How to Download Music, Video via Vuze Downloader for Mac (Mojave Included)

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Vuze Torrent Downloader for Mac is a video downloading tool on Mac (Mojave included). With the support of Web Search and Meta Search, you can directly search your favorite videos for download. That's to say, you needn't open your browser but are able to directly use Vuze Downloader for Mac to start the search and finish the download task.

Vuze is basically a desktop software program which has the main function of downloading the torrents according to the needs of the individual user. There are other major reasons why many users have found much solace in a Vuze downloader. First of all, your computer will not slow down any soon. The process by which the torrents are downloaded usually happens very fast and the user will be fascinated at how the Vuze will quickly divert the torrents from other magnetic links or even a tracker. After which it will give you a peaceful time to listen to whichever content that has been downloaded. One striking feature about Vuze is the robust Meta search that will enable the user to select and download torrents. How can one control the torrents? Well the Vuze remote actually regulates the queue that comes from any browser. There are two options for you: Vuze free and Vuze Plus ($24.99 for 1 year). An annual fee of $ 24.99 is quite expensive compared with other video downloader for Mac. For example, iTube Studio for Mac has a lifetime cost of only $29.00 with free updates provided.

Part 1. The Best Vuze Downloader Alternative

iTube Studio Video Downloader

iTube Studio has a lifetime cost of only $29.00 with free updates provided. It enables you to not only download video on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, Break, and many other video-sharing sites, but also convert the downloads and local FLV files to all popular video and audio formats. That's to say, if you want to play your downloads on QuickTime, iPhone, iPad, edit in iMovie and more, you can directly convert the video to iPhone, iPad and more. The Mac app has broad formats support. Get a free trial now.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Videos using iTube Studio

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iTube Studio for Mac

Time Required:

Very fast (Variable depending on the video file size)



Step 1. Open iTube Studio and Download Video in One Click

Option 1. Go to Video Sites and find the video you want.

When mouse hovers over the videos you are now viewing, you can see a “Download” button. Click on it to start the download.

vuze music downloader

Option 2. Download Videos by URL.

You can also copy the video URL and go back to the program interface to click the “Paste URL” button.

how to use vuze to download music

Option 3. Download Videos by Recording.

You can use “Record video” button to open the recording screen that you can set to the video or full-screen and begin recording.

vuze download

Step 2. Convert Videos to Any Format.

Once you have downloaded a video, it is listed under the ‘Downloaded’ button, where there is also a tab titled ‘Convert’ next (to the right) to the video. Selecting this tab will lead you to another prompt for selecting the format of the output you want. Follow the prompts and convert your file.

download vuze music

Part 2. Alternatives to Mac Vuze Downloader





    iTube Studio for Mac

    iTube Studio for Mac
$29 (Free trial also available)
  • Download videos from hundreds of sites;
  • Has a very high downloading speed;
  • Can select any resolution you prefer including 4K;
  • Download the entire YouTube playlist and channel;
  • Convert videos to any video and audio formats;
  • Provides presets for mobile devices;
  • Built-in video player and task manager;
  • Batch download and convert is supported.
  • The full version is not free.

    iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe

     iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe
  • Easy download of videos from other browsers;
  • Record audio from the Internet;
  • Faster speed and high quality;
  • Convert videos to any video and audio format;
  • Edit videos with multiple features;
  • Burn videos to a DVD.
  • Not possible to other languages and subtitles.

    ImElfin YouTube Downloader for Mac

    ImElfin YouTube Downloader for Mac
  • Free and fast download;
  • Detects playing videos automatically;
  • Can convert and save videos in many formats;
  • Virus free.
  • Boring interface;
  • Some users experience installation problems;
  • Videos are slow to download.

    iFunia Free YouTube Downloader

    iFunia Free YouTube Downloader
  • Works quickly with batch files;
  • Can extract audio from video quickly.
  • Tough to handle interface;
  • Lack of customer service;
  • Cannot work on all files, particularly Vevo files.
  • Slow for HD files.


