Top 5 Ways to Extract YouTube Videos

YouTube Video

1. Play & Watch YouTube
  1. 1.1 Play YouTube Videos Offline
  2. 1.2 Watching YouTube Videos
  3. 1.3 YouTube Won't Play
2. Record YouTube
  1. 2.1 Record YouTube on Mac
  2. 2.2 Youtube Video Recorder
3. Convert YouTube
  1. 3.1 Convert YouTube to iPhone
  2. 3.2 YouTube Converter
  3. 3.3 YouTube to AVI Online
4. Tips & Tricks
  1. 4.1 YouTube Plugin in Chrome
  2. 4.2 YouTube Troubleshooting
  3. 4.3 YouTube Using in Samsung
  4. 4.4 Grab YouTube Vide
  5. 4.5 YouTube Videos No Sound
  6. 4.6 Extract YouTube videos
  7. 4.7 YouTube Hacks and Tricks
  8. 4.8 YouTube Hotkeys
  9. 4.9 Share and Embed YouTube Videos
  10. 4.10 Copy YouTube Playlist from One Account to Another
  11. 4.11 Export YouTube Playlist
  12. 4.12 Find My Playlist on YouTube
  13. 4.13 Make a Playlist on YouTube
  14. 4.14 Play YouTube Playlist with no Ads
  15. 4.15 Make YouTube Videos Repeat
  16. 4.16 Share YouTube Playlist
  17. 4.17 IDM Not Working on YouTube
  18. 4.18 Upload Video to YouTube from iMovie
  19. 4.19 Is it Illegal to Download YouTube Videos
5. YouTube Playlist
  1. 5.1 YouTube Playlist for Christmas
  2. 5.2 YouTube Playlist Tips
6. Youtube Resource
  1. 6.1 YouTube Channel
  2. 6.2 Video SitesLike YouTube
  3. 6.3 Funniest YouTube Videos
  4. 6.4 Most Liked and Disliked YouTube Videos
7. Tutorials on YouTube
  1. 7.1 YouTube to Learn Excel
  2. 7.2 Insert YouTube into PowerPoint
  3. 7.3 Tutorial Videos
  4. 7.4 Photoshop Tutorials
  5. 7.5 Microsoft Word Tutorials
  6. 7.6 Access Tutorials
  7. 7.7 PowerPoint Tutorials
  8. 7.8 Effects Tutorials
  9. 7.9 Illustrator Tutorials
  10. 7.10 Makeup Tutorials from YouTube
  11. 7.11 Movie Maker Tutorials
  12. 7.12 InDesign Tutorials
  13. 7.13 make ringtones from YouTube
  14. 7.14 PPT to YouTube Video
  15. 7.15 YouTube on Roku
  16. 7.16 Upload YouTube Videos
  17. 7.17 Download 3D Clips from YouTube
  18. 7.18 Download 3D Clips from YouTube

Have you ever come across a situation like that you want to grab YouTube videos offline and you can’t find any way to download YouTube video. Usually this problem is faced by users while surfing YouTube videos and they like some videos but can’t download them. Because YouTube is a video broadcasting website only and doesn’t allows you to download videos easily without using any other third party software or plugins. You can extract YouTube videos on computer or mac using other third party software. Today this article is about solving this question. Just read this article and you will get different 5 ways to extract YouTube videos for free.

Part 1. Best Way to Extract YouTube Videos - iTube Studio

iTube Studio is a best video extractor software to extract YouTube videos to watch offline for free. iTube Studio is there to help you to extract videos not only from YouTube even you can extract videos from 10000+ video sites in just one click. iTube Studio helps users to extract YouTube videos by two ways: first one is by pasting URL or extract videos directly with the download button on the videos. iTube Studio helps you to extract video from YouTube with recording as well. Video extractor users can convert their video to more than 150+ formats after extracting.

Key features:

  • Downloading of different platforms: iTube Studio is available for Mac and Windows and allows you to extract videos from YouTube and 10000+ video sites for free.
  • Recording with trail version: iTube Studio gives you trial version and allows you to record videos as well using trial or free version.
  • Adjustable recording frame: iTube Studio allows users to record videos with an adjustable frame and extract full screen YouTube as well.
  • Convert Videos: iTube Studio allows you to convert extracted videos to 150 formats in just one click.
  • Extraction Speed: iTube Studio extracts YouTube videos by three times faster speed than compared to any other extractor software.
  • Batch extractor: iTube Studio helps you to extract YouTube videos in batch, so you can add many videos together.
  • HD Quality extractor:iTube Studio enables users to download HD videos in just one click only and extracts up to 4k and 3d formats easily.
  • Inbuilt player:It allows you to playback videos with inbuilt player after extracting them to the computer or mac.

