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Star Wars has already gained immense popularity and has attracted over 150 million users all over the world. It is an epic space film series that has been created by George Lucas. The adventures of the characters and wonderful amazing storyline have made it the first and foremost choice of the users. The main theme of the storyline is the dialogue “Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. The first series or the movie was released on 25th May 1977 and since then it has gained rapid popularity to captivate the users from all over the world. The introduction of the series as well as how to download Star Wars Music and videos will be provided in this article.

Part 1: Introduction to Star Wars 1 to 7

Before the introduction it is worth mentioning that the series has not been launched in a proper sequence. That is, the episodes have been randomized. The introduction of the series will be done in the order of their appearance of release.

1. Episode IV: A New Hope

It is the first of the 7 movie series that was released in the year 1977. The main cast includes Mark Hamill, Carrie fisher, Harrison ford and Peter Cushing. The director is George Lucas and it was produced by Gary Kurtz. The music was given by John Williams and the cinematography was done by Gilbert Taylor. The production company was Lucas films. The distribution of the movie was done by 20th century Fox. The total budget of the movie was $11 million and the box office earnings were a staggering $775 million.

2. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Released in 1980, this second episode was directed by Irvin Kershner. The producer of the movie was Gary Kurtz and the story was written by George Lucas. It starred Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse and Frank Oz in supporting roles. Again the music was given by John Williams and the total running time was 127 minutes. The budget of the movie was between $18-33 million and the total box office earnings were $534 - $538 million in total. The cinematography was done by Peter Suschitzky.

3. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

This episode was released in 1983 and was directed by Richard Marquand. The movie was produced by Howard Kazanjian. The screenplay was written by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas. Again the cast included Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse and Frank Oz. With total running time of 132 the film was made with only $32.5 million and earned a mind boggling 572 million as total net earnings.

4. Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Directed by George Lucas and produced by Rick McCallum, this episode is the fourth one to the series and therefore it is regarded as one of the most watched episode among all the ones that have been created. The editing of the movie was done by Paul Martin Smith and the cinematography was done by David Tattersall. With total running time of 133 minutes the movie was made with a small budget of $115 million back in 1999 and the total earnings are a staggering $1.027 billion. The cast included Natalie Portman, Liam Neeson, Jake Lloyd and Frank Oz.

5. Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Released in 2002 the movie has been made with the help of latest technologies of that time. The cinematography was done by David Tattersall and episode was directed and produced by George Lucas and Rick McCallum respectively. The distribution task was performed by 20th Century fox. The cast included Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman and Kenny Baker. The total budget of the movie was $115 million and the earnings were again sky rocketing i.e. $649 million totally. The screenplay was written by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales. The total running time of the installment is 142 minutes.

6.Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Again directed and produced by George Lucas and Rick McCallum respectively, the movie is the second last one to the series. The main cast included Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Frank Oz and Kenny Baker. The total budget of the movie is $113 million and the total net earnings are $ 849 approx. The music was given by John Williams and the editing was performed by Roger Barton and Ben Burtt. The exact release date in Cannes was 15th May 2005 and in USA the movie was released on 19th May 2005.

7. Episode VII: The Force Awakens

With the titles of 10th highest grossing movie of all times, this one was directed by JJ Abraham and produced by Bryan Burk. The main cast included Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley and Anthony Daniels. The music and cinematography were given respectively by John Williams and Dan Mindel. With total length of 132 minutes the movie was made in a budget of $200 million and earned a hefty $1.161 billion worldwide. The movie has been launched in USA on 18th December 2015.

8. Upcoming releases

The episodes VIII and IX has not be released and named yet. But due to immense popularity of the series they are planned to be released in the years 2017 and 2019 respectively. And these two episodes are being awaited by all star wars fans all around the world. It is also to be noted that the complete information about the series can be obtained from the URL which would lead the user to discover more astonishing facts about the series.

Part 2: Where to Download Star Wars

There are several resources from where the user can download the star wars series, which includes the best resolution as well as the epic music. The top 5 sites online from where the series can be downloaded.

1. Full Movies free download

The website is known for its awesome layout as well as the overall browsing techniques that have been made easier for the users. Users are able to download the series in HD quality along with the music without any issue at astonishing high speeds.

Star War Download

2. Star Wars official Website

Yet another good resource with HD quality is its official website. The site itself has been regarded by the users a lot as it lets the users get High quaily Star wars with high speed.

Star War Download


It is a torrent website which allows the user to download Star Wars. Though the downloading speed is slow yet it is one of the best and the most visited site to download HD resolution. From episode I to VII the complete torrents have been uploaded to let users to download them easily.

Star War Download

4. Zippy downloads

Though this file has been uploaded and maintained by an individual user yet it is the best manner to get Star Wars. The overall downloading speed as well as the overall measures is awesome. As compared to other downloading sites this one is faster and simpler so that one click download can be enjoyed without any delay.

Star War Download

5. File Planet

With the simple layout and the features, this site is the one which the users have always been looking for. Therefore it is one to download Star Wars without any issue and problem. It is safe to download for non-virus and the malicious malware which could harm the system.

Star War Download

Part 3: Best Video Downloader to Download the Star Wars Video

iTube HD Video Downloader is the best video downoader to download Star Wars. KeepVid Pro enables the users to download videos and films with high resolution. It is a free video downloader which is compatible with windows and Mac. It can download videos from 10000+ websites which includes famous sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. You just need to copy and paste the url of Star Wars, and then click on "+ Paste URL" button. The video will be downloaded immediately.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Download 4K & Full HD Video with One Click

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How to Download Star Wars Episodes with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1 Launch iTube HD Video Downloader on your PC or Mac and this can be done by double clicking its icon on your system's desktop.

Download star wars video - Start iTube Video Downloader

Step 2 Copy the link of Star Wars Music link and paste to iTube HD Video Downloader interface as screenshot below.

Download star wars cantina music -keepvid music

Step 3 After this, the download process will begin on its own. You will even be able to see the progress of the download as it moves ahead.

Download star wars cantina music -keepvid music

Step 4 Open the download option under iTunes Library and you can see the downloaded song in the list of tracks.

Star Wars Catina music

Star Wars has captivated the users from all over the world with the awesome graphics as well as the music. For the users who wish to download the series in full the iTube HD Video Downloader.

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