The Easiest Way for the Full YouTube Movies Free Download in High Quality

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We all know that YouTube movies free download from the website requires additional programs and add-ons. When you want to free download YouTube movies, you need the help of the best YouTube movies downloader. How to select the downloader is a difficult question, some free YouTube movie downloader have in-built applications and programs that are automatically installed on your device when you install the downloader. Others are slow and unreliable. Good news for you that we here list top free YouTube movie downloaders for you.

Part 1: Top 5 Easy Ways for YouTube Movies Free Download in HD

1. Using a Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Downloader - 100% Free to Download YouTube Videos

With the right free YouTube movie downloader, you can free download any YouTube Video in seconds without any problem. The software can easily and quickly detect the videos that you open on the site using Safari, Firefox or Chrome. With just a single click, you can get full YouTube movie in high quality. This free YouTube movie downloader lets you download your favorite HD videos, as well as YouTube VEVO.

Why Choose This Free YouTube Movie Downloader:

  • Automatic detection of videos and just one click to download.
  • One click download all videos in a YouTune playlist or channel.
  • Built-in video player for playing the FLV/MP4 videos on PC or Mac.
  • Convert downloaded videos and desktop videos to any formats.

Steps for YouTube Movies Free Download in HD

You can download full movies for free using this free movie downloader. You can download YouTube videos right from the web browser using the download button integrated with the browser on the installation of the program.

Step 1. 3 ways to download YouTube for free

Using the download button: If you take your mouse over the playing video, the free video downloader software automatically detects and catches the video. All you need to do is to click on the "Download" button at the top left corner of the video window and automatically the download will start.

download via download button

Copy and paste the video URL: In this second way to download YouTube movies for free you just need to copy the video URL. On the main interface of the program, click the "Paste URL". The video will start downloading.

download via url

Drag and drop video URL: You can also simple drag and drop the YouTube URL to the program main interface. The video will be downloaded. It's easy!

Step 2. Play the YouTube movie

In the "Downloaded" tab, you can view all the downloaded videos. Simply click on any of the video thumbnail, you can play it with the built-in media player.

play youtube

With iTube Studio, you can simultaneously download multiple videos at the same time. When you are downloading multiple videos at the same time you can set "Shutdown, Exit Program, or Sleep" on the program. The video will get downloaded uninterrupted and the computed will get to relevant state once the download is over.

2. Free Download YouTube Movie with Online YouTube Movie Downloader Website

If you want to simply download a YouTube movie, you can do that with online free YouTube movie downloader. KeepVid is one of the best YouTube movies free download programs. You can use this software to download videos in the following steps:

1. Open the KeepVid online on your device.
2. Go to Search and play the movie you want to download and then copy its URL.
3. Paste the URL on KeepVid program’s search bar and then click the Download button.
4. Select the format for the downloaded movie.
5. Right-click on the selected format and then click Save Link As. The program downloads and saves the movie automatically on your device.

download youtube with keepvid

3. Free Download YouTube Movie Using DownloadHelper for Firefox

Downloadhelper for Firefox is an alternative YouTube movie downloader free download program. Here is a guide on how to use the downloader:

1. Install the extension or add-on on your Firefox browser from the official Downloadhelper page.
2. Launch YouTube on your Firefox browser and search for the movies you want to download.
3. Click the animated 3-balls icon at the top left of your browser. The icon has a number which indicate the number of movies or videos you can download.
4. Select the movie you want to download and rename it in the dialog box that pops up. Select the target folder as well.
5. Confirm for the program to download and save the movie in the selected target folder.

You can explore more options such as quick download and download & covert using the companion button. This button appears as a down pointing arrows near the 3-balls icon.

download youtube in firefox

4. Free Download YouTube Movie on Chrome

You can download YouTube movies using Google Chrome in the following steps:

1. Search and add the Video Downloader extension from the Chrome Web Store. An icon appears on your task bar when the downloader is added.
2. Open YouTube on your browser and then search and play the movie you intend to download.
3. Click the Download button below the uploader's information.
4. Select your preferred format in the new window. The add-on downloads and saves the movie automatically on your computer.

download youtube in chrome

5. Free Download YouTube Movie with VLC Player

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use VLC Player to download YouTube videos:

1. Install the VLC Player on your computer.
2. Go to and open the movie you want to download and copy its URL.
3. Launch your VLC Player and select Open Network Stream from the Media menu.
4. Paste the copied URL and then click Play to open the movie in your VLC Player.
5. Open Codec Information from the Tools menu. Right-click Location and then click Select All to highlight the text.
6. Copy the selected text and paste on a new tab on your browser. The movie loads on your browser.
7. Right-click the movie on your browser and select Save Video As to choose a folder and name for your movie.
8. Click Save to download and save the movie on your computer.

download youtube with vlc

Part 2: Top 10 Sites to Watch YouTube Free Movies Online without Downloading

In case you do not want to download the movies from YouTube and watch those online, there are software programs for that too. With the right software you can watch YouTube movies online without major obstructions. You will get the feeling of watching the movies in your personalized audio-video player. These online sites have paid subscription to let users watch movies online. Given below is a list of software programs that can help you watch YouTube videos online:

1. Crackle

Crackle you can watch about 300 movies of different genres for free. Create an account to have unlimited fun at Crackle.


2. Iglo Movies

Iglo Movies is one of the most impressive platforms to watch full-length movies. It has an easy interface. The movies are categorized well for convenience of the users.

Iglo Movies

3. has loads of movies to watch online. The database is updated regularly and all the movies are in HD.

4. YouTube Movies

If you are not downloading your favorite movies you can use YouTube Movies – a channel that lets you watch all the movies on YouTube.

YouTube Movies

5. myLifeTime

myLifeTime allows you to transfer and back up your phone data to a PC and into a new phone.


6. Hulu

Hulu is available in only a few countries including India and USA. You need to subscribe to Hulu to get full access to its videos and movies. However, there are loads of benefits of subscribing to the site.


7. MoviesPlanet

MoviesPlanet is available in many countries of the world. With it you can download and watch thousands of movies. You can watch TV shows and interesting videos too.


PopcornFlix, Tube+, and Top Documentary Films are a few other websites that can help you watch movies online without the need for downloading. However, you need to choose one carefully.

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