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iTube Studio - The The Best Google Free YouTube Downloader Alternative

iTube Studio is a software program that is specifically designed for the Mac OS and Windows PC which can be said to be a free video downloader manager for downloading the online videos that you wish to view on YouTube and other such video sharing sites. After the completion of download, the application helps you in converting the files in such formats that they are smoothly playable in your digital gadgets such as iPad, iPod or any other devices. Downloading and converting your preferred videos have never been so much easier. Apart from this, the iSkysoft iTube studio offers a lot of effective features that will definitely mesmerize you. Check out the amazing features now:

download videoWhat Make Free Video Downloader Manager Outstanding

Huge Variety of Formats

Supports a Huge Variety of Formats and Websites

This free video downloader manager completely supports HTTP, RTMPS, RTMPT and RTMR and it enables you in downloading the videos from more than 1000 sites. Not just that, you will also be able to download the YouTube 4K UHD videos and you can also convert and download the YouTube videos to MP3 format with a single click.

3x Download Speed

3x Download Speed with Multithreading Technology

The new multithreading technology enables in downloading the videos at 3x faster speed and helps in the segmentation so that you can download each segment in a separate connection. This enhances the download speed to a huge extent. You can also continue downloading the video right where you left it after a certain period of time. Having network errors? No worries. This free video downloader manager comes in handy while downloading without any interruption or network problems and you won’t need to worry if you accidentally exit the program.

Convert, View and Store Online Videos

Convert, View and Store Online Videos

If you make use of the iSkysoft iTube Studio program, you can download any videos from video sharing sites and then using the auto “Download Then Convert” feature you will be able to convert the downloaded videos into any specific formats so that you can watch anytime you wish on your iPod, iPad or any other devices. Enjoy it and share with your friends and family anytime from anywhere.

Straight to the Internet Upload

Straight to the Internet Upload

Not only can you just download videos from your favorite websites but you can use the free video downloader manager for uploading your own videos straight to YouTube so that you are able to join the community anytime you want. Thus you can be a part of such a huge community at any moment. The multiple playback modes will enable you in setting your own playback modes. The in-program browser helps you in adding your preferred sites to the browser so that you can have quick access to your preferred sites. If you wish to make a long download then you can leave the Mac or Window PC on to download and set it into auto shutdown after the completion of the download.

Availability of upgrades

Availability of upgrades

Get lifelong guaranteed upgrades to the program. This free video downloader manager will help you in getting the auto update feature and whenever an update is available for this software, a notification is sent to the user. You can then download the updated application and enjoy uninterrupted videos in your preferred format.

iTube Studio
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