All Helpful Tips to Help You Download High-Quality Instagram Photos

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Today everyone is familiar with the Instagram very well and very few people know that Instagram compromise the image quality when uploading if the images are larger than 1080 pixels of the long edge, and Instagram will decrease the image quality during the uploading process. Therefore, when you are browsing images on Instagram, you can browse high-quality images if the users optimized the images for Instagram. If you want to download the high-quality images on your computer for offline enjoyment, or use for other purposes, this article is just right for you. It will introduce the helpful tips for you to download high-quality Instagram photos, check it out.

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Part 1. Helpful Tips About How to Download High-resolution Instagram Photos on PC

Tip 1. Using Full Size Instagram Photo Downloader Sites

If you like an image on Instagram and want to download it, then you can use the Instagram image downloader websites. These sites can easily extract the original image URL of image and original size of the image. These online Instagram photo downloaders asks you to insert the Instagram photo URL, and then download the photos from the site directly. All you need it to find the photo URL, and then paste it in the section of the online Instagram high-quality photo downloader. Among all the online Instagram high-quality photo downloader websites, DownloadGram is one of the best.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Using Full-Size Instagram Downloader

Tip 2. Downloading Full-Resolution Image by Finding Source URL:

If you can't find an online Instagram high-quality downloader website, you'll still be able to download high-quality Instagram photos, but the process will be a little tricky. Using source code method will help you to get the work done easily. You just need to visit the Instagram site in the browser and locate user account whose images you want to download. Right-click on the site and then click on “View Source Code” for Mozilla and “Inspect Element” for Chrome browser. In the source code section, you can find the originally shared image URL. Just paste it in another tab and right-click on the image, then you will see an option “Save Image As”. Now just click on it and the image will be downloaded in the original high quality on your computer.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Finding Source Image URL

Tip 3. Download High-Res Instagram Videos then Take a Screenshot

If you only need a frame from an Instagram video, you can take advantage of the third-party Instagram video downloader. Among all the downloaders, iTube HD Video Downloader will be a good choice. This program enables you to download Instagram videos with its original quality with easy steps, and after downloading the Instagram videos on your computer, you are able to take a screenshot for the frame you want with ease.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Take Screenshot of Video

Tip 4. Instagram Desktop Image Size

When you are browsing Instagram with your Chrome or Firefox, Instagram will display the photos in co. If you want to view them in the original size then you have to download them on your computer. You can do it by using the above ways or any other way of your choice. It shows the photos in the width of 300 pixels. For example you can check the below image.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Instagram Desktop Image Size

Tip 5. Full Resolution Instagram Photo Downloader Plugins

Browser plugins can also help you to download Instagram photos in high quality. The browser plugin doesn’t require you to install anything on your computer, and you just need to install them in your browser. Visit the images of Instagram and these plugins will show you download links of the images.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Using Image Downloader Plugin

Part 2. Tips for Downloading High-Resolution Instagram Photos on your Phone

Tip 1. Instagram Photo Downloader App for Android and iPhone

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download Instagram photos in high quality, but still you can download Instagram photos and videos using Instagram downloader apps. Instagram photo and video downloader apps are available in the Play Store for Android mobile and app store for iOS devices, for example Insave is a good choice for you to download Instagram photos in full resolution, and this app is both available for Android and iOS.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Using Instagram Photo Downloader App

Tip 2. Download High-Quality Image Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chatting tools from Facebook. This tool can also help you to download Instagram image in high quality with the repost bot of Facebook. Just find out photos from Instagram and copy share URL of photo then launch Facebook Messenger on mobile. Now in the software interface click on search bar, and search for “Repost Bot”,  then tap on Send button. Now a download button will appear at bottom right side. You can download Instagram high-res photos to mobile using this download button.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Using Facebook Messenger

Tip 3. Check the App before Installing It

Instagram doesn’t allow users to download, therefore all the Instagram video or photo downloaders are developed by the third-party teams or companies. There are a lot of so-called Instagram high-quality photo downloaders available in the market, but before installing any app, you'd better check whether that app can download photos or not.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Check App before Installation

Tip 4. Switching Accounts to Download High-Quality Instagram Photos from Another Account

You can create more than one account on Instagram, and you'll be able to download Instagram photos in high quality with the help of these accounts. In that condition if you have some other photos to download from other account then you can switch account. You can switch up to 5 accounts with few taps. Just visit the profile section and tap on Settings. With this method, you can browse a lot more photos on Instagram, and you can take advantage of the mentioned Instagram photo downloaders to download Instagram photos in full resolution.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Switching Accounts to Download

Tip 5. Download High-Quality Photos with Instaport


If you are looking to download Instagram photos in high quality together without downloading them one by one then you can get help with the website. This website can download all of your Instagram photos in high quality together and offer you a zip file of your photos. You have to enter the URL of account and then it will automatically search the related account photos.

Download High-Quality Instagram Photos - Using Instaport

With the help of the mentioned tips, you are able to download Instagram photos in full resolution. These tips can help you to get high-quality photos from Instagram. With the help of these online downloader websites, programs, or mobile apps, you cannot only download Instagram photos in high quality, but also download Instagram videos as well.

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