How to Extract YouTube Video to Mac or Windows for Free

Step 1 Download and Launch iTube Studio YouTube Video Extractor

Download iTube Studio, and then install this YouTube Video/Music Extractor on your Mac or Windows PC. Run the program to go to the main interface.

Note: please restart your browser once after installation and allow iTube Studio extension in your browser.

Free Download Free Download

Extract Youtube videos-download iTube Studio

Step 2 Extract YouTube Videos on Mac/Windows

When you navigate to any video on YouTube through Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser, the program will detect this and a “Download” button will appear at the top left of the video. Click the button, chose the resolution and the download will immediately start.

extract youtube video

You can alternatively drag the video URL from the address bar to the iTube Studio icon to start your download. Or copy the video URL then pasting it in the primary window. Your download should immediately start.

extract youtube video mac

Step 3 Downloading videos

You can let this app run background to do the task of downloading and conversion, and watch more cool videos on YouTube. Add new tasks to the download queue with a single click. You can add downloading task one by one manually or just input multiple URLs together to the Paste URL blank.

extract youtube video

Step 4 Convert YouTube Videos

Go to your downloaded videos by clicking the “Downloaded” tab and add the downloaded video to Convert list. Click the “Convert” button to choose the desired output format which includes MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI and many others. In case you want audio, you will also be able to select the desired format among which may include WAV, MP3, MKA, M4A, and many others. The program also allows you to convert downloaded videos to web supported formats which can be uploaded to Facebook and others sites. Click “OK” to start the conversion process. Your converted videos will be saved in the default location, but you may change this before the conversion starts.

youtube extractor mac

Part 2. Extract YouTube Videos Online - only downloads videos from 28 sites whereas iTube Studio can extract 3000+ video sites videos just by paying a little amount. Benefit of is that this is an online site, so it doesn’t require you to install any software on your computer to download videos. You can directly download videos just by pasting URL. can’t convert your extracted videos to other formats whereas iTube Studio supports 150+ formats.

Extract Youtube

Part 3. Extract YouTube Videos with FastestTube

FastestTube extension is a plugin to extract YouTube videos from YouTube for free of cost. This extension you need to install in your browser and then you can extract YouTube video easily. Fastesttube extension is compatible with so many browsers mostly. Opera, Opera old, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and chromium based browsers are supported by this extension. When you install this extension in your browser, you will get a Download button under the playing videos to download them. Just select the quality of video and it will start downloading.

Extract Youtube videos-FastestTube extension

Part 4. Extract YouTube Videos with Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake video downloader is also a popular software available over internet to download videos for free. Freemake site is providing so many different types of software from a long time over internet to make life of internet video lovers easy. Freemake video downloader software is there to help you to download videos from 1000 sites for free. As the site says that it is free of cost but actually it is not free. It will ask you to buy Pro version after installing it. There are some problems with the software is when you install the program in the computer, it installs so many unnecessary programs with it. It installs a third party antivirus program and change you search engine to yahoo after installation. It is better you install custom installed while installing this program.

Extract Youtube videos-Freemake video downloader

Part 5. Extract YouTube Videos with Streaming Audio Recorder

If you are looking to extract audio from the videos of YouTube, Streaming Audio Recorder is the best available software in the online video extractor world. This software is a great way of extracting audio from the YouTube videos. There are so many features available with this software. First you can convert videos in high quality audio formats and while extracting videos from the YouTube it automatically detects cover and other id3 information of songs. Once you videos are extracted properly you can transfer them to iTunes directly in just one click. Not only one video site YouTube, it supports more than 1000+ video sites to record audio. Users just need to play the playlist on YouTube like sites and it will start recording playlists as well and automatically split tracks when it doesn’t hear the sound for 3 seconds.

Extract Youtube videos-Streaming audio recorder

Part 6. Comparison Table

Features iTube Studio FastestTube Freemake Video Downloader Streaming Audio Recorder
Compatible Video Platforms Over 10000+ Video Sharing Sites 25 Only YouTube Over 10000+ sites 1000+ video sharing sites
Download Acceleration Yes No No Yes Yes
Max Resolution 4K 1080P 480P 480P 320 KBPS
Batch Downloading Yes No No Yes Yes
File Conversion 150+ Formats No No Yes No
Playlist downloading Yes No No No No
Download speed 3x Normal Average Average Recording
Auto quit, hibernate and shut down Yes No No No No
Recording or computer screen and chat videos Yes No No No NO
Play Pause and Cancel downloads Yes No No No Yes
Extract Audio directly from YouTube videos Yes Yes Yes No No
In built Player Yes No No No Yes
Transfer Music to iTunes in one click Yes No No No Yes
iTube Studio
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