The Ultimate Video Downloader and Converter

How to Record Videos on PC

This video downloader for Windows can help you to record videos from the unable to download sites, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer Live, Netflix, Metacafe, Vimeo, Hollywood Video, iTunes, BlockBuster, Dailymotion, CNN, MyVideo, MySpace, clip Fish and more. And it can record Skype and Facetime video call.

1.Open Video Recording Window

In the main interface of the video downloader, go to the "Record" tab. And click the "Record" button to open the video recording window.

record video

Note: If your computer does not install the virtual sound card, the program will help you to install the sound card automatically.

2.Configure the Video Record Settings

In the video recording window, you can customize the record screen in the “Capture Area” or drag the window to the size you want.

select video recording screen

And you can also record the video in full screen by clicking the arrow icon beside the frame icon and select the “Full Screen” option.

record video in full screen

Click the “Gear” icon at the bottom right corner of the recording control panel, you can open the window for more record setting preferences. There you can set the frame rate, video quality, location and more.

confirm record settings

3.Start Recording Videos on PC

And then you can click the "REC" button to start recording the video. And you can stop the recording anytime you want.

recording video

When finish, you can check the recorded video from the "Record" tab.

recorded videos
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