Safe YouTube Downloader and Its Best Alternatives

YouTube is regarded as the largest video sharing webiste, and it enables you to watch all kinds of videos online with ease. But at times, we don't have Internet connection, so we'll want to download YouTube videos to computer for offline enjoyment. Undoubtedly, we would like to choose a safe YouTube downloader to get the work done, but which one to choose is always confusing. Don't worry, this article will introduce one safe YouTube downloader, YTD Video Downloader, and its best alternative to you. Check it out.

Part 1. What is Safe YouTube Downloader

This safe YouTube downloader program is called YTD Video Downloader, which is a great choice for you to download videos from YouTube. This video downloader provides free and paid version, and the free version has limits in the time of downloading video. This video downloader enables you to download videos from more than 50 video sharing sites, and it can also help you to convert the downloaded videos to the video files you need. The using experience of this video downloader is excellent and you'll be able to get the vidoes you need without any interruption.

Safe YouTube Downloader - YTD Downloader


  • The built-in player of YTD Video Downloader is helpful for playing the downloaded videos
  • This safe YouTube downloader provides a stable downloading process


  • The paid version has no major difference as compared to the free one. The only difference lies in the fact that the number of supported sites increases keeping the technical side same to the former one.
  • The latest version comes with a bug of fixed playlist downloading error that has been reported by the users. Though the organization is working to resolve it but still it is the error that frustrates the user to great extent.

3 Good Reviews of this Safe YouTube Downloader

Review No.1 Posted at the review of the program states that the quick as well as the mobile conversions are the greatest pros for which the program is rated 5 stars. The navigation aspect is also considered and therefore it is also praised and the users are urged to download the program to get the results that are long awaited by the users but are never attained due to substandard downloader programs.

Review No.2 The second positive review has been posted at and similar to the first one it has also praised the program. The tips as well as the tricks of using the downloader has also been presented in an easy and straightforward manner making this program as the one that can be used by a person with no technical knowledge.

Review No.3 This review has been posted at and the website is known for the authenticity of the information that it presents. The swiftness of the program as well as the overall look has been praised and the program is highly recommended to be downloaded and used.

3 Bad Reviews of this Safe YouTube Downloader

Review No.1 The extremely bad first review has been posted at which states that the lack of operational capability of the program is something that has left the program far behind as compared to the others that are present online. The users are advised not to trust the good reviews that are posted online when it comes to this program.

Review No.2 A bunch of bad reviews can also be viewed at the URL which shows that the users are not at all satisfied with the customer services of the program and they require this service to be upgraded so that the good results and 5 stars can be attained by the service.

Review No.3 The bad effects on the system as well as the functionality pitfall is described at the URL which presents the user with the consequences that could be faced if the program is downloaded and installed. The general bugs are highlighted and the users are also presented with readymade solutions.

Part 2. What Do Users Concern about Safe YouTube Downloader

This part will introduce several complaints that users come up with when using this safe YouTube downloader, and it may help you to learn more about this program.

1. Error Failed-2

This is a common problem of this video downloader which many users have faced with. This bug is caused by the registration failure, and it can be fixed by restarting and re-registrating the program. For the novice users, this error may be very frustrating.

Safe YouTube Downloader - Good Reviews of Safe YouTube Downloader

Solution: Restarting the program and re-registrating with your Keycode.

2.Reg SVR 32 Error

It's a system warning when you installing this downloader. The system will report that there is virus in the program when you installing the program.

Safe YouTube Downloader - Bad Reviews of Safe YouTube Downloader

Solution: Turn off your anti-virus program when installing this video downloader.

3.Conflict with Other Programs

Chances are that you'll come up with conflicts when installing the program. You may get the report of WinRar stops responding when using this video downloader.

Safe YouTube Downloader - Bad Reviews of Safe YouTube Downloader

Solution: Uninstall the video downloader completely on your computer, then re-install it.

Part 3. Top 5 Alternatives to Safe YouTube Downloader

Besides YTD Video Downloader, there are several other YouTube downloader programs that can be regarded as the safe YouTube downloader software. This part will introduce the top 5 safe YouTube downloader programs to you in detail.

