How to Fix YouTube Not Working on iPod

Isn’t it really annoying when you really want to watch a video on YouTube using your iPod and it just won’t load? Or when you are in the middle of a really funny video post and all of a sudden you get a video error message and it stops playing completely.

These are common occurrences for iPod users. Below is a list of common causes of these faults when using YouTube and recommendations on how to fix the YouTube not working on iPod problems.

youtube not working on ipod

Problem1. Internet connection problems

This is the most common cause of videos not playing on iPods. Luckily, it is also the easiest problem to fix. To stream a video and watch it live through YouTube requires strong and steady internet connection. Preferably connection strengths above 2G networks. If YouTube is not working on your iPod, first ensure that you check your device’s internet connection settings. You can restart your iPod to renew the server time on it making the connection stronger.

Sometimes the internet connection problem originates from the Wi-Fi router. Ensure that the internet data is enough for you to stream the videos you wish to watch. If the router is within your reach, you can try and move it to a location with better network coverage. Also avoid keeping the router near devices such as microwave ovens and digital TV decoders due to wave interference.

If internet connectivity is our problem, one of the best solutions is to download the video to watch it later. This saves you data usage and allows you to watch the video as much as you wish. One of the best free YouTube video downloaders is iSkysoft Free Video Downloader. It is compatible with iPod Operating Systems.

Problem2. Error in date/time settings

This is another reason why YouTube might not be working on your iPod. It is a fairly common mistake made especially with a new iPod or after restarting or resetting the device. Most internet-run Apps will malfunction if the date and time on the iPod or other devices are not similar or at least close to those the servers have registered. This usually happens if your date is off by more than 24hours. Errors in date and time settings are easy to diagnose as the App will usually give you a warning message stating that there is a problem with your time and date.

Fixing this is easy as all you have to do is confirm the exact date and time and make the necessary changes.

Problem3. Faulty java script

For those who are not conversant with computer speak, java script is the coding language used on almost all internet browsers that helps the computer understand your commands and do what you want done. A faulty code will give you many problems especially with internet explorers and video databases such as YouTube. This leads to crashing and freezing of YouTube whenever you open the App or try to load a video. This is a less likely but very problematic reason why YouTube is not working on your iPod. This problem can only be identified if you troubleshoot your iPod. This means that the system goes through all the files and identifies the problem and fixes it if possible.

To fix this problem, you will need to uninstall java script and install a better tried and tested version.

Problem4. Outdated operating system

YouTube recently announced that they are planning on upgrading their software. This will make the App available to fewer old generation operating systems. This is another possible reason why YouTube is not working on your iPod. If your iPod is running on an operating system older than IOS 7, then it is likely that you will not be able to watch videos on YouTube.

To fix this problem, consider upgrading to iPods with operating systems of IOS 7 or newer. If this is not an option, you could always consider using iSkysoft Free YouTube Downloader where you can download videos and transfer them to your iPod to watch at your own time.

Problem5. Programs blocking videos

This occurs when there is a program on your iPod that is interfering with the normal functioning of your YouTube App. The most common programs that hinder you from watching YouTube videos on your iPod are viruses and spyware programs. They can affect any part of your iPod and make it impossible for you to launch the YouTube App or watch a video from it.

To solve this problem, install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that clean and protect your iPod from future attack. Using iSkysoft downloader is also a good idea as it ensures that the videos that you download onto your iPod are safe for your device and will not introduce any new viruses.

Other programs that might hinder you from using YouTube on your iPod are programs used to monitor internet usage. Ensure the settings on these programs are reset to allow you more internet usage and video watching privileges. Finally, try to minimize the number of programs running at the same time when you want to watch something from YouTube.

Download YouTube Videos on iPod without any Problems

iTube Studio for Mac and Windows

If all of the above recommendations are not working on your iPod, consider taking it to a trusted electrician or software specialist for an expert opinion. After all is said and done, it is easier and more economical to download videos from YouTube using downloaders such as iSkysoft Free Video Downloader then transfer them to your iPod for viewing at your own convenience.

iTube Studio - YouTube Video Downloader for iPod

iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube at a speed that is three times faster. You can save your favorite YouTube videos easily, including the 4K UHD YouTube videos. It will automatically detect YouTube videos so that you can easily download them.

More Features of This YouTube Videos Downloader Software:

  • 1. It supports downloading all videos in a YouTube playlist, channel, or category.
  • 2. It supports a wide-range of video formats. This application even supports classic formats from YouTube and download HD videos.
  • 3. It has a buitl-in browser which allows you to search the video you would like to play and download without running an another browser.
  • 4. It has a capability of downloading YouTube videos in a batch.

itube studio

iTube Studio
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