YouTube Downloader Not Working? Solved Here

There are many YouTube downloader throughout the internet to help you to download videos from YouTube. However, YouTube downloader not working problems occur often due to the frequently YouTube updates. YouTube constantly improve video coding, site design and layout. So you can’t download from YouTube anymore with errors including:

  • YouTube downloader gets a "failed to download" error messages.
  • YouTube videos download failed with "can not connect to flv url, 404 error".

iTube Studio - Free YouTube Video Downloader

The Best Solution to Fix YouTube Downloader Not Working

iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) is the No. 1 YouTube downloader that keeps updates to fix YouTube video downloadeder not working problems. It always give the fast respond to the update, and improve the YouTube download experience.

This YouTube downloader alternative is a YouTube downloader and converter for Mac and Windows that is fully compatible with the latest version of It helps you download videos to watch on your computer and on any other device by converting to a compatible format, includes: TV, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, and many more. However, the most important thing is that iTube Studio keeps updating its YouTube downloader so you can download YouTube video.

Why Choose This Free YouTube Downloader:

  • Besides YouTube, you can download from 10,000+ sites including Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, and more.
  • One click download YouTube to MP3 high quality, and download YouTube 4K HD without any fuss.
  • Convert videos to any video and audio formats and support preset for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and any other devices.
  • Organize your video files and play the videos with the quality built-in media player.

Simple Steps to Download YouTube Videos with YouTube Downloader for Mac

See how to download YouTube video with iTube Studio for Mac step by step, and convert to device compatible format in a snap.

Step 1. Open YouTube Downloader

Needless to say, you should first download and install this YouTube downloader. After this process, download extensions will be installed and a download button will be integrated into your browsers.

launch the youtube video downloader

Step 2. Download YouTube Video on Mac for Free

Now you can go to to play the video as normal. If you want to download a video, mouse over the video player, when the "Download" button appears at the top left corner of the video, click it to activate YouTube downloader to start processing the task.

download youtube videos in 1 click

iTube Studio also provides other ways to download YouTube video: 1. Directly click the "Paste URL" to download YouTube via a copied URL. 2. Drag and drop the URL to the program interface to start downloading YouTube video.

download youtube videos from url

Step 3. Convert YouTube Video or Extract Audio from YouTube video

YouTube Downloader is also a YouTube converter. You can use it to convert YouTube video to any regular format so you can play virtually anywhere. To convert the downloaded YouTube video, go to "Downloaded" tab in "Download" menu, and click the "Add to Convert List" icon on the right of each video.

convert youtube videos

After that, your video will be sent to "Convert" menu, in this menu, you can start your video format conversion. To make it, click the "Convert" icon for each video. In the slide down window, choose the format you want to convert to.

convert youtube videos

In conclusion, if your YouTube downloader not working, update it or re-install it. If it's still failed to download YouTube videos, try other YouTube downloaders like iTube Studio. Both Mac and Windows version is available.

As a popular YouTube downloader, iTube Studio for Mac has received glowing reviews all over the Internet from its users. It's impressive auto-detection of videos on every page is very commendable. It's a very simple-to-use software that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and is a great software that you can add to your roster of software that you use daily. Now get Free Video Downloader to download YouTube video for free. If you want to download video from other sites or want to convert to other formats, you need to upgrade to iTube Studio.

Video Tutorial on How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTube Downloader

Why YouTube Downloader Not Working?

YouTube downloading programs are that ingenious hack that has been created for data savers all over the world. It allows one to download their favourite YouYube videos on to the computer to watch them as many times as they wish without guiltily consuming the precious data. However these programs can be prone to malfunction every now and then. This is because YouTube constantly keeps changing their coding and site layout to stop people from downloading videos for free. The most common messages that appears while downloading videos through the downloaders is that of " Failed Download", "Cannot Connect To Url" and " 404 Error".

However most of these problems can be solved through a few quick fixes and updates but in order to get that fix, one must know the different types of glitches that are possible. So, keeping that in mind, here is a compiled list of the most common problems that one can face with these downloaders.

1) Sometimes downloader programs are not updated with their coding. In this case the failure the message displayed will be "404 Error". Trying the same download through an upgraded version of the same program should do the trick.

2) Some videos will simply not download because of copyright issues in which case the common message displayed will be "Video Not Found". These videos are hard protected and difficult to download.

3) If a download attempt is made from a geographical area outside the boundaries of the video's place of origin, the download will simply not take place. Here again the message displayed will be "Video Not Found".

4) Sometimes McAfee may interfere with the downloader in which case the message displayed will mostly be"404 Error". Uninstalling the McAfee will help resume the downloads.

5) Downloaders may not work because of outdated browser settings. Any browser below Mozilla FireFox 4.0 will not support YouTube downloader programs, as for Chrome it is best to check for OS updates before heading for downloads.

6) Sometimes videos get downloaded on to the hard drive but don't play because the video tool is not compatible. If the videos do not work on Windows Player one should switch to VLC or install it if it's not there.

7)Videos sometimes do not get downloaded or take a long time to get downloaded because of the wrong format chosen. In such a case , the download bar will constantly be at 0%.In order to download videos relatively quicker a format of 360p or lower should be selected.

8) The firewall for windows are programmed to block softwares that computers don't recognise. If the downloader is not running on the computer it is most probably because of that reason. To override the problem one has to reset the firewall to allow the software.

9) If one has a 34 bit Flash Player installed it will block videos that run on 64 bit. Installing a 64 bit Flash Player will allow downloads of both 34 bit and 64 bit.

10) Sometimes videos do not get downloaded on mobile devices because the Java Script is disabled. A simple trick of enabling the same will solve the problem.

So these are the most common problems that come with many different YouTube downloading programs. However the problems are easy to recognise and quick to solve if one really is up for it!

iTube Studio
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