  • Search features and interface works well with YouTube;
  • Installs easily.
  • Errors messages were returned in 50% of cases with the error" Page not available";
  • The program just doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

Part 3. Alternatives to Vuze for Windows





    iTube Studio for Windows

    iTube Studio
$29 (Free trial also available)
  • A wide range of video sharing sites are supported;
  • Built-in browser enables you to browse videos within the application;
  • Directly download videos to MP3 with copy and paste operation;
  • Quickly and easily convert videos into varied formats and devices;
  • Transfer videos to play on mobile devices;
  • Watch videos with inbuilt HD media player;
  • Can download 4K videos;
  • 3X faster speed.
  • Can only work on a high powered system.

    Houlo Video Downloader

    Houlo Video Downloader


  • Downloads HD videos;
  • Highly effective utility;
  • Small overall file size.
  • Complicated control scheme;
  • Limited user support;
  • Have to pay to use full version;
  • Demo version has limited uses;
  • Not all applications are useful.

    Replay Media Catcher

    Replay Media Catcher


  • Records streaming videos at certain times;
  • Downloads videos opened in the browser;
  • Blocks advertisements.
  • Media player's interface is kind of old;
  • Needs to be registered too many times, eventually becoming impossible to use.


  • Allows searching for 3D or high definition videos on YouTube;
  • Integrated video preview guarantees downloading the right files;
  • Supports multiple languages;
  • Supports iPads and iPods.
  • Limited action for the built in player (no speed control, zooming or panning);
  • It can crash on older machines;
  • Performance spikes.




  • Uses a simple interface;
  • Does not take much to install.
  • Tough to use on some websites;
  • Inconsistent with MP4 files;
  • Constantly disconnects from some websites while the transfer process runs.

Part 4. Comparison between Vuze and µTorrent

These are the most popular bit torrent clients that are commonly used. There have been sharp debates from people concerning on the most effective one. This table illustrates their strengths and weaknesses of each individual torrent downloader.





  • It is a java based operating system and this means many resources are used.
  • It is heavy, and can be difficult to control on a machine with limited RAM.
  • Has many diversified features and is able to host the third party plug ins
  • It actually downloads faster than the u torrent because it is an open source.




  • It is light and also uses minimum space and CPU because it is not java based.
  • Has the Mac and DHT support.
  • Has limited number of features, and there is no plug-in support.
  • Tracks the sources at a lower speed.

Part 5. Vuze Tips Including How To Enhance Its Performance

Vuze is a Bit Torrent client that is used to transfer files through the Bit Torrent protocol. It is written in java and uses the Azureus engine. It is also allow its users to view, publish and share original DVD and HD quality video content. The content is presented via channels and categories containing TV shows, Music videos, video games, series, movies and others. Vuze was developed in 2013 by Azureus Software and since then it has grown significantly with the number of its users increasing rapidly. However, to benefit optimally from it one needs to know its tips and steps to follow.

One of the most helpful Vuze tips is that one should download it from the recognized websites including the official website. The downloading process is simple since one just needs to follow the straight forward steps as provided by the website. After downloading one just needs to install it on the computer and go a ahead to use it.

Another helpful tip is that while using Vuze one need to change the mode from default to advanced. The change can be done easily since the change options are clearly displayed on the top of the screen. It is also helpful to use the appropriate port since there are a number of listening ports available. The port one chooses plays a major role in enhancing the performance of the client. It is also advisable to keep on checking the ports that have been blocked and the ones that can be used.

It is also helpful to forward the port appropriately so that they are not blocked by the firewall. It is helpful to forward both the UDP and TCP ports. Furthermore, to get the best results it is also advisable to change the upload speed. All what one needs is to ensure that the upload speed does not exceed the connection uploading speed. It is also helpful to use the right storage directory. This ensures that there are not many downloaded files and torrent files on the system since this can affect the speed. Therefore, by following and applying the outlined Vuze tips one can get more benefits from using it.

iTube Studio
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