The Ultimate Video Downloader and Converter

How to Transfer Videos to iPhone, Android, iPad and iPod

iTube Studio for Mac allows you to transfer downloaded videos and music to your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. And you can also transfer videos and music from your Mac to your devices. Follow the below guide to transfer the videos to devices and enjoy the videos on the go.

1.Transfer Downloaded Videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

Step 1. Add videos to the Transfer tab

Your downloaded or recorded videos will be listed in your "Download" and "Record" tab. When you click on the video list, you will see the transfer icon. Click on the icon and add the video to the transfer list.

add downlaoded videos to transfer list

Step 2. Connect your device to Mac

Connect your iPhone or Android device with USB cable. Open the “Transfer” tab and you will see the notice that the device has been connected. And you can view the videos waiting for transferring.

connect device to computer

Step 3. Start to transfer video to device

Now click the “Transfer” button beside the video list to start transferring. When finish, you can view the video files on your devices.

transfer video to iphone android

2.Transfer Local Videos to iOS and Android Devices

Step 1. Import videos to the program

Go to the “Transfer” tab and click the “+” icon to select your desktop videos from your Mac to import them to the program.

import videos

Step 2. Start to transfer videos to your device

Now click the “Transfer” tab to start transferring videos to your iPhone or Android.

transfer video to iphone android
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