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Star wars music is one of the best and the most listened musical theme undoubtedly that has been downloaded by the users. This series has captivated a large number of users for over 4 decades and has recognized as one of the musical theme which a user cannot forget at all. Want to get all these Star Wars theme music free? Luckily! Today, we will provide top 20 related URLs about Star Wars music and a best music downloader. It is easy to download these music with this music downloader when it comes to YouTube. What's more, the musical playlist that has been regarded as one of the best to download the music in batch will be mentioned here and all the theme music is easily available to download free.

Part 1: Composer of Star Wars Music

The first premiere of Star wars was released in 1977 and the latest one will be released in 2019. For all 9 episode, the music has been composed by John Williams. For the first two trilogies, the music was though composed by same person but the performing art was carried out by London Symphony Orchestra. When it comes to John Williams he definitely needs no introduction as he is considered to be the master of modern film music. There has been a sound mixture for the musical scores of Star Wars, therefore many of the composer have culled from Late Romanian idiom of Richard Strauss. To make the music more enchanting, it will give a new life to music when it is embedded with the modern orchestral scores.

Star Wars Theme Music-Composer

Miscellaneous information

The musical concerts about Star Wars took place between the year 2009 to 2010 and performed in London first. Then the concert went on to perform a series of concerts in USA and Canada. The last performance was made in London Ontario Canada on 25th July 2015. The complete information about the music as well as the composer and the related artists can be found from the URL which will make the users aware of the interesting facts and figures about the trilogy that would allow them to delve deep into the subject.

Star Wars Theme Music-concerts

Life of John Williams

John Williams was born in 1932 and currently holds the prominent positions of composer, pianist and lyrics writer. With the career spanned over 6 decades he has composed several musical themes for the films that are widely recognized. The notable works of John Williams include Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones series, Harry potter series (three movies in total), Superman, Jaws and last but certainly not the least the Star Wars series. He is highly honored by his professional skills and the extra effective talent. It is also worth mentioning that he has composed the music of the top 20 highest grossing movies of Hollywood.He also has 49 academy award nominations and this makes him the second most nominated individual after Walt Disney. The notable awards that have been won by John Williams have been listed as below.

Awards Name Times

Academy Awards


Golden Globe Awards


British Film Academy Awards


Grammy Awards




Star Wars Theme Music

Part 2. Top 20 Played Star Wars Theme Music

The American Film institute has recognized the efforts of John Williams and has regarded the music of Star Wars as the most rhythmic theme of Star Wars 1977 as the most popular theme of all times. In addition to all these greatest themes listed by the same organization, John William also holds 8 out of top 20 themes that he has composed for several other films.

Here are the top 20 most played Star Wars theme Music below and with YouTube URLs the user never gets into difficulty in finding any one of them.

1.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner

2.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Imperial Attack

3.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler

4.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - The Moisture Farm

5.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Hologram/Binary Sunset

6.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Landspeeder Search/Attack of the Sand People

7.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Tales of a Jedi Knight/Learn About the Force

8.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Burning Homestead

9.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Mos Eisley Spaceport

10.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Cantina Band

11.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Cantina Band #2

12.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Princess Leia's Theme

13.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - The Millennium Falcon/Imperial Cruiser Pursuit

14.Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Destruction of Alderaan

15.Star Wars Episode V Soundtrack - Imperial Starfleet Deployed/City in the Clouds

16.Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - Brother and Sister/Father and Son/The Fleet Returns (Part 1)

17.Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - The Forrest Battle [Concert Suite]

18.Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - Victory Celebration/End Title

19.Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - Leia's News/Light of the Force

20.Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - The Battle of Endor III

Star Wars Theme Music

Part 3. How to Download Star Wars Theme Music Free

The Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most watched movie series all over the world and for the same reason it is regarded as one that has captivated the users of all ages. The amazing and unbeliveable music are euphonious which users can't help listening and downloading. But don't worry. With iTube HD Video Downloader, it is easy to download any Star Wars theme music because iTube HD Video Downloader can download almost every music from 10000 sites. With the provided link of Star Wars theme music, you just one click to finish downloading.

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How to Download Star Wars Theme Music

Step 1. Download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on your Computer, and copy the link of Star Wars Theme music in the address bar.

Star Wars Theme Music - Copy Music Video URL

Step 2. Click the inverted triangle icon beside the Paste URL button, and choose Download MP3. Now iTube HD Video Downloader will start download the music files.

Star Wars Theme Music - Start Downloading Music

Step 3. When the downloading process finishes, you'll get the downloaded music files in Downloaded tab. Now you can click the Add to Transfer List button beside the thumbnail of the video to transfe the Star Wars theme music to your mobile device.

Star Wars Theme Music - Finish Downloading Music

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