Top 10 Websites to Watch Live Cricket TV

Cricket is a team sport with billions of fans all over the world. It originated in England and it is the most popular in areas that were made up the former British Empire. The major international teams that participate in cricket competitions are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. The majority of this competition is based on cricket structure that originated from England which has now been adopted by other nations and their cricketers. The cricket game is played by two teams of 11 players each on a ground known as pitch. The “craziest” cricket nation on the planet is India with as much as over 1.1 billion cricket fans eager to watch a live cricket match. There are so many websites that can allow you watch a live cricket match, the article is going to look at the top 10 websites for this purpose.

Part 1. Top 10 Websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 1

This is one of the best sites for cricket lovers. It offers a complete package about the whole cricket set up. On this site, you can watch any live cricket TV, and you can always get various cricket match information like the score card, latest cricket updates, latest cricket news and fixtures of cricket matches. The website is simply designed with an interesting interface and the navigation is easy.

Below are some reviews made by users of the site.

User Reviews:

  • Great informative cricket website. – Chakru C
  • The best online website for all cricket reviews. – Shaji A
  • is a great site for all cricket lovers. – John C

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 2

This site is the most popular live streaming website. This site is watched by millions of people during live matches. You can watch both the international and domestic games on this site. As long as you have internet connection, you can watch and enjoy your favorite game anytime and anywhere it is played. The site is simple, flashy and also easy to navigate.

User Reviews:

  • Very interesting site, love it. – Desh
  • Live streaming is not bad at all, keep it up. – Shah
  • Will recommend to my friends . – Lee

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 3

This website brings the best of live sports in India.  It covers an unbeatable coverage of live cricket matches to their viewers all over the world. In this site, you will have the chance to see match schedules, videos of played matches, exclusives and opinions. It is a website packed with a whole lot of fun and also engages the viewers through their numerous programs.

User Reviews:

  • Starsports keep surprising me live sports coverage. – Nanty C
  • I think I will vote it as the best website to watch live cricket TV in India. – Ramesh D
  • A well loaded site, I’m happy. – Mani P

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 4 is a newly developed site. However, it is fast gaining popularity among the cricket faithful. You can watch online live cricket matches on this site. There are a lot of channels dedicated to cricket matches and you are sure to have a perfect cricket viewing experience.

User Reviews:

  • The website is good but they need to improve. – Shah. P
  • You will surely have a good viewing experience on this website. – JJP
  • They should increase the number of matches they show. – Tricia Payn

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV

Rank: Number 5

BCCI means board of control of cricket in India. They are known as the controller of cricket in India as it is the official website of the BBCI. This site will show you any cricket match involving India in any part of the world. Fans of cricket all over India rely on this site to show them their national team matches happening all over the world. In addition, you can follow cricket latest event, happenings and news as it concerns India.

User Reviews:

  • I love this website that is all about the Indian cricket scene. It has lots of videos, pictures, articles, etc. – Miss chelz_394 
  • Packed with so much resource for your enjoyment. – Nadi. K
  • I just finished watching my cricket team, I enjoyed it. I will come back again. – Dhanajay D

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 6

This website is very good for watching cricket matches. It is a simple and straightforward site for watching high profile cricket matches. There is no complication on this site. Navigation is straightforward and easy. For example, if you need to watch any cricket match online, enter the website and select any channel available and check if it is broadcasting the match of your choice.

User Reviews:

  • I tried this site after so many years of procrastination. I think it is a good site for lovers of cricket matches. – Tony 777
  • Give it to, they are awesome. – Patak S
  • One of the few good websites for watching cricket matches. – Macho@sako

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 7

The site is a new site which started recently to air live cricket matches. The interesting thing about this site is that you can also stream live cricket matches on your iPad, iPad and Android devices clearly. The website has five different servers and shows matches of the Pakistani team. It does not show much cricket news and other related information like other sites but it is straightforward for those interested in just watching cricket live action alone.

User Reviews:

  • has improved a lot from the last time I used it. Nice! – Ahmed M
  • I now enjoy watching live cricket matches on my android device.  – Mustapha_1977
  • Live streaming has improved a lot. It can be better. – Digitalme

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 8

This website offers you an opportunity to watch live cricket matches anywhere in the world. Apart from the live streaming , it serve as a source of information to cricket fans like details of latest news, live score card, latest update about cricket matches and other valuable cricket information. It is a well-designed site with good layout and better ease of navigation.

User Reviews:

  • I have fallen in love with cricket because of this website. Always on point. – Coleen252
  • I come here to get the latest news even when I don’t watch the matches live. – Mahjid M
  • Improving by the day, they will get better with time. Keep it up. – Jude@@

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV

Rank: Number 9

The is one of the best sites for watching live cricket matches. While it shows other matches from other countries, it focuses on matches of the Pakistan team. It is well designed with a flashy layout. You can find events, see the gallery, see new headlines and top stories. There is a media section, super blog and a couple of interesting videos on the website. In fact it is a complete package and its rated high especially among viewers in Pakistan.

User Reviews:

  •, here I come. Thank you. – Naveed
  • Very good website because it promotes cricket in Pakistan. – Khan22
  • My friend introduced me to this site and I don’t regret it. It is good. – Mohit BB

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV


Rank: Number 10

This website is similar to the website because it is just designed for the purpose of watching live cricket TV. In this site, you just watch live streaming of available cricket matches. It is very popular in Sri Lanka and India and you can watch different matches on the different servers available on the website. There is no provision for blogs, news update other cricket information. It captures just the match fixtures and the quality of the live streaming.

User Reviews:

  • They try to show us all the cricket matches in this website and we love it. – Tijani M
  • On the overall, I think it is a good website but needs to improve on their live streaming. – Rebecca White.
  • They should add other features to the website. I watch live cricket but I also want to see news update. But they are doing well. – Razak123@

Top 10 websites to Watch Live Cricket TV

The above listed sites remain the best website to catch up with your favorite live cricket TV online. They contain amazing features which will help you enjoy live cricket matches online without issues. Try them today and welcome to the amazing world of cricket TV.

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