Most Helpful Ways to Download Tumblr Videos using Firefox

Are you a regular user of Tumblr website and like watching videos or photos shared by people on Tumblr? If yes, then we are sure that you have tried to download Tumblr photos and videos for offline viewing, but you may haven't get any luck in downloading Tumblr videos yet because Tumblr doesn't provide any download option directly. Is there any way to download these Tumblr videos offline while using Firefox? If you have this question then answer is yes as there are many video downloader extensions available in the Mozilla web store. By using these Firefox plugins you can download Tumblr video in Firefox very easily. In this article, we're going to introduce how to download videos from Tumblr using Firefox. Check it out.

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Part 1. How to Download Tumblr Videos Using Firefox Browser Extension

iTube Extension:

iTube Extension is the best available Firefox extension for downloading videos from Tumblr. This plugin doesn't only supports downloading videos from Tumblr, but also allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and several other major video sharing sites. iTube Extension plugin can help you to download those videos as well from Tumblr which are shared from other video sites like YouTube, Vine, Dailymotion, etc. iTube Extension plugin is available for mostly all major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Yandex, Internet Explorer for free.

How to Download Tumblr Videos in Firefox with iTube Extension Extension

Step 1 Open the iTube Extension URL in browser and then click on “Try to Install Now” button. Click on “Add to Browser” button after that.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Install GreaseMonkey to Firefox

Step 2 You are there now in the Mozilla extension page. Click on the “Add to Firefox” button. Restart browser after installing the plugin.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Add to Firefox

Step 3 Once iTube Extension is installed you have to install the iTube Extension script to work iTube properly. So open the iTube Extension URL again and click on “Install iTube Extension”. Click on the “Install” button in the popup now.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Install iTube Extension Script

Step 4 For example we will download a YouTube video which is shared on Tumblr by a blogger. Play videos on Tumblr after finding them and then a very small video download button will appear in green color under the playing video. Click on this button now.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Click Download Button

Step 5 You are here now on the iTube download links page with all available formats. Click on any of your desired format now and then your download will start.

Part 2. Other Extensions to Help You Download Tumblr Videos in Firefox

1. Tumblr Video Downloader


Tumblr Video Downloader extension is the first choice of people who would like to download videos from Tumblr only. This plugin is available in Mozilla Addons Store for free. You just need to install it in your browser and then you can download Tumblr video within Firefox fast. This video downloader plugin can only download Tumblr videos you can’t download videos of other video sharing sites shared on Tumblr by bloggers.

Key Features of Tumblr Video Downloader:

  • Free Tumblr video downloader extension available in Mozilla addon store.
  • Download Tumblr videos quickly.
  • Easy to use.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Tumblr Video Downloader

2. Video DownloadHelper


Video DownloadHelper plugin enables you to grab videos from many sites for free. This plugin supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Fox, Vimeo and many other sites to download videos. This plugin directly download and save Tumblr videos to your hard disk so you can easily watch them offline. This plugin supports MP2T, HTTP and F4F downloading protocals, and it can download videos when a site uses non-supported streaming technology.

Key Features of Video Download Helper:

  • Supports downloading from Tumblr, vine, YouTube, Facebook video hosting sites for downloading videos.
  • Supports downloading videos when a site doesn’t support streaming technology.
  • Quickly download videos directly using browser in one click only.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Video DownloadHelper

3. Tumblr Downloader Professional


Tumblr Downloader Professional is a professional video downloader plugin for Tumblr while using Firefox as your web browser. This plugin directly download videos and photos from Tumblr even when you are not logged in your Tumblr account. It enables you to download photos from Tumblr in high resolutions and also you can search photos using the search option of the plugin. You just need to type the keyword you want and the plugin will display all the matches.

Key Features of Tumblr Downloader Professional:

  • Download both photos and videos from Tumblr.
  • Preview Tumblr photos before downloading.
  • List all photos and videos of the selected blog.
  • Works without login to Tumblr account.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - Tumblr Downloader Professional

4. DownThemAll


DownThemAll is a free video downloader plugin for Mozilla browser. This is actually a download manager plugin which extract links from any webpage then you can download those videos and photos. This download manager can download photos and videos with fast downloading speed. DownThemAll a totally free plugin without any spyware or adwaret. It’s an open-source plugin so you can also edit and use it as per your need.

Key Features of DownThemAll:

  • Download videos from all websites including Tumblr.
  • Download videos with 4x faster speed.
  • Generate download links of videos from any webpage.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - DownThemAll

5. FlashGot Mass Downloader


FlashGot Mass Downloader plugin is another web video download plugin which enables you to download Tumblr video within Firefox. and also download videos from other video sharing sites. This plugin is very lightweight and easy to use in browser. This video download manager plugin enables you to handle all the ongoing downloading tasks within your browser. Moreover, this video downloader plugin can detect the video link when you're playing the video in your browser.

Key Features FlashGot Mass Downloader:

  • Download Tumblr video Firefox easily and download from other major video sites.
  • Download video and audio both.
  • Download videos while playback.
  • Download .exe and other file types as well from the downloading sites.

Download Tumblr Videos Firefox - FlashGot Mass Downloader

Conclusion: We have introduced several helpful Firefox extensions in this article to download Tumblr video in Firefox. These all plugins are fully compatible with Tumblr and several plugins also supports other video sharing websites. Instead of using a plugin which only support Tumblr, you can go for a plugin which supports other video sites  such as iTube Studio, because the plugins which only support Tumblr uploaded videos won't be able to download videos of other sites shared by bloggers on Tumblr.

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