Top 5 Orbit Downloader Alternatives: Download Online Video Better than Orbit

Video Downloader Alternative

1. Downloader Alternative
  1. 1.1 aTube Catcher for Mac
  2. 1.2 Getflv Alternative
  3. 1.3 Keepvid Alternative
  4. 1.4 Clipnabber Alternative
  5. 1.5 Orbit Downloader Alternative
  6. 1.6 iLivid for Mac
  7. 1.7 Jaksta Alternative
  8. 1.8 Clipgrab Alternative
  9. 1.9 Real Downloader Alternative
  10. 1.10 Savevid Alternative
  11. 1.11 Mactubes Alternative
  12. 1.12 Video Grabber Alternative
  13. 1.13 Video Download Capture Alternative:
  14. 1.14 Mactubes for Windows
  15. 1.15 Tubebox Alternative
  16. 1.16 RealDownloader for Mac
  17. 1.17 Get Tube Alternative
  18. 1.18 Freemake Downloader Alternative
  19. 1.19 Vdownloader for Mac
  20. 1.20 Zamzar Alternative
  21. 1.21 Orbit Downloader Mac
  22. 1.22 Vdownloader Alternative
  23. 1.23 Ant Video Downloader Alternative
  24. 1.24 aTube Catcher for Mac Alternative
  25. 1.25 ClipConverter Alternative
  26. 1.26 ClipNabber for Mac Alternative
  27. 1.27 DownloadHelper Alternative
  28. 1.28 Freecorder Alternative
  29. 1.29 Free Studio Alternative
  30. 1.30 Get Tube Alternative
  31. 1.31 IDM for Mac Alternative
  32. 1.32 iWisoft Free Video Downloader Alternative
  33. 1.33 JDownloader Alternative
  34. 1.34 Orbit Downloader Alternative
  35. 1.35 Replay Media Catcher Alternative
  36. 1.36 StreamTransport Alternative
  37. 1.37 Vixy for Mac Alternative
  38. 1.38 Vuze Downloader Alternative
  39. 1.39 YouTube Downloader Alternative
2. Tips
  1. 2.1 Top Video Downloader for Mac
  2. 2.2 Top Video Downloader for Windows
  3. 2.3 Freemake Downloader Not Working
  4. 2.4 RealDownloader Not Working
  5. 2.5 DownloadHelper Not Working
  6. 2.6 Silverlight Download Netflix Not Working
  7. 2.7 Best Video Downloaders for Internet Explorer
  8. 2.8 KeepVid Not Working
  9. 2.9 Savevid Not Working
  10. 2.10 Vimeo Downloader for Safari
  11. 2.11 YouTube Downloader Addon
  12. 2.12 video downloaders for iOS 10

Are you bored using Orbit Downloader to download videos online? It’s really true that this program can easily download online videos for you but there are some loopholes available in this program which make it hard to use in your daily life. First thing is that this software don’t supports all of the major internet browser and unable to use sometimes then you can’t download your favorite tracks. You need to download browser according to program. You can’t choose your favorite browser while using orbit downloader. Second thing is that so many certified reviewers has complained that this software is not compatible with Mac devices and contain some viruses as well. So to overcome these issues we are providing other orbit downloader alternative software to download online videos which is better than Orbit downloader.

Part 1. Best Orbit Downloader Alternative – iTube Studio

iTube Studio is an orbit downloader alternative and enables you to grab online videos easily without doing some extra efforts. This software comes with a very simple and easy to use interface which is understandable by every user because there is no technical knowledge required to understand functions and features of iTube Studio. It can download form more than 10000+ videos sharing sites and enables you to record videos from the same number of sites as well. Users can get this software for windows and Mac devices from the above official url. So you are not limited to windows only.

Key features

  • iTube Studio orbit downloader alternative enable users to download videos from online videos sharing sites easily and quickly.
  • iTube Studio supports all quality formats such as UD, UHD or any other type of video formats and convert videos to 150+ videos and audio formats after downloading.
  • This software is the only software which enables you to record your PC and screen with downloading option and record online videos as well.
  • This orbit downloader alternative enables users to visit and download videos directly from iTube Studio internet without going to browser.
  • Download videos with two way: by pasting url or by download button directly from browser.
  • Enables you to record your Skype video calls as well.
  • Easy to use interface which is understandable by every type of person weather you tech or non tech no problem.
  • Transfer videos to other devices after downloading directly from it’s interface.
  • Download videos directly in the mp3 format from a video file.
  • Directly download channels and playlists in batch. Download videos with 3x faster speed with multithreading technology.
  • Enables you to download subtitles of videos automatically while downloading videos.

