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  1. 1.1 Tudou Downloader
  2. 1.2 Hulu Downloader
  3. 1.3 DownloadHelper
  4. 1.4 Youku Downloader
  5. 1.5 AVGO Free Video Downloader
  6. 1.6 YTD Video Downloader
  7. 1.7 Facebook Video Downloader
  8. 1.8 Godtube downloader
  9. 1.9 TED Downloader
  10. 1.10 Vdownloader
  11. 1.11 4K Video Downloader
  12. 1.12 Fast Video Downloader
  13. 1.13 Torrent Video Downloader
  14. 1.14 Photobucket downloader
  15. 1.15 Freemake Video Downloader for Mac
  16. 1.16 Video URL Downloader
  17. 1.17 Torrent Movie Downloader
  18. 1.18 Best Video Downloader
  19. 1.19 Internet Video Downloader
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  21. 1.21 Streaming Video Downloader
  22. 1.22 Free FLV Downloader
  23. 1.23 3GP Video Downloader
  24. 1.24 All Video Downloader
  25. 1.25 Any Video Downloader
  26. 1.26 Freemake Video Downloader for Windows
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  1. 2.1 Online Movie Downloader
  2. 2.2 Online Facebook Downloader
  3. 2.3 Online Video Downloader
  4. 2.4 Online Sites Like Keepvid
  5. 2.5 Online Vimeo Downloader
  6. 2.6 DownloadHelper for Safari
3. Other Video Downloader
  1. 3.1 Free Facebook Downloader
  2. 3.2 video downloaders for iOS 10
  3. 3.3 Download Video Downloader
  4. 3.4 Browser Video Downloader
  5. 3.5 Free Movie Downloader
  6. 3.6 URL Video Downloader
  7. 3.7 Netflix Video Downloader
  8. 3.8 Embedded Video Downloader
  9. 3.9 Firefox Video Download
  10. 3.10 Free Video Downloader
  11. 3.11 Fast Free Video Downloader Manager
  12. 3.12 HD Video Downloader
  13. 3.13 iTunes Downloader
  14. 3.14 AVI Video Downloader
  15. 3.15 Mobile Video Downloader
  16. 3.16 Orbit Downloader
  17. 3.17 Private Downloader
  18. 3.18 QuickTime Downloader
  19. 3.19 Vimeo Downloader
  20. 3.20 Realplayer Downloader for YouTube
  21. 3.21 Megavideo Video Downoader
  22. 3.22 VLC Downloader
  23. 3.23 Video Downloader for Chrome
  24. 3.24 Private Downloader
  25. 3.25 MyVideo Downloader
  26. 3.26 RTMP Downloader
  27. 3.27 Video Downloader Converter

We all value our security as well privacy on the Internet. As you navigate through different web sharing sites, you may want to download videos without leaving any information on the site. The bad news is, not all downloaders are built with private download mode but the good news is that there are several softwares emerging in the market that you can use for private video downloads. In this article we will introduce you to the best 10 private downloader you can use to download any video in private.

10 Best Private Downloader Apps / Software / Browser

#1. iTube Studio Private Downloader

With iTube Studio Video Downloader you will be able to create a private download list when you turn on private mode. This private mode allows you to download videos online secretly and put them in a folder, create a password and lock them. Moreover, with iTube studio software you will be able to download high quality videos like 4K and standard videos from any supported sites. Its user interface is also simple and you can easily navigate through buttons. When it comes to its download speed, iTube Studio boasts of robust turbo speed. Here are some of its key features.

iTube Studio - Download Video in Full Private with 1 Click

  • Provide a Private Mode to protect your downloading information with a password known by yourself only.
  • Allow to download videos using URLs or searching them via inbuilt browser thus download with browser extension.
  • Support video recording from 10,000 sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, Metacafe, etc.
  • Convert downloaded audio and videos to device formats, Android phones, iOS devices and editing software.
  • Also serve as a media transfer software that is compatible with Android phones and iOS devices.
  • Equipped with a video recorder which allows to capture any video online from any video site.

How To Download Videos With Private Mode

Step 1: Turn on the Private Mode of the iTube video downloader

Open the iTube Studio software on your computer. Next, click on “Private Mode” button at the top near the delete under “Download” icon.

private downloader

Step 2: Start to download private videos

Next you can search for the video to download. Click on “Download” button by side of the video from your browser. On the contrary, you can also go to “Online” option, choose the website that you want to download videos and then search for videos.

private downloader apk

Alternatively, copy the URL of the video from your browser and then paste the URL into the private video downloader by "Paste URL" button on top.

private video downloader

Lastly, click on “Download” button once the program recognizes the link or the search. Choose the output format and save the files. When the files are downloaded check them under “Private List”. If you want to check them on your local folder you need to turn off private mode.

private video downloader app

Notes: iTube Studio would automatically download most of the private site videos into the Private List. For very few ignored videos, just add the videos manually by the Add to Playlist icon shown in the picture, so that you can keep your private video protected by the password.

#2. Downloader and Private Browser

A private downloader that comes in handy when you want to download videos, music or photos online privately is Downloader and Private browser. This app allows you to password protect downloads.

• Supports different file formats
• All private downloads are stored in a private folder
• It has pop up ads

downloader and private

#3. Aloha Private Downloader

You can also check out on Aloha private downloader and browser. This browser is available on both Android and iOS. It has a private mode that allows you to download files in incognito mode.

• It is secure
• You can lock tabs with private passwords
• It is download speed is a bit slow

private downloader app

#4. Secure Private Broswer

Mirmay also has an iOS private downloader that you can install on your iPhone or iPad. With this iOS app you will be able to download files privately in different tabs.

• Can import files from camera roll
• Only works with iOS 10 and above

free private downloader

#5. Epic Privacy Broswer

With Epic privacy browser, you can turn on incognito mode that allows you to browse privately from different websites. You will then download files.

• Supports 50 sites
• You can download videos and music privately
• Supports limited compared to other private downloaders

facebook private video downloader

#6. Freemake YouTube downloader

Freemake YouTube Downloader also offers you away to download videos privately from over 10,000 sites. You just need to set passwords and download music, channels and playlists.

• Supports different output formats
• You can choose video quality download
• The download can be bundled with unwanted software

private facebook video downloader

#7. Instube

There is also and Android private downloader that allows you to download music and videos online privately. You can download music to MP3 and videos that are of high quality.

• Supports over 40 sites
• Not available on Play Store


#8. 4K Stogram

You can also go for 4K Stogram if you want to download private videos of your friends from Instagram. It also allows you to download photos, GIFs and Instagram stories.

• Allows you to import and export Instagram profiles
• You can use to backup Instagram data
• Supports Instagram only

private downloader apk

#9. Sidekick Private Downloader

SideKick is a private browser that can be installed on you windows so that you can manage your files privately. It is secure and enables you to browse videos without having to record history.

• Hides pops and ads
• Supports Windows platform only

private video downloader online

#10. Folx 5 Downloader

If you are on Mac platform you can try out Folx5 downloader by Eltima. This software allows you to download private videos online and lock them in a private folder.

• Integrated with Spotlight
• Detects downloads automatically
• Boasts of high speed downloads
• To schedule video downloads you need to purchase this software

private youtube video downloader

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