate searching

YouTube is a repository of gazillions of videos, and sometimes searching for a particular video can be a daunting task. You may waste a lot of time searching through several pages before finding the video you want. To avoid such hassles, just add the phrase 'allintitle:' before you type the keywords of your search. Your search results will only include the videos with the keywords that you had chosen.

Convert a video into a GIF

All of us love watching those animated funny and entertaining GIFs. To convert any video into a GIF, type the word 'gif' after the 'www.' part of the video URL. You will be redirected to a page that has a tool for creating simple gifs. The tool enables you to cut a portion of the video, which you can then export and save.

Easy Video downloads

You may want to download a video on YouTube to watch later. To do this easily, insert 'ss' just after the 'www.' part of the YouTube video’s URL. You will immediately be redirected to a webpage from where you will be able to download your video. The page also allows you to choose the video format and quality that you want.

Enabling Subtitles

To enable subtitles on a YouTube video, go to the time slider and click on 'settings' then turn on subtitles. However, some videos may not have this feature.

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