How to download videos with iTube Studio orbit downloader alternative

Step 1 You have to visit iTube Studio site this iTube Studio orbit downloader alternative. Once you are there download it for windows or Mac and install it.

YTD video downloader not working-download itube

Step 2 First of all, you have to find out your favorite videos tracks from different videos sharing sites. You don’t need to worry about compatibility because it supports almost all video sites. Visit your favorite browser and find out videos and play them. Once are started playing you can see a download button. This download button will be available in the right top side of videos. Select the desired format in which you want to download and click on it.

YTD video downloader not working-download video

Step 3 That’s all! iTube Studio will start downloading videos and you can see progress of downloads in the iTube Studio interface.

YTD video downloader not working-downloading

Part 2. Orbit Downloader Alternative - Video Grabber

Video grabber is an online way to downloading videos from different videos sharing sites. This website allows you to grab videos from YouTube, dailymotion and some other video sites. It is possible to download videos from your desktop as well because video for desktop is also available for windows users only. This software supports 100+ videos sharing sites and enables you to grab videos from them. It is not only downloader while using site version you can record screen of your computer as well but to do that you need a good internet connection. You can easily convert downloaded videos in the other formats using online site version including iPhone and iPad versions as well.

Orbit Downoader alternative-Video Grabber


  • Downloading and recording of screen is possible.
  • Enables you to convert video in the other formats as well including ios devices formats.


  • Not available for Mac users
  • Supports only 100+ sites it is very less as compared to iTube Studio.
  • Quality issue is there for downloaded videos.
  • Part 3. Orbit Downloader Alternative - Internet Download Accelerator

    Internet downloader accelerator orbit alternative software is really a great videos downloading solution for video lovers. This software is available for windows users and it works as downloader and accelerator at the same time. This software is able to enhance your download speed as well. While downloading this software will split a single file in different part to download every part differently and it increases download speed automatically. This software is compatible with internet explorer, yandex browser, safari, firefox, Mozilla, opera, netscape and chrome as well so every type of browser user can easily download videos using it as orbit downloader replacement. It comes with some other features as well enables to schedule your downloads and pause and resume again. Dial up option available for dial up connection users. You can limit download and upload speed by one click only.

    Orbit Downoader alternative-Internet Download Accelerator


    • Supports all types of famous browsers.


  • Can’t record PC or Skype videos recording.
  • Download only with one way that is extension.
  • You always need to update program to get compatibility with new browsers.
  • Part 4. Orbit Downloader Alternative - FreeRapid Downloader

    Freerapid downloader orbit alternative software is an open source java video downloader software. It supports more than 700 videos sharing sites to download videos and share them with your friends offline. You just need to copy and paste link from browser to freerapid downloader interface. Able to view download history and able to use proxy list for downloading videos. If any video sites are using captcha, it is able to detect and enter it automatically to give you clean downloading experience. It comes for windows and mac and linux operating systems.

    Orbit Downoader alternative- FreeRapid Downloader


    • Available for mostly all operating systems.
    • Able to enter captcha automatically.


  • Some users have complained about quality issues of downloaded videos.
  • Program is not cost effective.
  • Part 5. Orbit Downloader Alternative - Xtreme Download Manager

    Xtreme download manage mostly known as the fast downloading software which is able to multiple downloading speed or your videos without disturbing browsing speed of your browsers. This software is a cross browser download manage because it is available for mostly all famous browser or window and mac. This software is available with scheduler as well so users don’t need to download videos at the same time. They can schedule their favorite tracks to download later.

    Orbit Downoader alternative-Xtreme Download Manager


    • Integrate in all web browsers.
    • Enables you to download videos from videos sharing sites.


    • Very less videos sites are supported.
    • Only downloading is possible. You can’t record videos.
    • Available only for windows users.

    Above we have discussed different replacement software of Orbit downloader. There are different features available in every software. There is only one software that is available with all features in one that is iTube Studio, because it supports both downloading and recording or by different ways to download videos and with compatibility of 10000+ sites. Works as a converter and transfer software as well. So there all types of great features available in iTube Studio as compared to others.

    iTube Studio
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