1. iTube Studio


iTube Studio is a video downloader that can help you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, etc. This video downloader also helps you to download HD videos from the sites, such as 1080p, 4K video and so on. With the help of this safe YouTube downloader, you are able to get the videos you like within short time.

iTube Studio - All-in-One Video Recorder, Downloader and Converter

  • Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, MTV, Dailymotion, Facebook and other 10,000+ pupular sites.
  • Exceptionally good in converting any video to more than 150 file formats making the video best suited for your every purpose.
  • Its ability to record the videos from the websites with its in-built screen recording function makes it stand out amongst others.
  • Supports all major web video portals and more than 10,000 video sharing websites.
  • The lightning speed offered by this program to download your videos 3X faster than any other program is remarkable.
  • This Vimeo embedded video downloader equips with a video recorder which allows to capture from any online site.
  • It holds a Private Mode to fully protect your video downloading information with a password.

Key Features of iTube Studio

  • The program fully supports you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites
  • The safe YouTube downloader helps you to download YouTube to MP3 with one click
  • This video downloader program enables you to download videos 3X faster than other downloaders with task scheduler
  • This safe YouTube downloader enables you to convert videos to more than 150 video formats
  • The screen capturing feature of this program allows you to record videos easily
  • The built-in video player allows you to play downloaded videos direcly

How to Download Videos from YouTube with iTube Studio

Step 1 Start iTube Studio

Download and install iTube Studio on your computer, then start it. This program will show you the main interface of video downloading.

Safe YouTube Downloader - Start iTube Studio

Step 2 Copy Video URL

Now go to YouTube and find the video you want to download, then copy the video URL in the address bar.

Safe YouTube Downloader - Copy Video URL

Step 3 Paste URL and Download Video

Click the Paste URL button at the upper left corner of iTube Studio, and you'll see a pop-up dialog asking you to select video quality. Now choose the video quality you need and click the Download button to start downloading video. When the download finishes, you'll get the downloaded video in the Downloaded library.

Safe YouTube Downloader - Download Video

2. FlashGot


This safe YouTube downloader is a free add-on for Firefox browser. With this video downloader, you are able to download videos from YouTube within short time, and you don't need to install any other third-party program to use this safe YouTube downloader.

Key Features of FlashGot

  • This add-on is easy to install and doesn't eat up your storage space
  • This safe YouTube downloader plugin can help you to download videos in a batch


  • This add-on is very small in size
  • This add-on doesn't ask you to install any other third-party downloader


  • This plugin only supports Firefox browser
  • The plugin crashes at times during the downloading process

Safe YouTube Downloader - FlashGot

3. DownThemAll


This safe YouTube downloader plugin is fully compatible with Firefox browser. This video downloader enables you to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites, and it makes the downloading process very direct.

Key Features of DownloadThemAll

  • The installation of the program is error free as it is backed by MacAfee the most trusted company
  • The using experience of this add-on is very excellent


  • The program can be used easily as there are hundreds of guides available online
  • The outlook of the program is such that it allows the user to download the videos with a single click


  • The program sometimes malfunctions in the middle of the process which is a nuisance
  • The ads that are shown to the users forcefully are one of the biggest issues that is to be fixed.

Safe YouTube Downloader - DownloadThemAll

4. XVideoServiceThief


This is an open-source video downloader program for Windows, Mac and Linux. This video downloader enables you to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites, and it helps you to download videos directly.

Key Features of XVideoServiceThief

  • The program is easy to install and use
  • The development of the program is trustworthy


  • This safe YouTube downloader will is easy to understand and use
  • The video downloading process with this downloader is easy and direct


  • The bugs are detected in the latest version which is not being fixed at all
  • The look of the program is not easy for a novice user to understand

Safe YouTube Downloader - XVideoServiceThief

5. VSO Downloader


This safe YouTube downloader can help you to download videos from more than 500 video sharing sites. It supports you to download audio from the streaming videos as well. With the help of this video downloader, you can get the videos easily.

Key Features of VSO Downloader

  • It comes with integrated MP3 converter can help you to convert videos to MP3
  • This program is easy to use


  • The safe YouTube downloader program helps to download videos easily
  • The program offers a built-in converter that helps you to convert videos


  • The supported video format is less than other downloaders
  • The downloader doesn't support to download 4K videos

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