Helpful Tumblr Video Downloader Alternative for Safari

Tumblr enables people to share photos, videos and blogs with ease. At times, people will share their videos on Tumblr, and people would like to download these videos from Tumblr to their computer for offline playback. On the Internet, you can find several ways to download videos from Tumblr, and among them, the online ways can be regarded as one of the easiest ways to get the work done. There are online video downloader sites and plugins available for Chrome, Mozilla and other web browsers. But for Safari web browser there is not any plugin available to download videos as Apple doesn't allow the video downloader plugins. In this article, we'll introduce several helpful Tumblr video downloader alternatives for Safari, and they can help you to download Tumblr videos easily.

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Part 1. 5 Helpful Online Tumblr Video Downloader Website

1. TubeOffline


TubeOffline is an online Tumblr video downloader is a free online downloader for Tumblr which can download Tumblr videos on computer in multiple formats without installing anything on computer. It works totally online and you just need to visit the website in browser and paste video URL of Tumblr. After pasting the video URL it will automatically convert the video in select formats and generate and video download link of Tumblr videos.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - TubeOffline

2. Download Videos From


Download Videos From is also a Tumblr online video downloader site and allows you to download Tumblr videos on computer. This site also works in the browser without any installation. This site is very easy to use and it also supports video downloading from Facebook to watch and share offline. This online Tumblr video downloader offers you 3 download links MP3, MP4 and MP4 HD to download videos.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - Download Videos From

3. DreDown


DreDown Tumblr online video downloader is doing a great and offering you a very simple way to download Tumblr and other sites videos on computer for free. This online Tumblr video downloader supports YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and so many other sites. This is online downloader works on both Mac and Windows computers without downloading any additional video downloader program.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - DreDown

4. TubeNinja


TubeNinja online Tumblr video downloader offers you unlimited video downloading from Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and several other sites without any cost. This is browser based site and works in the browser directly by pasting URL. You can have to copy and paste the Tumblr URL in the site URL box. it will inspect the URL of video and generate video downloading links.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - TubeNinja

5. Video Download


Video Download Online Tumblr video downloader can be easily used to download online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Dailymotion, etc. This Tumblr online video downloader site can do good job when you are facing issues in grabbing Tumblr videos without any hassle. You can download private and public both type of videos using this site so you can give a try to download Tumblr videos online. This site gives you option to download playlists as well if it is available or you can download video to audio directly from Tumblr.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - Video Download

Part 2. 5 Helpful Tumblr Video Downloader Plugins for Google Chrome

1. iTube Extension


iTube Extension is a best available Tumblr video downloader Google Chrome extension in the online market, because it also supports video downloading from Tumblr and other 27 video sharing sites. Because of the Google privacy policy today plugins are not available there to download videos from YouTube in the Chrome Web Store but iTube Extension is still available for free.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - iTube Extension

2. Flash Video Downloader


Flash Video Downloader is a Tumblr video downloader plugin for Chrome and allows you to download Chrome videos on computer using chrome browser. To use this plugin you'll need to install this plugin in your browser and then go to Tumblr to download videos. There this plugin will detect the available media files on page and provides you to video download link. This plugin supports some other video sites as well but not YouTube because of the terms of YouTube services.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - Flash Video Downloader

3. Tumblr Video Download


Tumblr Video Download is a free Tumblr video downloader Google Chrome plugin which helps you to download Tumblr videos quickly. This plugin only support Tumblr so you can use it to download Tumblr videos only. You can download videos by installing this plugin in chrome browser and then go the Tumblr. Just right-click on any Tumblr video and then click on “Download video from Tumblr”.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - Tumblr Video Download

4. Video Download Helper


Video Download Helper is also a free Tumblr video downloader Google Chrome plugin. This plugin is awesome in this category because you are not limited to Tumblr only it also supports 28 other major video sites to download videos including some porn sites. This download helper tool enables you to extract exact video URL as well from the all videos on a webpage.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - Video Download Helper

5. Instagram Video & Image Downloader


Instagram Video & Image Downloader as the name of this extension says that it can download Instagram photos and videos but it is also a Tumblr video downloader Google chrome extension because it supports Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, twitter and Flickr website. This app is very useful for those people who like to enjoy offline videos from these supported sites.

Online Tumblr Video Downloader - Instagram Video & Image Downloader

Conclusion: These are the best available ways to download videos on desktop using an Tumblr online video downloader website and browser plugins. There are Tumblr video downloader plugins are available for Chrome, Mozilla and several other browsers but not for Safari. If you are looking for Tumblr video downloader for Safari then you can use online Tumblr video downloader website as your downloader for safari. These online sites works in all browser so there is no issue of compatibility.

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