FLV vs MP4, The Differences Between FLV and MP4

FLV is a file format that is mostly used to wrap the media files for making use of them on Internet. The media files that are mostly available on the Internet for online streaming as well as for downloading, are mostly in FLV format. Simple and easy to upload and download facility makes it the first choice. FLV is mostly considered Flash Video, but in actual, Flash video has two formats: one is FLV that supports small web format and the other is F4V that deals mostly with iOS based media files. MP4 is also a container to carry the files just like what an FLV does. In spite of sharing some basic features and tasks that they perfom, both FLV and MP4 have some distinguised features which are compared below.

Part 1. FLV vs MP4, The Differences Between FLV and MP4

File Extension FLV MP4
Developer It is developed by Adobe system, but the main construction idea was brought in by the Macromedia. It is a multimedia format which is developed by International Organization for Standardization.
History In 2002, the Flash Player directly supported the Small Web Format files. But in 2003, Adobe did some advance changes and finally came up with the FLV format which supports almost every audio, video and some of the text files too. The Flash Player 7 supports FLV format, properly. In 2007, the Adobe corporation created some new file formats that contain different files inside. In 1999, MPEG-4 was published by the developers and a revision of this format was done in 2001. In 2003, this Quick Time File Format was further modified and then a final form of MP4 format came into existence. MP4 actually supports the time based media files. The file extension which is standardly used is ".mp4". Many other extensions are .m4a, .m4b, .m4r and many more.
Popularity FLV is now very popular on online media dealing files. Almost all websites are using the FLV or other Flash video formats. Most famous sites that are using FLV format are: Yahoo, Videos, Reuters, YouTube, VEVO, Hulu and Metacafe. This is one of the most popular formats used for streaming the media files, both audio and video. This format is used by many famous companies. Almost everywhere this format is used. Apple Inc. is using MP4 formats for all of their media files. Most of the multimedia devices are supporting this format for their files.
Data streams Data streaming occurs via RTMP. Server of Flash media-4.5 whixh allows the data streaming to iPads and iPhones. The types of data streamed by the FLV file format includes: Audio, videos and Text. Format is actually a container that contains a file inside it. The MP4 wraps the audio and video files inside it and carries it to the final destination and runs the file properly and smoothly. It is mostly a private stream setup. It also has subtitles inside it. It is used for data compression for the websites, for CDs, DVDs and to transfer music files on other devices.
Metadata FLV format mostly carries the media files. So, like many other File formats, it also has the metadata that is compulsory for the file. Usually, the first pack consists of meta data information. This meta date is usually about the videos and audio files. The meta date included in the FLV container are width and the height (floating points in pixels), duration (in seconds), encryption, additional headers, key frames and frame rate (frame per second).
MP4 file contains all the required information about the media file. MP4 format is rich in both: structural and descriptive meta data. As a container it contains all the structural information about the video, the frames, speed, time duration, pixels and others. It also contains the descriptive details like subtitles and track information. This detail helps the original file to run properly when played on a device or used online by the viewer.
Pros 1. FLV is a container, which possesses the SWF file inside it. SWF stands for small web format. So, FLV contains the small video files and makes it available on the Internet.
2. FLV helps in SWF easy uploading, downloading and online streaming at different websites. It reduces the time required to complete these tasks. This is a great benefit of the FLV file format.
1. Almost every device and player knows very well about this file format.
2. You can change the file format from .mp4 to .mpg which is simple and easy.
3. No need of any plugin and codec to run this simple format.
Cons 1. FLV has some issues while streaming with AAC or H.264. This kind of limitation makes it difficult to work with the old FLV format.
2. Here comes a need for a new and more developed design to work properly. So, now adobe is developing its existing file format to support the H. 264 and efforts are being made for enhancing the streaming efficiency.
Apart from being famous, this file format has some issues that are often faced by the users. These are given below:
1. It is not much compressed file and occupies a relatively larger space as compared to other media file formats.
2. It needs a large space to keep files with MP4 formats.
Used by The most famous users include Yahoo,Videos, Reuters, YouTube, VEVO, Hulu and Metacafe. MP4 format is very well in compatibility with all the Operating systems like Mac, Android, Windows and other iOS devices.
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Part 2. How to Download and Play MP4/FLV?

From the comparison table, you must have general recognization to MP4 and FLV. If you want to download videos in either format and play these videos, there is a good choice for you.

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How to download MP4 and FLV using iTube Studio?

If you are looking forward to downloading MP4 and FLV video files using iTube Studio, then please follow the steps below:

Step 1 Install and launch iTube Studio

iTube Studio is available the trial version. Download and install the software on your computer. Once installed, double click its shortcut icon to launch the software.

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Step 2 Find your MP4 or FLV file to download

Find the MP4 or FLV file that you want to download. You can use any Internet browser for looking for your favorite videos. There are many websites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. from where you can get the best quality MP4 and FLV files.

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Step 3 Download and play the MP4 or FLV video

Once you have chosen the MP4 or FLV video that you want to download, copy the URL from the browser and then go to iTube Studio to tap "+ Paste URL" to start the download process. After finishing downloading, you can find the video in the "Downloaded" library, and you just need to click the "Play" icon to play the downloaded video.

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It's very easy to complish the download task, right? Don't hesitate to download iTube Studio to have a try.

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