Star Wars Composer and Music

It has been almost 4 decades since the first launch and production of the Star Wars movies. It has not only captivated the users but has also allowed and encouraged the composer to create even more fascinating tunes. The number of songs and the tunes are enormous. This tutorial is all about the creation of the star wars music as well as the composer who lead the orchestra in a brilliant way. The overall collection of the music as well as the YouTube links to the popular star wars tunes will also be introduced in this article.

Part 1: Who is Star Wars Music Composer?

From the main title of the film till the return home each and every song has been composed and managed by John Williams. Other than the first two trilogies of the movie the rest of the songs were composed by John Williams alone. He also composed the first two trilogies but the London Symphony Orchestra was the one that accompanied him in the task. It is regarded as the music that lures a movie lover to a great extent and urges him to watch the movie time and again. The Force Awaken episode of the Star Wars is highly popular and it is all due to the fact that John Williams composed stunning music which matches the era of the popular music. It has also been rumored that John Williams will not be used in the 2016 edition or the episode of the movie and now the director as well as the producer will use Alexandre Desplat instead. It will make Rogue One: A Star Wars Story first major star war installment not using John Williams.

Part 2: Pop star wars music

1. Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack - Imperial Attack

The length of the track is 6:10 and it is still widely popular among the public despite of the fact that it has been composed way back in 1977 by Jon Williams. With tons of websites hosting the mp3 version. It is surely worth giving a shot as the eclectic variety of the composition that has been used makes it the finest choice for the people of all ages. It is this music that has lead to the creation of many games and TV series in relation to the movie. It is widely popular among the children who play Angry Birds: Star Wars version.

2. The Little People Work

With a length of 4:02 this track can also be regarded as one of the finest works of John Williams. The overall composition standard has been set high. Therefore it is also widely accepted and used in several other creations that are related to this phenomenon. It is also one of the finest and the most heard tune of the series due to the magnetic effect which it creates for the ears. So it is regarded as one of the finest and most used tunes of the modern music.

3. The Land of Sand People

Though the track length is only 2:50 but it is the best of all as it allows the used to get the true feel of the Star Wars series. Another great composition of John Williams have been proven that Star Wars and his team share an unbreakable bond that is long lasting. The overall strength as well as the music chords that have been used turns this simple piece into a masterpiece that people want to listen to all the times.

4. The Walls Converge

With a length of only 3:09, this track has made its way through and it is the best and the most enchanting way of star wars in a musical manner. It also ensures that the overall beat as well as the bass of the music is kept in such a manner which lures the users to a great extent. The user can also listen to the track over and over again just to keep it in the head. The track is so awesome that it is memorized instantly so that going with it is easy and straightforward.

5. The Last Battle

The total track length is 3:56 and still it allows a user to feel that the best and the most advanced orchestra are heard back in 1983. The star wars episodes have captivated the users for over 4 decades now. It can easily be called as one of the finest master pieces that has lead the series to be remembered by the people all over the world.

Part 2: Top 10 famous Star Wars Music and YouTube links

Other 10 famous works and YouTube links

Following are the other 10 famous works by the same artist and the related YouTube links that have ensured that the users get the best outcome when it comes to Star Wars music:

1. Star Wars Soundtrack Episode I , Superlative Edition : Full Soundtrack

2. Star Wars Soundtrack Episode II Extended Edition : 20th Century Fox Fanfare

3. Star Wars Soundtrack Episode III , Extended Edition : The Chancellor's Arrival

4. Star Wars Soundtrack Episode III ,Extended Edition : Obi-Wan And Padmé

5. Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack - 08. Tales Of A Jedi Knight/Learn About The Force

6. Star Wars Soundtrack Episode V : Full Soundtrack

7. Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - The Droids Are Captured

8. Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - Luke Confronts Jabba/Den of the Rancor/Sarlacc Sentence

9. Star Wars Episode VI Soundtrack - The Emperor Arrives/The Death of Yoda/Obi-Wan's Revelation (Part2)

10. John Williams - Rey Meets BB-8 (Audio Only)

Part 3. How to Download the Star Wars Music

With the best and the most intelligent use of the eclectic mode of music as well as the amalgamation of different genres, John Williams has proven himself to be the forefront of the Star Wars Series. Undoubtedly confirm that the Star Wars is never ever completed without John Williams. So how to download the Star Wars Music? Try iTube HD Video Downloader. It is a powerful music downloader which can download music from 10000 sites. The audio quality is very high and you can also transfer to your iDevice or Android seamlessly.

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How to Download Music from Star Wars Movie

Step 1 Launch iTube HD Video Downloader on your PC or Mac and this can be done by double-clicking its icon on your system's desktop.

Star Wars composer and music -keepvid music

Step 2 Copy the link of Star Wars Music link and paste to iTube HD Video Downloader interface as screenshot below.

Star Wars composer and music -keepvid music

Step 3 After this, the download process will begin on its own. You will even be able to see the progress of the download as it moves ahead.

Star Wars composer and music -keepvid music

Step 4 Open the download option under iTunes Library and you can see the downloaded song in the list of tracks.

Star Wars composer and music

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