Top 5 Clipnabber Alternatives: Download Online Video Better than Clipnabber

Video Downloader Alternative

1.Best Downloader Alternative
  1. 1.2 Getflv Alternative
  2. 1.3 Keepvid Alternative
  3. 1.4 Clipnabber Alternative
  4. 1.5 Orbit Downloader Alternative
  5. 1.6 Macx YouTube Downloader Alternative
  6. 1.7 Jaksta Alternative
  7. 1.8 Clipgrab Alternative
  8. 1.9 Real Downloader Alternative
  9. 1.10 Savevid Alternative
  10. 1.11 Mactubes Alternative
  11. 1.12 Video Grabber Alternative
  12. 1.13 Video Download Capture Alternative:
  13. 1.14 Mactubes for Windows
  14. 1.15 Tubebox Alternative
  15. 1.16 Easy YouTube Video Downloader Alternative
  16. 1.17 FLVto YouTube Downloader Alternative
  17. 1.18 Freemake Downloader Alternative
  18. 1.19 1 Click YouTube Downloader Alternative
2. Other Downloader Alternative
  1. 2.1 Zamzar Alternative
  2. 2.2 YouTube Downloader Alternative
  3. 2.3 Vdownloader Alternative
  4. 2.4 Ant Video Downloader Alternative
  5. 2.5 aTube Catcher for Mac Alternative
  6. 2.6 ClipConverter Alternative
  7. 2.7 ClipNabber for Mac Alternative
  8. 2.8 DownloadHelper Alternative
  9. 2.9 Freecorder Alternative
  10. 2.10 Free Studio Alternative
  11. 2.11 Get Tube Alternative
  12. 2.12 IDM for Mac Alternative
  13. 2.13 iWisoft Free Video Downloader Alternative
  14. 2.14 JDownloader Alternative
  15. 2.15 Orbit Downloader Alternative
  16. 2.16 Replay Media Catcher Alternative
  17. 2.17 StreamTransport Alternative
  18. 2.18 Vixy for Mac Alternative
  19. 2.19 Vuze Downloader Alternative
  20. 2.20 Atube Catcher Alternative
  21. 2.21 iLivid Alternative
3. Tips
  1. 3.1 video downloaders for iOS 10
  2. 3.2 Top Video Downloader for Windows
  3. 3.3 Freemake Downloader Not Working
  4. 3.4 RealDownloader Not Working
  5. 3.5 DownloadHelper Not Working
  6. 3.6 Silverlight Download Netflix Not Working
  7. 3.7 Best Video Downloaders for Internet Explorer
  8. 3.8 KeepVid Not Working
  9. 3.9 Savevid Not Working
  10. 3.10 Vimeo Downloader for Safari
  11. 3.11 YouTube Downloader Addon

Well, if you download videos online mostly, you may be definitely aware of Clipnabber. With this software, users can download the desired video right within the browser window and it supports a converter which can easily convert downloaded FLV files to AVI, MP3 and more formats. However, this software solution runs only on mac, which means windows users can’t take benefits of it. People are actively searching for Clipnabber alternative on windows operating system.There is a great news for all of these types of users. You can download videos on your windows OS using iTube Studio for windows version easily and quickly. Here we will foucs on discussing the best Clipnabber alternative and some free online clipnabber downloaders.

Part 1. Best Clipnabber Alternative – iTube Studio

With iTube Studio, you can very easily download video from more than 10000+ video websites like YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo, Youku etc. and make your offline video viewing more pleasurable. Additionally, after downloading the desired video, you can convert the downloaded video to formats supported by your mobile devices iPad, iphone, android, Blackberry, Walkman and so on because it supports 150+ audio/ video formats. Using this Clipnabber alternative, you can extract MP3 directly from the video files. For downloading streaming videos online, iTube Studio is a perfect place for users. It also enables you to record videos from 10000+ videos sharing sites easily and allows you to record your Skype and other chat tool calls as well.

Key features:

  • iTube Studio is definitely a perfect alternative of clipnabber for both Windows & Mac.
  • Users to download videos and record videos from 10000+ sites with iTube Studio.
  • This clipnabber alternative enables you to download videos in more than 150+ video formats or you can convert them later after downloading.
  • It allows you to download videos in batch.
  • iTube Studio is the only one which comes with multithreading technology and enables you to download videos with 3x faster speed.
  • It comes with a neat and clean interface so anyone can easily understand and use it because no technical knowledge required to use it.
  • You can directly find out video using iTube Studio interface itself by using Online video section without launching browser.

How to download videos with clipnabber alternative

For downloading streaming videos online, iTube Studio is definitely a perfect choice for both Windows & Mac users. Here is a small tutorial to help you through the downloading process of iTube Studio for windows.

Step 1 First download the software free of cost and install it on your mac device. Once it is downloaded & installed, launch the application from the start menu or by double clicking on the available icon on your desktop.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-download itube

Step 2 Visit your favorite video sharing website, for example, Dailymotion or YouTube. Search for the videos you are interested in. Once you have found the desired video, right click on it and copy video url.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-click download button

Alternatively users can download videos by copying and pasting url in the iTube Studio interface as well.

Step 3 Now you can paste copied url of the video in the iTube Studio interface. Go back to iTube Studio, click the "+ Paste URL" button and select the quality. Video will automatically start downloading after you click the Download button.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-click paste url to download video

Step 4 Once your video is downloaded and saved on your computer, you can easily share it with your friends or transfer it to any other device without any device limitation. You can find out downloaded videos in the Download tab of iTube.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-find the downloaded video

Part 2. Free Online Clipnabber Downloaders

2.1 Free Video Finder

Free Video Finder is a very popular free online Clinabber video downloader alternative. This website is very popular because it is an online way and enables you to download videos from different 28 major videos sharing sites without downloading any software. This site supports all types of operating systems. There is no need to worry about compatibility because it is an online simple website. Free Video Finder doesn’t allow users to convert videos in other formats. You have to download in the formats whatever you found over website.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-Free Video Finder

2.2 site is an online video downloading site which enables users to download videos from some videos sharing sites. But this site doesn’t support most major and famous video sharing site that is YouTube. It supports DailyMotion,  Facebook,  Break,  MetaCafe,  FunnyOrDie,  Vimeo and some adult video sites but doesn’t support YouTube. If you need to download YouTube videos with it, you need to open first and replace https://www. with pwn in the address bar and click on enter. Now it will redirect you to download page.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-Deturl

2.3 also an alternative of clipnabber. This clipnabber alternative is the fastest and easiest way to download videos from different videos sharing sites. It supports 29 sites including YouTube and dailymotion. This site is good because it allows you to download videos by different way. First way by copying and pasting videos site url and second method is to install extension for Firefox or chrome. Third method is placing ss and enter in url and get redirected to the downloaded page.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-Savefrom

2.4 was really a good alternative for clipnabber but now this website is not available. Now users have to download a software to download videos using this website. Before there was savevid but now torch browser is available when you browse this website. Torchbrowser is now available with more great features and functionalities. Torchbrowser now can download torrent, download videos and enables you to play videos as well. So now savevid clipnabber alternative download is totally changed in a new way to downloading videos.

Top 4 Clipnabber Alternatives-Savevid

iTube Studio
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