The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube Videos

You will learn how to use Free YouTube Downloader for Windows (Windows 10 included) to download video from YouTube for free completely. There are 2 ways for you to free download a YouTube video.

1.Download Button

Every time when you watch the YouTube video in browser and hang your mouse over the video window, Free YouTube Downloader automatically detects the video and catches the video so you can simply click the "Download" button at the top left corner of the video window to download the YouTube video on your Windows PC. To use Download button in browsers, follow the easy instruction to install the Download extension first when you finish installing and open Free YouTube Downloader for Windows.

Step 1: Click the "Install" button in the middle of the interface.

free youtube downloader

Step 2: Add TamperMonkey Extension to Google Chrome.

free youtube downloader

Step 3: Install Free YouTube Downloader Extension to TamperMonkey.

free youtube downloader

Step 4: Now activate Free YouTube Downloader Extension in your browser and enjoy the one click download process!

free youtube downloader

Alternatively, you can access the YouTube videos from the Built-in browser and download the videos. Click on the "Online" tab and open YouTube with the Built-in browser and then download YouTube videos using the integrated download button.

youtube video download

2.Copy and Paste URL

Just copy the URL of a YouTube video and click the "Paste URL" button on the main interface of Free YouTube Downloader. Your video will be downloaded soon.

paste url to download video

Notes: Free YouTube Downloader doesn't support batch download simultaneously. For downloading multiple videos, please upgrade to Full Version iTube Studio for Windows.

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