Best YouTube Downloader 2018

YouTube downloader enables you to download videos from YouTube for offline enjoyment. If you are going to enjoy YouTube videos on mobile, you'll need the help of the YouTube downloader programs. Thousands of YouTube downloader programs are available on the Internet, but which one to choose is a confusing task. This article will introduce the best YouTube downloaders available. Check it out.

Part 1. All Features a Best YouTube Downloader Must Have

What is the best YouTube downloader like? This part will provide you several key points that you can take into consideration when you want to find the best YouTube downloader.

1. Stability and Update Speed

This is regarded as the basic requirements for the best YouTube downloader. As most of the video sharing sites update very rapidly, so these YouTube downloaders should also keep updating accordaingly so that they meet with the users' requirements. Also, a good YouTube downloader should provide stable downloading process.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

2. Vass Support of Video Sharing Sites

YouTube has been banned in many countries because this site allows users to upload all kinds of videos. Therefore, to be the best YouTube downloader, it should support different video sharing sites beside YouTube. More video sites a downloader supports, more popularity it will have.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

3. Download Speed

The speed of downloading video can also be one of the most important . If the download speed is not good for any particular downloader then it would not be able to withstand the rapid progress that is being done with every passing day. It is important for the related companies to consider this point while the development is being done.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

4. HD and 4K support

Nowadays, more and more videos and available in HD quality on the video sharing sites, therefore a good video downloader program should provide the support for downloadingg HD videos. Though it may take a while downloadin a video in HD, it will still be worth doing for the users who want to have better visual enjoyment.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

5. Embedded Efficient Converter

It is not enough for the best YouTube downloader to only download videos. It should be embedded with a converter that enables you to convert the downloaded videos for different devices. This feature is of great use for the users who want to enjoy the videos on their mobile devices.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

6. Customizable Download

A best YouTube downloader should not only provide the feature for downloading videos, but also allows you to customize the downloads. The downloader should offer you the downloading process which enables you to adjust the time you want to download.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Part 2. Best YouTube Downloader 2018 For Computer

iTube Studio is regarded as the best YouTube downloader for computer in accordance with the key points mentioned above. This program is used for downloading videos from all kinds of video sharing sites, and it helps you to save the original quality of the downloaded videos. This YouTube downloader program also enables you to convert the downloaded videos to more than 150 video and audio file types, so that you can watch the videos on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices easily. This part will introduce the key feautres of iTube Studio and how to use it to download YouTube videos.

iTube Studio - All-in-One Video Recorder, Downloader and Converter

  • Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, MTV, Dailymotion, Facebook and other 10,000+ pupular sites.
  • Exceptionally good in converting any video to more than 150 file formats making the video best suited for your every purpose.
  • Its ability to record the videos from the websites with its in-built screen recording function makes it stand out amongst others.
  • Supports all major web video portals and more than 10,000 video sharing websites.
  • The lightning speed offered by this program to download your videos 3X faster than any other program is remarkable.
  • This Vimeo embedded video downloader equips with a video recorder which allows to capture from any online site.
  • It holds a Private Mode to fully protect your video downloading information with a password.

Key Features of iTube Studio

  • This downloader enables you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites
  • This YouTube downloader helps you to download and convert videos with one click
  • It fully supports more than 150 video and audio file types
  • This downloader has a built-in video player
  • This YouTube downloader allows you to free download and use

How to Use iTube Studio to Download Videos

Step 1 Start iTube Studio

Download and install iTube Studio on your computer, then start it. The program will show you the main interface of video downloading.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018 - Start iTube Studio

Step 2 Copy Video URL

Now you can go to YouTube and find the video you want to download, then copy the video URL in the address bar.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018 - Copy Video URL

Step 3 Paste URL and Download Video

Click the Paste URL button at the upper left corner of iTube Studio, and the program will automatically recognize the URL then start downloading. When the download finishes, you can find the downloaded video in the Finished category.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018 - Paste URL and Download Video

So that's how iTube Studio helps you to download videos from YouTube. Now if you want to convert the downloaded video to the file type you want, you only need to click the Convert button beside the downloaded video and select the video file type in the drop-down menu.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018 - Convert Downloaded Video

Part 3. Best Online YouTube Downloader 2018

The online YouTube downloader programs can help you to download YouTube videos as well, and several online downloaders are even easier to use than the video downloader program. is by far the best online YouTube downloader that can help you to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites. This online YouTube downloader allows you to download videos by copying and pasting the video URL, and it allows you to choose the video formats for output.

Key Features of

  • This online downloader is very easy to use and it provides very simplified interface
  • This online downloader is always up to date and regualarly update the site to optimize using experience
  • The downloading process is very smooth with this downloader

How to Use

Step 1 Copy the URL into

Go to YouTube and find the video you want to download, then copy the URL into the downloading column of

Best YouTube Downloader 2018 - Copy Video URL in KeepVid

Step 2 Choose Video for Output

After clicking the Download button, you will get to another page, which provides you the download options for the video.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018 - Choose Video Format

Step 3 Download Video

By clicking the video format in the webpage, you'll make start downloading videos from YouTube. When the download finishes, you can get the videos in your computer.

Part 4. Best YouTube Downloader Plug in 2018

There are several video downlodaer plugins available on the Internet, and among them, the Video DownloadHelper for Firefox and Chrome can be regarded as the best YouTube downloader plugin. This part will introduce how to use this plugin to download videos from YouTube with your Internet browser.

Key Features of Video DownloadHelper Plugin

  • The plugin helps you to download YouTube videos with your Internet browser directly
  • This plugin doesn't ask you to install extra third-party program
  • This YouTube downloader plugin keeps updating so it rarely malfunctions

How to Use this YouTube Downloader Plugin

Step 1 From the URL mentioned above, you need to download and install the plugin on your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Step 2 The progress bar will show you the process of the installation.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Step 3 You need to restart your Internet browser to let the video downloader plugin get started.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Step 4 You'll see a download icon in the toolbar, which stays gray when you don't watch videos.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Step 5 When you watch videos, the icon will become colorful balls, and allows you to download video.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Step 6 Now you can select the quality of the video, and then start downloading the video.

Best YouTube Downloader 2018

Part 5. Comparison Table

iTube Studio Video DownloadHelper
Stability and Update Speed Superb Normal Normal
Supported Video sites 10,000+ 29 50
Download Speed Superb Normal Normal
Download HD and 4K Video Yes Yes Yes
Convert Formats Support 150+ video/audio formats No No
Transfer video without USB cable No No No
Custom Download Scheduler Yes No No
Batch Download Yes No No
Record Screen Yes No No
Built-in Player Yes No No
iTube Studio
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