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Install iTube Extension to Chrome

iTube Helper is a Chrome browser extension Javascript. And iTube Helper can help you to download online videos in Chrome browser directly. You can follow the below simple guide to add iTube Helper to Chrome browser easily. Just try it out.

1.Add TamperMonkey to Google Chrome

First download and install the TamperMonkey browser extension to Google Chrome browser. Add Now

install tampermonkey

2.Install iTube Extension to TamperMonkey

Second add iTube extension userscript to TamperMonkey, so that you can enable the iTube extension on Chrome browser.

Add Now

install itube extension

3.Use iTube Extension to Download Videos in Chrome

Now you have successfully installed iTube extension in Google Chrome browser. And then you can refresh your page and reload the video you want, and download the video from your Chrome browser directly.

download video in chrome directly
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